RF-62 II Home Theater System

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The sound reproductions produced by the RF-62 II home theater system are unlike any other. Delivering no-compromise power and detail each time over is its mission, and something you can always rely on when it comes to this exceptional system.

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(2) RF-62 II Floorstanding Speaker Item is Available.
(1) RC-62 II Center Speaker Item is No Longer Available.
(2) RS-52 II Surround Speaker Item is Available.
(1) R-112SW Subwoofer Item is Available.

Digital Trends (08/17/2012)

"What makes the RF-62 II system such a treat to listen to is the way they effortlessly evoke an emotional response. Marketing folks throw the “emotion” term around all the time in reference to audio equipment, but for once, its use is justified. These speakers grab a hold of you with rock-solid bass, wide-open midrange, tasty, detailed highs and a remarkably wide and seamless soundstage. Those looking to outfit their home theaters with a system that is as musical as it is powerful should find an excellent match in the highly recommended Klipsch RF-62 II."


9 out of 10

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