Oh Really?

KlipschDate 130513*

The historical data posted on this website is the result of many years of study from within the Klipsch company. Sources include personal conversations with Paul Klipsch, Bob Moers, Gary Gillum, Jim Haynes, John Eargle, Don & Carolyn Davis, Don Keele and many other key employees. “At large” Klipsch fans have contributed greatly, including PWK’s greatest fan, Valerie Klipsch. But above all, Paul Klipsch’s massive paper files continue to yield surprising diversity in this great man’s colorful life and work.   

It has been my several-decade, self-imposed quest to prevent PWK’s broad legacy from slipping through our fingers. However, I have caught myself in errors, and I cannot possibly hope to “know it all." It’s just too big! My errors include an imperfect memory and just plain typos. In bringing this data on-line, we decided to initially post some of the best information we have. It will be an evolving endeavor, assisted by your corrections and additions. If you see something that conflicts with your own understanding, please bring it to our attention. Naturally we would like to see some form of corroboration. If your information is conceded to be the best, the correction will be credited appropriately. 

I hope you enjoy the materials presented, and sincerely hope that you can add to the record.

Jim Hunter

*Paul began using the YYMMDD dating format in the 1950’s. It has proven very valuable for naming files, because it provides good chronological sorting. Admittedly it is not Y2K compliant, but still quite helpful. Many of the posted file names will reflect this format.