Four-way configuration for improved high frequency detail with its 24-inch depth allows for more real estate where it matters: in the auditorium.

  • Four-way configuration to reduce modulation distortion of high frequency content
  • Three compression drivers with three-inch and 1.75" titanium diaphragms
  • More consistent coverage over a wider bandwidth to ensure a high quality movie going experience from every seat in the house
  • Quad-amp configuration
KPT-445-Q (# 2976)

Klipsch Designed the four-way KPT-445-Q to deliver the increased dynamics and detail found on the digital soundtracks of today’s latest films for small to medium sized auditoriums. The KPT-445-Q screen channel system is designed to be quad-amplified to maximize individual driver performance. It is also available with a passive crossover for a bi-amp configuration and designated as the KPT-445-B.

Utilizing the KPT-904-LF double 15” low-frequency system as a solid foundation the KPT-402-MF Tractrix® horn and K-1133 two-inch exit titanium diaphragm compression driver effortlessly reproduces the critical mid-band dialogue range.

The KPT-445-Q high frequency section consists of the proven KPT-904-HF Tractrix horn and 3” titanium diaphragm compression driver seamlessly joined with the K-703 horn and a 1.75” titanium diaphragm compression driver to deliver fine detail to every seat in the house.