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Klipsch speakers have always possessed a unique ability, with their unparalleled efficiency, low distortion and wide dynamic range, to reproduce sound that recreates the emotions experienced while listening to live music, whether it’s the emotions generated from an intimate solo performance in a small nightclub or the audience interaction and excitement created at a major concert at a large outdoor venue.

Now, the strong partnership between Klipsch and Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s leading live entertainment company, has inspired a line of dynamic, wireless music systems named after The Klipsch Music Center, one of the five most ticketed live music venues in the world.

The KMC 3 is a 2014 recipient of a Digital Trends Recommended Product award. A trademark of Designtechnica Corporation dba Digital Trends.  Used under license.

Frequency Response: 45Hz-24KHz +/-3dB/useable bass to 40Hz (f6)
MAX ACOUSTIC OUTPUT: 105 dB (0.5m near field)
AMPLIFIER POWER: 2 x 15W RMS (full range drivers) 1x35W (subwoofer) 130W system peak power Bi-Amplified for audiophile resolution
Mid/High Frequency Driver: 2 x 2" (5.0 cm) Aluminum Diaphragm Fullrange
Low Frequency Driver: 5.25" (13.3 cm) Long-Throw Woofer
INPUTS: Bluetooth, 3.5mm Analog In, Charge-only USB port
Battery Type: 8 "D" cells, alkaline or rechargeable
DIMENSIONS: 7.2" H (18.3cm) x 17" W (43.2cm) x 5.5" D (14cm)
WEIGHT: 7.8 lbs (3.5 kg)
FINISH: Soft-feel paint with high-gloss metallic accents
COLORS: Black, White
Built From: 2013
Esquire Malaysia (11/27/2013)

"What impresses is the incredible live sound, with well-separated instruments and a powerful, punchy bass. Mr Buckley’s tenor, while always sublime, sounds gorgeous as sound quality is easily maintained even cranked all the way up, making this the perfect speaker for fuelling a party. Portability and Bluetooth are a huge bonus..."

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Q Magazine (11/01/2013)

"The Klipsch KMC 3 has a great design and a wonderfully full sound – it makes Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence sound like it was recorded yesterday and it also looks like a model space ship. All of which, of course, are good things."

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Wired (09/17/2013)

"If you’re into into rap, metal, hip-hop, or any other bass-friendly style of music that demands to be played at 11, then this is the portable speaker you want — especially if you’re in need of an outdoor speaker."

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The Global Playbook (09/16/2013)

'As expected, Klipsch have developed another awesome system. The KMC 3 definitely looks the part as well as delivering awesome sound. The KMC 3 will definitely be at home for a casual system in a smaller room, with that added flexibility to cart it around for impromptu outdoor fun times."

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Digital Trends (09/08/2013)

"Klipsch has brought the boombox back with the perfect blend of style and sonic punch."

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What Hifi France (09/01/2013)

"Despite the compact design, this speaker ensures deep bass and high audio power. It can be also used with battery. An welcomed versatility!"

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Air Le Mag (09/01/2013)

"Powerful and accurate audio."

01net (08/19/2013)

"The manufacture quality of this KMC-3 is consistent with the high price...This speakers offers flawless finish, and gives the impression of robustness."

"For sure, it will be able to entertain even in a big living room...As we expect, we notice immediately the subwoofer. The resonance is amazing."

"And even if our measuring tube measure an average regularity, not piercing our ears, the speaker has a great rise into frequencies. The KMC3 goes high in trebles offering then a great sound for every kind of music."

"With the KMC 3, Klipsch made a product above the crowd, in terms of power...The integrated subwoofer makes all the difference."

4 out of 5 stars

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Twin Geeks (07/26/2013)

"You can really feel the 130 watts of power on certain bass heavy tracks – but it’s the sound quality is suitable for a whole range of emotions and the output is clear across a range of genres – I alternated between some gentle Luiz Bonfa tracks and some aggressive El-P music and was more than happy with both."

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Mashable (05/26/2013)
This is a superb product, representing the pinnacle of Bluetooth speaker design circa 2013 and worth every penny of its $399.99 price. Even more important than all its power and subtle engineering: It sounds decidedly musical. For that, I feel compelled to designate this achievement in speaker design our coveted Mashable Choice award.

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The Walker Post (05/10/2013)

"If you would close your eyes, you would think that you were listening to floor standing speakers instead of a small unit. I have indeed heard large bookshelf speakers who’s bass didn’t compare to the bass out of this Bluetooth speaker."

"As for the treble, that was excellent as well. Many times when the bass is strong, the treble gets pushed aside. Not so with this speaker system. The trebles came through surprisingly clean and crisp."

"If you love big, powerful sound, this unit is for you. Speaking of power, I really cranked the volume and there was no distortion. When I say I cranked the volume I certainly did. This system can take a lot of abuse."

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Crutchfield (04/03/2013)

"I sat down with the Klipsch Music Center KMC-3 the other night. I probably should have reconsidered doing this after dark, because the first time I powered it up I’m fairly sure the neighbors heard it. This is one loud portable speaker! But I’m getting ahead of myself."

"I tried everything from '80s party tunes to acoustic-driven country to synth-heavy prog-rock in short order and found myself pleased with its thumping bass and clear, confident midrange. It may be little, but the KMC-3 sure can fill a medium to large room without losing coherence. I found myself thinking this would be great at a patio or pool party, or even at the beach, if you keep it away from the water."

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Reviews for KMC 3 Wireless Music System - Black
Reviews for KMC 3 Wireless Music System - White
Reviews for KMC 3 Wireless Music System - Red
Reviews for KMC 3 Wireless Music System - Blue
Reviews for KMC 3 Wireless Music System - Purple