Klipsch in ceiling and in wall speakers

BENEFITS OF SECUREFIT™ INSTALLATION SYSTEM | Klipsch Professional Series Reference Premiere Architectural Speakers

The new Klipsch Professional Series Reference Premiere Architectural Speakers include five models that use the same tech and materials as our highly-acclaimed Reference Premiere box speaker line. These speakers perfectly combine the aesthetics of an architectural speaker with the pure performance and dynamic voicing of the Reference Premiere line.

The PRO-160RPW, PRO-180RPW and PRO-250RPW LCR models are all in-wall.

The in-ceiling models are the PRO-160RPC and PRO-180RPC.

Securefit™ Installation System:

All five models feature exclusive, two-piece modular installation system we call SecureFit™. They are designed to make the process of installing speakers smooth and easy for a single person.

More Reliable:

The two-piece modular installation system allows for easy integration of dog legs by hand, in full view of the installer, which ensures secure, stable mounting of the speaker. Dog legs engage to a preset clamping force, virtually eliminating the possibility of breaking the dog leg or cracking the drywall.

Better Acoustic Performance:

An EVA gasket on the installation frame provides great decoupling from the drywall, for up to 45% reduction in baffle/drywall vibration. This results in much cleaner low frequencies and better sound staging. Machine screws that clamp the speaker to the installation frame have a higher thread count per inch than traditional drywall screws, resulting in greater torque force and more precise clamping. A drill chuck engages immediately instead of delaying due to lower thread count of drywall screws, for a tighter, better seal.

“The Reference Premiere premium series is the first of four-new custom-install speaker lines that Klipsch will introduce this year. We are excited to showcase approximately 30 new speaker solutions at the CEDIA tradeshow in September.” - Rob Standley, vice president and GM of component audio solutions at Klipsch.

To purchase Professional Series Reference Premiere architectural speakers, please contact a custom installation professional near you. http://www.klipsch.com/dealers


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