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Cooking with Klipsch: Chef Phet Schwader

We’re continuing our Cooking with Klipsch series with New York City based chef Soulayphet “Phet” Schwader. Chef Phet is changing the NYC food scene and recently opened Khe-Yo, the cities only Laotian restaurant, alongside partner Nick Bradley and Iron Chef Marc Forgione.

Similar to his musical inspiration, Phet Schwader is known for wanting to evoke an emotion and reaction from his cuisine and overall dining experience. Khe-Yo, which opened this past summer and is completely outfitted with Klipsch speakers, perfectly embodies all that Chef Phet stands to create in his artistic couplings.

Klipsch asked Phet how music plays a role in his cooking process, especially during the holidays.

What artists do you listen to when cooking?

It varies: The Smiths, XX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nirvana and Pixies.

Why do you listen to music when you are in the kitchen?

It puts me in a good state of mind.

Does your music genre change based on what type of food you are preparing?

No, It changes based on my moods.

How does music influence the dining experience?

It adds to the whole experience. For example, a song by Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Runaway" puts people in a happier state of mind while they're eating.

Cooking with Klipsch - Chef Phet Scwader - The Klipsch Joint Laotian-inspired Southeast Asian cuisine at Phet's restaurant, Khe-Yo

What music (cooking and eating) would you think pairs best with holiday home-style fare?

In my household whenever we are preparing a holiday dinner, it's usually something a little bit mellow like The Smiths and XX.

What music do you want to listen to when you are eating dessert?

I don't eat dessert, but if I did it would be Mark Ronson "Somebody To Love Me."

What music do you want to listen to when you are finished and ready for your tryptophan-induced nap or dessert wine? 

The Smiths "Asleep"

Wine, beer or booze?


What’s your favorite food to eat currently?

Sweet sausage and dill omelets

What’s your favorite food to cook currently?

Making mushroom jerky.

Read or write?


Favorite TV show?

Walking Dead

Headphones: on-ear, over-ear or in-ear?

In ear

Listening preference: CD, Vinyl, MP3?


What artists is next in queue on your playlist?


Check back next week for the final installment of our Cooking With Klipsch series featuring BBQ extraordinaire Carey Bringle, owner or Peg Leg Porker, who declares “smoke was in my veins.”

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