HD Theater SB 3 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

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For true high definition sound, you need horn-loaded nectar. Introducing the Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 soundbar with wireless subwoofer, built with our founder’s revolutionary horn-loaded technology to redefine the home theater experience. Horn-loaded tweeters open up a more dynamic range of sound, allowing you to experience every high and low in incredible detail.

An easy to set up wireless 10-inch rear-ported subwoofer increases bass output, while the soundbar’s 300 watt peak system increases the power for a one-of-a-kind performance. Built in Dolby® Digital decoding and optical, RCA and 3.5mm inputs allow for easy setup, so you can spend more quality time with the legendary Klipsch sound.

SYSTEM TYPE: 2-way soundbar with 10" wireless subwoofer
Frequency Response: 28Hz to 20KHz +/-3dB
POWER HANDLING: 300 watts peak
MAX LOAD WEIGHT: Soundbar: 12.5 lbs/5.7 kg Subwoofer: 25 lbs/11.3 kg
TWEETER: Two .78" (20mm) Aluminum compression drivers mated to dual 90° x 90° Tractrix® Horns
MIDRANGE: Four 3.5(8.9cm) long-throw IMG drivers
SUBWOOFER: One 10"(25.4cm) down-firing fiber composite cone/ported
INPUTS: One Optical input, One dual RCA input, One 3.5mm input
DIMENSIONS - SOUNDBAR: 4.6"(11.7cm)H x 44"(111.7cm)W x 3.1"(7.9cm) D
DIMENSIONS - SUBWOOFER: 14.5"(36.8cm)H x 13"(33cm)W x 13.5"(34.3cm) D
MOUNTING OPTIONS: Two built-in keyhole mounts for wall-mounting
FINISH: Soundbar: Satin Black Subwoofer: Matte Black Vinyl
INCLUDED: One pair of soundbar cradles, one wall-mounting template, one credit card style remote, one 5.9ft (1.8m) digital optical cable, one 4.9ft (1.5m) dual RCA cable
What HiFi France (06/01/2013)

“An explosive soundbar”

Legendary Klipsch audio, powerful subwoofer, easy to setup”

“This sound bar brings the home cinema audio. A quality audio worthy of all the high end Klipsch products.”

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Digital Trends (02/15/2013)

"All in all, we have to say we really enjoyed our time with the Klipsch SB-3. Its overall sonic performance for both music and movies was, in many ways, the best we’ve heard from a product of its type. It sounded more like a good pair of stereo speakers than almost every other sound bar we’ve yet heard. Its volume seemed almost limitless at times, its prodigious bass was surprisingly deep, and its huge, gutsy and exciting overall presentation really won us over."


4 out of 5 stars

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HiFi Video (01/21/2013)

"Dynamic, a brilliant behavior, a vigorous subwoofer, really easy to set - the manufacture quality of Klipsch is present in this soundbar. The lively constitution and the brilliant behavior expected from Klipsch are definitely an asset in Home Cinema. The dynamism is there, the audio restitution can even get explosive. An equipment that will seduce all the action movies enthusiasts."

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Audioholics (12/14/2012)

“Throughout the episode, dialogue intelligibility was good, tone was natural, and low-end response was much better than I had anticipated.”


“Most impressive was the performance of the subwoofer. Considering its own merits, the performance is realistic and belies its relatively small stature.”


“Among soundbars, the SB 3 is one of the best I've heard with a clear, natural tonality and strong low-end.”


“For anyone looking for a performance soundbar, without a strong priority on pseudo-surround modes, the Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 should be a consideration.”

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