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Klipsch at CES 2016: Day 1

Here. We. Go.

Day one of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is always a whirlwind with no one knowing quite knowing what to expect besides bright lights, loud music and thousands of people.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you have to come to expect and demand great sound of Klipsch. We are delivering that once again in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, we are showing off a whole-heck-of-a-lot of new products that deliver improved audio experiences while maintain that same legendary Klipsch Sound.

In this day one recap, we don’t want to show all of our cards just yet to those who are not in Vegas for the show. Honestly, you probably wouldn’t want to read this blog because it would be WAY too long. Practically, the whole Klipsch booth is dedicated to brand spankin’ new products which each equally deserving of attention.

For this entry, we’ll focus on the stuff that is coming out very soon.

RP HD Wireless CES 1 Social

Reference Premiere HD Wireless Speakers

Introduced at last year’s CES, these speakers will be landing at your local Magnolia Home Theater/Best Buy in February 2016. HD wireless sound is finally here. Seriously.

With the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system, you don’t need an AVR (finally!) and it’s easy to grow the system over time. You can start with a 2.0 system whether it’s a air of the RP-440WF floorstanding or RP-140M bookshelf speakers plus the HD Control Center and then move your way up to a full 7.2 system whenever you’re ready.

Once you register your Reference Premiere HD Wireless system, we’ll send you FREE firmware upgrades. Everyone loves to future-proof, right?


R-15PM CES 1 social

Reference R-15PM Powered Monitors

Seemingly forever, people have been begging us to do powered monitors. Well, here you go, friends!

Whether you’re connecting to a turntable, television, computer or cell phone, the R-15PM Powered Monitors are ready to deliver room-filling sound. With an integrated phono pre-amp, Bluetooth® wireless technology, digital optical, analog RCA and USB inputs, your R-15PM is your new best friend.

These speakers will be available in the next month. Stay tuned to!


Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth Speaker Wall

Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We hope you have already heard about the Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker, but, if you haven’t, you really ought to learn more this powerful little fella. It offers all the sound without the fluff.

It’s time to hit the road with real audio. The Groove is available now from (US only) and select retailers across the world.

Outdoor Speakers CES 1 social

New Outdoor Speakers

Another big request from consumers (and dealers) is for Klipsch to get more involved in outdoor audio. After all, we can’t live our entire lives in our respective home theater rooms.

The new landscape speakers from Klipsch are the ultimate in low-distortion, high-efficiency landscape system on the market today. We will gladly stack these speakers up against one else’s offerings.

LS-5T Landscape Satellite

LS-6T Landscape Satellite

LS-10SW Half Burial Subwoofer

LS-12SW Direct Burial Subwoofer

Each of these products will be available in May of 2016, just in time for the spring and summer seasons.

New Klipsch Amplifiers CES


More awesome additions to the Klipsch lineup at CES 2016 are the KDA-500 and KDA-1000 amplifiers. These amps offer premium amplification for all Klipsch custom install, outdoor, and box product with easy set-up, flexible DSP and presets to optimize all existing and future Klipsch passive speakers.

Look for these to land in May of 2016.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap where we will tell you about all of the new Heritage-inspired speakers that are going to make your mouth water.

What are you thoughts thus far from Klipsch at CES 2016? Post them in the comments below!

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