Unlike many three-way behind-the-screen systems the KPT-335-B is 12.25 inches in depth making it one of the most compact performers in its class. Engineered to save space and deliver superior sound to smaller-sized venues the KPT-335-B serves as a high-output single 15-inch three-way system. It features the KPT-315-LF for enhanced bass output and the same KPT-335 HF/MF configuration as the larger KPT-435-B for the critical dialogue range.

Choose bi-amp or mono-amp configuration by simply changing the wiring of the crossover network.

  • High-output single 15-inch three-way system
  • 12.25 inches in depth
  • Bi-amp OR Mono-amp configuration
KPT-335-B/M (# 1761)