Klipsch Gallery G-42 Passive Home Theater System

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Get left, center and right all in one artfully mastered cabinet that mounts flush with your flat screen. The Klipsch Gallery™ G-42 maintains the sleek aesthetic of the new Klipsch Gallery Series while rendering underperforming flat panel speakers obsolete.


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Tell Magazine (01/18/2012)

"...Score up the G-42 as a real win for Klipsch in the jam-packed soundbar arena."

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Klipsch G-42, a sound bar speaker with 'horns' (09/13/2011)

“The big sub provided the muscle required to deliver the sonic impact for the plane crash scene from the "Flight of the Phoenix" DVD. This is one of my favorite demo DVDs because it so quickly highlights weaknesses in home theater speaker systems. Most distort or compress dynamics, but the G-42/SW-110 system delivered the crash scene's visceral impact with more gusto than any self-powered sound bar, or any integrated sound-bar/subwoofer system I've heard to date.”

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