Klipsch Mode M40 Noise Canceling Headphones

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Klipsch STATUS headphones have replaced the Mode M40. Check them out here: klipsch.com/klipsch-status-on-ear-headphones

Meaning manner, tune, measure, rhythm. Mode is how something is accomplished and in the case of the new Klipsch Mode M40 headphones, it’s beautifully mastered. In every sense of the word. High-grade leather ear cups surround your listening experience with comfort. State-of-the-art active noise canceling (ANC) for up to 45 hours on a single battery or use without battery as a stereo headphone. With or without batteries, the show will go on the entire plane ride, the entire commute or the entire album collection.

  • 40mm woofer provides deep bass and dynamic midrange with active crossover
  • 15mm tweeter brings crisp, clean highs
  • 2 detachable, Hi-Fi inspired cables fit any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack
DESIGN: Over-ear, Active Noise-Canceling
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
SENSITIVITY: (@ 1 mW, 15 mm): 97.5 dB
INPUT IMPEDANCE: (@ 1kHz): 32 ohms
DRIVE COMPONENTS: Dual-drivers: Dynamic Moving Coil 40 mm and 15 mm speakers
DIMENSIONS: Driver diameters: 40 mm/15 mm
WEIGHT: .78 lbs (356 grams)
FINISH: Copper/black
FEATURES: Passive Cross-over Network, Active Noise Reduction, Mic+3-button remote
Built From: 2011
What Hifi (02/01/2013)

"All in all, the Klipsch Mode M40s are a success, just losing out on a fifth star because of the tough competition. There’s plenty to shout about here, even if you can’t hear it over all the noise-cancelling."

4 out of 5 stars

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Digital Life Singapore (04/18/2012)

"Of all the sets featured here, the M40 has the best build, with sturdy locks that snap open and shut, and cups that wrap around each ear, rather than resting on the ear...Quality-wise, the M40 has great performance on the medium and high frequencies, and vocals are distinct."

Editor's Choice

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Crutchfield (03/23/2012)

"First impression: wow, I don't think I've ever really heard this record before - and I'm on the recording! There are layers upon layers of overdubs coming through each ear that were drowned out by road noise in my car or by any number of things at home. Here, in a closed environment, I can hear them loud and clear...I really have enjoyed the Klipsch Mode M40 headphones. They're nice all-'rounders and are fantastic for the airplane, plus they sound great. If you're in the market for some new 'phones, give them a look, I think you'll like them."

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Hifi Video Magazine (03/14/2012)

"...A headphone, which thanks to both its sound and design, will seduce klipch devotees..."

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The Odyssey (02/16/2012)

"...These headphones have set the bar for other companies to try to match; they produce killer sound, rival the comfort of a Tempur-Pedic mattress, have the ability to cancel out the most annoying sounds (like a crying baby on a long flight), and look super sexy."

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Gadget's Footsteps (01/28/2012)

"...it's perfectly balanced and many times, I thought I could hear instruments, tones that I never could hear on other headsets..."

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Gadget Mania (01/26/2012)

"...Overall the Klipsch’s Mode M40s offer sound cancellation, a sleek and trendy design, an extra-long battery life, and exceptionally pleasing audio quality from the woofer and tweeter setup. Use with or without battery for a whole commute or listen to complete album collection, with the M40 headphones you are sure to be sitting in first class no matter where you take a seat."

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Digital Trends (01/17/2012)

"Klipsch did well with its first go at a full size, noise-cancelling headphone. The M40 look terrific and its noise-cancelling prowess is as good (in some cases better) than similarly priced competing models. In terms of audio, we found ourselves being pretty critical due to the $350 price tag, but the M40, with some break-in time, will make a lot of listeners very, very happy with its ample bass and superb treble response..."

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