Quintet IV Home Theater System


  • Dynamic five-channel surround sound package
  • Exclusive XT Horn offers greater detail and wider dispersion
  • Powerful woofers produce room-filling bass
  • Latest crossover design delivers smoother response
  • Clean modern design complements today's HDTVs
  • Improved wire management for discreet on-wall installations
Quintet (# 1010440)




  • What is the basic setup for the Quintet™ and optional subwoofer?

    For most home theater systems, you’ll use a standard RCA connector hookup. This is a shielded wire that is similar in construction to the wires leading from a DVD player to a receiver. It will connect to the single SUB or LFE jack on the back of your receiver and to either of the two inputs on the back of the sub. If you wish, you may obtain a ‘Y’ connector to hook up to both of the sub inputs; this will result in a slight increase in volume. 

    Cables specifically designed for subwoofer use typically are better shielded than standard ‘patch cables’ and may offer possible noise reduction or cancellation from electrical devices the cable may come in contact with. Some subwoofer cables are directional, (one end always hooks up to receiver, the other to the sub), so always read any instructions that come with your specialty cabling. 

    Settings in the receiver’s menu system are detailed in the owner’s manual. Here are some suggestions for getting the best possible sound and reliability from your Quintet III with subwoofer system: 

    • Set all speakers to SMALL setting within the speaker setup controls, • Adjust the crossover (or Low Pass filter) to 110 or 120 Hz. 

    • Set the LFE out to SUB ONLY (options might include mains or sub + mains) 

    Settings on the SUB rear panel are as follows: 

    • Set the gain/volume to 8 to begin with; you’ll fine tune the balance with receiver remote control. 

    • Set the low pass/crossover dial fully clockwise to 120. This eliminates the sub’s filter system. 

    • Set the phase switch to ‘0’; you won’t be using this with the Quintet system. 

    • Set the ON/OFF switch near the power cable to ON. This is the master power switch. 

    • Set the auto/ON switch to AUTO. The sub will sense when music or a soundtrack is present and automatically turn the power on. It will wait a few minutes after the end of the movie to shut off. 

    If your receiver came with an ‘optimizer’ microphone and setup system, make sure to check the receiver’s settings after running the auto-setup. It is important that your speakers remain set to the SMALL setting. Quintet III satellite speakers cannot reproduce bass tones; allowing the receiver to send bass to them at movie levels might damage them.