RF-42 II Home Theater System

Item #3671 | Item is No Longer Available.
Please note below the availability of this system's components.

The live-sound experience is always waiting with the help of the RF-42 II home theater system. Placing you on stage with your favorite artists, this system unearths matchless highs, mids and lows that are music to your ears.

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(2) RF-42 II Floorstanding Speaker Item is No Longer Available.
(1) RC-42 II Center Speaker Item is No Longer Available.
(2) RS-41 II Surround Speaker Item is No Longer Available.
(1) R-110SW Subwoofer Item is Available.

Les Années Laser (01/21/2013)

"Thanks to the Tractrix horns, this pack Klipsch is really in the tradition. The Audiovox take-over last year did not change the basis of this main Home Cinema actor. It’s fast, accurate and lively...The sub has an important role in the audio rendering. As ever with Klipsch, it is powerful...The surround speakers allow the user to be immersed...In small room (20m²) if you love the winged and reactive atmosphere, and want column speakers, this system will do a great job."

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Cinema Chez Soi (02/01/2011)

"...The Klipsch touch is recognizable. These speakers are expressive, dynamic and spread a wide 5.1 audio effortlessly. The sound is so accurate that the audience is totally immerged in the movie. Both subtle and punchy, this is an amazing 5.1 system..."

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