Why Klipsch?

Klipsch [clip-shh] n power, detail and emotion

If Klipsch were in Webster’s Dictionary, the definition would read “a no-compromise speaker brand that’s an absolute must for getting the true power, detail and emotion out of your favorite entertainment experiences.”

While we haven’t made it into this mega reference guide yet, if enough people made the word Klipsch part of their everyday vocabulary then it just might catch on with those editors over at Webster. Imagine using expressions such as “holy Klipsch,” “Erin go Klipsch,” “it’s da Klipsch,” “go Klipsch yourself,” “may the Klipsch be with you,” “grab the Klipsch by the horns,” and “the whole Klipsch and kaboodle.”

Because Klipsch is such a dynamic and multi-faceted term, it’s important to expand on the three key words that give it such special meaning.


Don’t you just love when you’re at the movies and you can actually “feel” those massive car explosions, guns blazing and angry prehistoric beasts charging through the forest? Or what about when you “feel” the aggressive attack of the kick drum in your favorite song? That’s just the kind of power and realism Klipsch speakers bring to your entertainment experiences.

Like a punch in the chest, Klipsch speakers deliver extremely powerful performances that are raw and direct. There’s no holding back, you’ll feel the impact every time you push play.

Completely unrestrained, Klipsch speakers guarantee you’ll experience every heart-stopping, jaw-dropping moment at maximum intensity. And because our products are highly efficient, they can fill any size room with powerful concert hall quality sound, but without the distortion or coloration of conventional speakers.


In order to capture the true essence of today’s demanding soundtracks, you need a dynamic speaker to reveal every last drop of detail – that’s where Klipsch comes in.

The imaging of Klipsch speakers is so incredibly accurate that they reveal surprising layers of detail, meaning you’ll discover things in your favorite music and movies that you’ve never heard before. From subtle cricket chirps to glass-shattering explosions in movies and from the scrape of a violinist’s bow to chugging guitar lines in music, you’ll hear everything in its full glory, regardless of volume level.

If you’re wondering what makes all of this crisp detail possible, every Klipsch speaker features genuine, professional-style horn-loaded technology, which delivers smooth, natural performances with unmatched precision. Horn technology reproduces a more genuine, lifelike sound and ensures every whisper of dialogue or wailing chorus is heard cleanly and accurately – just as the filmmaker or artists intended.


If a sound system can’t deliver the full potential of a perfectly tailored soundtrack, then it becomes difficult to grip the imagination. High-performance Klipsch speakers have the ability to stir the soul and leave an impression that lasts long after the closing credits or final power chord. Movie scenes and album tracks become so vivid and realistic that they are permanently etched in your emotional memory bank.

When it comes to film, the images on a screen only tell half the story. It’s the sound that drives the action, creates the mood and brings a film to full circle. The guffaw, the lump in the throat, the jaw drop and the sigh are all emotional responses that emanate from a great sound experience.

Music is also capable of evoking an entire range of human emotions but if the delivery source falls short, then songs become nothing more than a compilation of “noise.” A powerful song that’s heard just as the artist intended can easily bring us to tears or make our spirits soar.

Whether it’s a heartfelt drama, tender love song, edge-of-your-seat thriller or adrenaline-pumping tune, Klipsch speakers are designed to immerse you in the moment, adding intrigue and making movies and music more fun and entertaining.