Full frequency rear corner surround speaker

This new Monopoint surround speaker was designed to be placed in the rear corners of a large auditorium to produce full frequency surround channel information with or without a conventional surround array. The cabinet is reinforced to be hung or wall mounted.

KPT-4350-MS (# 1012642)

Based on the proven KPT-435-N screen speaker the dual 15-inch woofers deliver powerful bass in the back of the auditorium like other brand name large format systems using mono point surround speakers. The KPT-335 HF/MF-N deliver mid-range and high frequencies through a pair of Tractrix® Horns, the K-510 with a two-inch throated compression driver and K-703 with a 1.75 inch titanium diaphragm.

Coupled with a conventional surround array the KPT-4350-MS augments the smaller surround speakers and combines the best of both surround channel approaches.


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