RF-82 II Home Theater System

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Filling any large room with pure sonic excitement is done with the greatest of ease thanks to the RF-82 II home theater system. The dynamic and detailed sound produced by this system undoubtedly exceeds the expectations of any serious listener.

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(2) RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker Item is Available.
(1) RC-62 II Center Speaker Item is Available.
(2) RS-52 II Surround Speaker Item is Available.
(1) R-115SW Subwoofer Item is Available.

AUDIO (02/01/2012)

"...Across all categories, the Klipsch inspired with its all-around qualities..."

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HomeTheater HiFi - RF-82 II System (07/05/2011)


“The engineers at Klipsch have really outdone themselves with the RF 82 II system. These speakers are clean, dynamic and very efficient. The efficiency means that they can be driven by a moderately-sized receiver. Still, the RF 82 II system has enough detail resolution to let you experience the benefits of moving up to quality separates as well.

The entire system wraps you in a convincing surround bubble. And, maybe more than most any other sub out there, you may find that the SW-311 will genuinely surprise you. The system did perform at its best below 300 Hz with good room correction. Let the sub’s routine smooth response for the sub and your receiver or pre pro’s system for the rest of the audible band. Then you’ll be in tall cotton.

This system will impress you well beyond its $4,000 price tag and it gets my strong recommendation.”

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