Klipsch Groove in a car

Five Useful Places to Have a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We know a lot of Klipsch fans and customers already have jaw-dropping home theaters and audio rooms that can bring tears to one’s eye. However, there aren’t many people who are willing or able to put those setups in every room or outside their homes.

With the launch of the Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker, the newest addition to our other portable speakers, we thought it would be fun to point a few of the most useful places to have a Bluetooth speaker.

It’s OK…you can leave your sacred home theater room for a little bit.


If you’re working on something in the garage, it’s probably something strenuous and maybe even a little bit frustrating. That’s where the Klipsch Groove comes in.

The Klipsch Groove is able to fill your garage (without distortion, of course) with your play list and can handle the workshop environment. This isn’t a toy.


Sure, we’re posting this blog in late October, but we’re already getting excited for swimsuit season next year. After all, there’s nothing better than hanging out by the pool, ocean or lake, sipping on a drink and listening to some relaxing music.

Oh and the Klipsch Groove has a splash-resistant IPX4 rating, meaning you don’t have to be worried about ruining it…unless you plan on chucking it into the water (bad idea).


We have spoken to some of the best chefs in the world and they all talk about how important music and quality sound is to both their dining and preparation environments.

All chefs (professional or amateur) could utilize a Klipsch Groove speaker in their prep space. After all, headphones just get in the way and the practicality of being able to move the speaker around the kitchen is definitely useful.


This is such a no-brainer. When you’re grilling up juicy burgers and brats (or fresh veggies, if that’s your thing), you definitely need to have some tunes in the background to entertain your guests while they wait.

With a 3” full range high excursion driver complemented by two side-firing passive bass radiators, the Klipsch Groove has the capabilities to deliver sound everywhere - even the outdoors.


The Klipsch Groove’s diminutive size allows you to easily take it on the road. Throw it in a bag or backpack and be on your way.

Whether it’s for tailgating, a hotel room or even out at sea, the Klipsch Groove will keep the party rockin’ and rollin’ without you having to endlessly search for a power outlet thanks to the speaker’s eight hours of battery life.

Where would the Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker be most useful to you? Post in the comments below!

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