The KPT-745-T is designed to generate similar audience emotions as the KPT-MCM-II, but from a much shallower cabinet to accommodate a more limited behind screen space. The addition of a passive processor allows for operation as a tri-ampable system that requires less amplifiers, less wiring runs and reduced labor hours.

  • Quad 15-inch bass unit
  • Single 12-inch Tractrix® Horn-loaded mid-bass device
  • Tri-amp configuration using an added passive crossover

For the added kick that's required by grandiose locations the KPT-Grand-HF-T extended high-frequency horn module easily handles the system's smooth treble reproduction.

This powerful system is also available with a passive crossover in a bi-amp configuration as the KPT-745-B and without a network in a full quad-amp configuration as the KPT-745-Q.