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3 Times a Sound Bar is Better Than Surround Sound

We know what you’re thinking. “Blasphemy! A soundbar can never be better than a surround sound system!”

You’re right. In a perfect world, everyone has a kick-ass 5.1+ surround sound system rattling the windows and pissing off the neighbors every night.

That being said, we are a realistic bunch and there are specific situations where a soundbar is the ideal solution for people looking to upgrade their TV’s crappy built-in speakers.

Thankfully, Klipsch boasts a family of sound bars that are not only an upgrade from any built-in TV speakers but also out-perform the competition. We feel strongly that these are not “just soundbars.”

Here are three situations, where a soundbar is indeed the better solution over a surround sound system


Klipsch speakers are a serious investment. We respect and appreciate consumers’ willingness to spend their hard earned money on our speakers. Fortunately, Klipsch speakers do amortize over time due to their durability and timeless sound.

Of course, it is still a rather large up-front cost, especially if you consider the additional costs of an AV receiver, speaker wire and labor (if you are hiring someone to install it into the walls). That’s where a soundbar comes in.

The Klipsch lineup of Reference sound bars is reasonably priced and provides a multitude of options that not only better your TV’s built-in speakers but also crush the competition. The most recent addition is the Reference R-4B soundbar, which comes in at $399 in the United States, making it an excellent value for any home.

Plus, if you are able to upgrade to a full-blown 5.1+ surround sound system, you can always just move the soundbar to another room!


Almost everyone hates wires. They can be unsightly with your décor or they may even become a chew toy for your curious cat. Heck, they could even be unsafe if you run them through the middle of the floor, acting as a trip wire.

Klipsch Reference soundbars keep clutter to a minimum and each comes with a wireless subwoofer, which is great because you don’t have to run a subwoofer cable. (Click here to learn where you should place your subwoofer.)


There are a couple reasons where space becomes an issue for a surround sound system. We are not all so fortunate to be able to plop giant floorstanding speakers wherever we desire.

First of all, you might simply have too many things and be unable to make the adequate floor or wall space required for separate Klipsch speakers. The second reason is that the room where you have the speakers may not be setup very well for a proper surround sound system. For example, if the room is very narrow, you are not going to get much stereo separation from the front speakers if there’s even any space to the left and right of the television.

Have questions about whether you should get a Klipsch Reference soundbar or to go with a surround sound system? Post in the comments below!

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