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Klipsch at CES 2016: A Few More Things

CES 2016 is done and over with, but there’s still so much more to tell you. After all, we have never shown this many new products before at one show.

We will be recapping all of those products along with pricing/availability information in a future blog post. Stay tuned for that!

Anyway, we saved one more product announcement for this post…

Klipsch Black Turntable CES 2016

Klipsch Turntables

Don’t worry, you don’t need to calibrate your screen! There will be several versions of Klipsch branded turntables including one that uses the same walnut veneer as our Heritage Series speakers as well as one with Reference-style copper and black look. These turntables will be the perfect partners for the new powered monitors or even our current lineup of passive speakers.

CES 2016 Award Closeup 1 social


Klipsch won a CES 2016 “Best of Innovation” Award for the Reference Premiere Atmos speakers. The Reference Premiere HD Wireless System and XR8i In-Ear Hybrid Headphones were named CES 2016 “Best of Innovation” Nominees.

Klipsch Powered Monitors CES 1 social

Praise for the Klipsch Booth

Congratulations to all of those who worked on the Klipsch booth! It’s truly an extraordinary undertaking and we feel like we had one of the best booths at CES 2016. Maybe not the most expensive or the flashiest, but the one that most felt like “home.” Well, “home,” if you have impeccable decorating skills.

Travis Stanton, editor of Exhibitor Magazine, tweeted his praise out on Twitter while, anecdotally, we can certainly say that countless people dropped by the booth and remarked “Wow! I wish my house looked like this.”

Also, check out what Digital Trends had to say about it: "Of course, not everyone goes for the big and bold approach. Take Klipsch, perhaps the most American speaker company there is. They like to say they’ve been pissing off the neighbors for 70 years — and they’ve got the rock-star street cred to back that statement — but Klipsch isn’t just about loud and proud. The speaker maker has a storied place in America’s home audio history, and for Klipsch’s 70th anniversary this year, they’ve turned their CES booth into a sort of Klipsch museum, celebrating the evolution of their speakers over the past few decades, including the legendary Cornwalls and Heresy series, leading right up to their new wireless Hi-Fi models, which you don’t even need a receiver to run. This is the sort of place you want to hang out in all day. And you know what? We almost did."

70th Anniversary Pin Blazer 1 social

70th Anniversary Pins

At every trade show, Klipsch gives away its famous yellow “Bullshit” buttons that pay tribute to Paul W. Klipsch’s favorite expression. Once again, we kept with the tradition; however, we also handed out 70th Anniversary pins to a select few. We’re looking forwarding to seeing people hawk them on Ebay. (Not really, but we’re sure it’ll happen!)

RP HD Wireless CES 1 Social

Near Noise Violation

Approximately three seconds into CES 2016, our own Mark Casavant turned up the volume on the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system “up to 11,” as they say. Everyone was looking around, waiting for one of the CES employees to come running into the booth after what happened last year.

Second Floor Shaking

Speaking of the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system...It caused the entire second floor to shake whenever the Jurassic World demo was playing. Try having a meeting when it feels like an earthquake is happening. SPOILER: the battle between the Indominus and Tyrannosaurus Rex was practically show-rattling.

Free Beer

If you have ever been to a trade show of any kind, you know they can be quite exhausting. You are on your feet all day, talking with customers and perhaps even daring to walk the gigantic facility. Since CES is North America’s biggest trade show, it takes everything to the next level. The sheer magnitude of it all is hard to describe.

In any case, we combated this by providing free beer on the second level of our booth for both staff and customers. Yum.

Obama Air Force One ProMedia social

Air Force One and Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speakers?

Through one of our partners, we were told that Air Force One has a Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 system onboard. We haven’t been able to verify it, but we would say that it’d be pretty dang cool if the President was rockin’ with Klipsch speakers.

We'll send a pair of headphones to the first person who can undeniable prove that Klipsch speakers are on Air Force One!

EDIT: Tyler did a quick google search and found the above image of President Obama with the speakers on the Wikipedia entry for Air Force One. A google search found even more examples. It looks like the speakers were even in place during George W. Bush's administration.

Klipsch Coil Winder CES 1 social

Klipschorn + Coil Winder

We like to pay tribute to our rich history every year at CES. This year, in honor of the Klipschorn’s 70th birthday, we displayed a raw Klipschorn cabinet with all of the tools and screws needed to put one together. It really gives you perspective behind one of the all-time great speaker designs.

Elijah Wood MC Hammer tweet

Elijah Wood + MC Hammer Retweets

Our old pal Elijah Wood, star of Lord of the Rings and other major films, seemed quite enthralled with some of the new Heritage-Inspired speakers we tweeted out from CES 2016.

That isn’t surprising, though. What is surprising is the one and only MC Hammer retweeting our day 1 blog recap. Before you ask, we certainly do not have a relationship with him.

Can’t touch this BOOM.

Do you have any questions for Klipsch about the CES 2016 experience? Post in the comments below.

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