X4i In-Ear Headphones

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Anyone can use the headphones that came with the phone. You’ve already paid those dues. Throw away your toys. It’s time for real audio. It’s time for the Klipsch X4i. Made with the finest materials, engineered for pure performance and designed to be the best looking, best sounding earbuds on Earth.

Experience the best earbuds in the world.


STYLE: In-ear
Frequency Response: 10Hz-16kHz
IMPEDANCE: 50 ohms
DRIVER DESIGN: Full Range Balanced Armature
MIC/REMOTE: mic+3-button remote
DIMENSIONS (PACKAGING): 7.2˝ H x 3.34˝ W x 2.36˝ D
WEIGHT: 16 grams
PC Mag (12/23/2013)

"On tracks with serious sub-bass content, like the Knife's "Silent Shout," the X4i delivers the deep bass without distortion, even at top, unsafe listening levels."

"...A breath of fresh air."

"Audiophiles seeking a crisp, near-flat response earphone pair with some subtle low-end will enjoy the Klipsch X4i."

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Wall Street Journal (08/30/2013)

"Spending this much money on a pair of headphones for a young adult may seem ludicrous, but compared with stock earbuds, the Klipsch X4i are a huge step up in sonics and build quality (the enclosures are a durable die-cast zinc). This model's bass might not be as thumpy as others', but as exams approach and listening sessions stretch well past the two-hour mark, the studious will appreciate a more balanced frequency response. The X4i's silicone ear tips (four sizes are included) deliver an impressive 26 dB of noise isolation—almost on par with foam earplugs. Their oval shape makes it easier to get a snug fit, which is essential for blocking sound in a busy coffee shop and keeping your own strains of Superchunk from disturbing others in the library."

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