9 Gifts for Music Lovers and Audiophiles in your Life

Everyone has at least one music-loving friend who can only be classified as a fanatic. They live and breathe music, keeping up with the latest bands and digging deep into the classics. They spend countless hours curating playlists, spend all their money on shows and records, and maybe even dabble in songwriting themselves.

While passion for music is great, it can make gift-giving a bit of a challenge.

Fortunately, in this gift guide, we've shared a few of our favorite gifts for music lovers who likely already have everything. Sure, you might not be able to blow their minds with a new band (because they probably already know about them), but you can still come up with a thoughtful gift that fuels their music passion.

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1. New Bluetooth Headphones

    If your favorite music lover doesn't own a pair of Bluetooth headphones yet, you can be the person that untethers them from messy wires. Modern Bluetooth headphones, like our T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren earphones or our T5 II True Wireless earphones. Both offer noise isolation, crystal-clear sound, and up to 8 hours of playback on a single charge. Rock on!

    2. Music Books

      Hundreds of new music biographies, genre histories, and how-to guides are released every year, so there's bound to be something that your music-loving friend hasn't read. You can gift them a memoir from their favorite artist, a coffee table book with classic album covers, or a cocktail recipe book that pairs drinks with music.

      3. Music Subscriptions/Gift Cards

        Gifts for music lovers don't have to be specific albums; you can also give a gift card or subscription and let them explore. For instance, Vinyl Me Please has a 3-month gift membership that sends an exclusive LP to your music lover every month, as well as a bonus record. If you know they don't have a premium streaming subscription, you can gift a Spotify or Apple Music membership or gift card, as well.

        4. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

          If you can play music anywhere, you can start a party anywhere. That's the spirit behind a portable Bluetooth speaker, like our Groove, which can deliver big sound from a small package. Your music lover will be free to enjoy long listening sessions in their house, at the beach, by the pool, or at the park.

          5. Memorabilia

            You can't go wrong gifting a vintage shirt, autographed poster, or other themed merch from your music fanatic's top band. If they go to concerts often, another great gift idea is a ticket stub organizer where they can save tickets and write down memories from their favorite shows. (P.S. We have some Klipsch gear of our own!)

            6. USB Mixtape

              Here's a fun gift that brings the mixtape concept into the 21st century. Hidden inside a cassette tape, a USB flash drive can store your entire music collection or a hand-picked selection that's just for the recipient. Just like in the old days, when every song you put on a mix was there for a reason.

              7. Musical Instruments

                Not all music lovers are musicians, but most music lovers secretly dream of playing an instrument. Make their dream a reality by gifting an acoustic guitar, bongo drum, ukelele, keyboard, or another instrument that doesn't feel intimidating for beginners.

                8. Online Music Lessons

                  Want to pair that new instrument with something really rad? It's no secret much of the world ventured online this year. Suddenly, learning something during the pandemic became the new big thing. So, why not learn an instrument? Rock Garage offers reasonably-priced online lessons for students of all ages who want to rock.

                  9. Surround Sound Systems

                    Gifts for audiophiles can be tricky because they have such high standards when it comes to audio fidelity. If money is no object, why not pull out all the stops? Give your music lover a truly memorable gift by dropping a home theater system in their lap.*

                    *Well, not literally in their lap, because that would probably send them to the hospital.

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