Klipsch NHRA Install

NHRA - Royal Purple Raceway

Baytown, TX

Indianapolis Colts - Practice Facility

Indianapolis, IN

The Indianapolis Colts wanted speakers that would successfully simulate the toughest away game environments....

Be careful what you wish for!

Klipsch Sun King Studio

WTTS - Sun King Studio 92

Indianapolis, IN


Haus of Hipstamatic (SXSW 2013)

Austin, TX



Las Vegas, NV



Williamsburg, NY

Giancarlo's Steakhouse and Pizzeria

Flat 12 Bierwerks

Indianapolis, IN


House of Worship

Glen Falls, NY


Klipsch House of Worship
Klipsch Speakers The Pub

The Pub

Miami, FL


United Methodist Church

Myrtle Beach, SC


Klipsch Speakers United Methodist Church
Klipsch Speakers Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop

Orlando, FL

"Ron Jon Surf Shop is a unique company, like no other, and shopping with us is always a fun experience. One of the great things about working with Muzak is that they provide Klipsch brand loudspeakers and really extend the shopping experience with high-quality sound and presentation," said Michele Passamonte, Director of Retail Operations for Ron Jon Surf Shop.

Landmark Theaters

Los Angeles, CA

"Klipsch builds the most advanced, best-sounding professional speakers for the cinema industry," said Bobby Perry, Chief Engineer, Landmark Theaters.

Klipsch Speakers Landmark Theaters
Klipsch Speakers Cinetopia


Vancouver, WA

"My designers and I uniformly agreed that Klipsch offered the finest sound presentation in the industry so it was a clear choice who we would go with," said Rudyard Coltman, Owner of Cinetopia.

Sheraton Hotel & Towers

New York, NY

"I highly recommended that the Sheraton use Klipsch loudspeakers because they have an amazing presence, deliver full range sound, look great and our installers love them," said Grant Conley, Senior Sales Engineer for Muzak.

Klipsch Speakers Sheraton Hotel & Towers
Klipsch Speakers JAZZIZ Bistro


Hollywood, FL

"We wanted the JAZZIZ Bistro to have an edge that goes well beyond the typical pro audio systems found in clubs. In addition to finding the right sound for live performances, we needed to choose speakers that were highly efficient and could deliver clean sound for the recordings we take to market," said Michael Fagien, Owner of the JAZZIZ Bistro.

The Paradiso: A Malco Theater

Memphis, TN

“I prefer Klipsch because they are considerably more efficient than the competition without the sacrifice of frequency response,” said Mike Thomson, Vice President of Operations and Technology for Malco.

Klipsch Speakers The Paradiso
Klipsch Speakers Cine Capri

Harkins Theaters - Cine Capri

Phoenix, AZ

The Cine Capri features a large 29-foot by 70-foot screen and can accommodate up to 600 guests. In order to fill this auditorium with dynamic and lifelike sound, Harkins chose five stage channels consisting of dual Klipsch KPT-415 bass cabinets and a KPT-402 and Grand-HF horn, eight KPT-684 subwoofers and 28 KPT-250 surround speakers.