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Four Reasons to Add a Klipsch Groove to Your Halloween Holiday

While Halloween is best known for costumes, trick-or-treating, and fun, music is also a huge part of this festive season. As you plan your costume (or costumes) and your party schedule starts filling up, perhaps you want to skip bringing candy corn or spiked seltzer to the party in exchange for something a little louder.

Groove-y Ghoulies

The Klipsch Groove is the perfect portable speaker for any Halloween house party. While the speaker is small in size, it packs a punch like Bruce Campbell in “The Evil Dead” and it’s subsequent sequels, while delivery crisp highs and frighteningly deep bass. Klipsch has conjured more than 70 years of technology and cast a spell to bring horn-loaded sound in a deceptively small package.

Recharge for Every Party

Fall, in general, is a busy time of year, with trips to orchards, football games, bonfires, etc. Luckily, the Groove will keep the party going, no matter where you are. The Groove’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge, meaning the fun won’t stop just because the bonfire has gone out.

Then, simply recharge it with any micro USB cable at home or on the way to your next get-together.


Choose the Perfect Frightfully Fun Playlist

So, maybe “Monster Mash” is too cheesy for you. Perhaps you don’t want to see people dancing to “The Time Warp” (and yelling the alternate lyrics) at your family trunk-or-treat event. That’s the beauty of the Klipsch Groove. You can stream from any Bluetooth® wireless technology equipped phone, music player, or computer and change the playlist for whatever the mood requires.

Fake-Blood Splatter-Resistant

Halloween can also be messy for a variety of reasons. Bobbing for apples can be perilous and perhaps sticky. Thankfully, the Klipsch Groove is built to withstand whatever scenario your party throws at you, complete with an IPX4 rating for splash resistance.

Feel free to scare the neighbors this time of year with our hand-picked, Halloween playlist:



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