KPT-435 B/M

KPT-435 B/M

As the first full three-way passive behind-the-screen system on the market the KPT-435-B affords the ultimate in audio performance for small- and medium-sized venues.

  • Less than 20-inches in depth
  • Dual 15-inch bass unit
  • Two-inch throated compression driver
  • K-703 horn with a 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm
  • Bi-amp OR Mono-amp configuration
KPT-435 B/M (# 1760)

Less than 20-inches in depth it is also one of the smallest speakers in its performance category. Based on the proven KPT-904-LF dual 15-inch bass unit, the KPT-435-B delivers powerful bass from a shallow cabinet that is just 17.75 inches deep.

In order to the reproduce critical dialogue range this system also features the new KPT-335 HF/MF which consists of a K-510 Tractrix® Horn two-inch throated compression driver and the K-703 horn with a 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm. The KPT-435-B can be utilized as a bi-amp configured three-way system or, by simply changing the crossover network wiring, as a fully-passive three-way mono-amp configuration.