ProMedia Ultra 2.0 Computer Speaker System

ProMedia Ultra 2.0

You have chosen a discontinued Klipsch product. For information on the latest personal music systems, please click here.

  • Two magnetically-shielded satellite speakers
  • Exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix Horn
  • Easily connects to Apple iPods and other MP3 players
ProMedia Ultra 2.0 (# 1625)




  • The speakers are hissing.

    If the speakers do not hiss when the computer is turned off, then the hissing is coming from your soundcard. Try muting devices you are not using in the volume control panel, such as Line In, CD Audio, and Mic Input. Also try moving your soundcard to another slot of your motherboard, away from other devices. If the speakers do hiss when the computer is off, please contact technical support at for further help.