KPT-1802-HLS Subwoofer


The Klipsch KPT-1802-HLS cinema subwoofer uses a patented, horn-loaded vented cabinet design with an 18” driver, resulting in class-leading acoustic output combined with commanding sub-20Hz bass response previously unattainable from even a 21” driver configuration system. 

  • An industry-first horn-loaded vented cabinet design
  • High-efficiency with very low distortion perfectly complements today’s digital sound formats
  • 130dB continuous output capability
KPT-1802-HLS (# 1016560)

Larger venues, the use of  immersive digital sound formats such as Dolby® Atmos™ and Auro 11.1 by Barco and the desire to deliver a truly unique entertainment experience has created an increasing demand for speaker systems that redefine high-performance. The Klipsch KPT-1802-HLS subwoofer answers that demand with a horn-loaded architecture that provides for an exceptional acoustic impedance match, for very high-efficiency leading to increased output with minimal power compression.

Acoustical loading of the horn greatly reduces the diaphragm excursion of the driver while the horn-loaded vent increases low-frequency response. This, combined with the ability to incorporate the reduced mass of a smaller diaphragm, significantly reduces distortion while increasing impact and immediacy of delivery for tight, extended bass with tremendously dynamic transient response.

The combination of the Klipsch KPT-MCM-4-T-GRAND cinema speaker with the KPT-1802-HLS subwoofer makes for the industry’s only fully horn-loaded front stage solution. The combination is capable of delivering not only movie soundtracks as they were intended to be heard, but an entire range of alternative content including live sports and music concerts with lifelike, authoritative dynamics and punch.