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Garage Sale Gems: Heresy

June 30, 2014 - We’re not gonna lie. Even though the Klipsch Heresy is the most affordable of the Heritage Series of vintage speakers, it's not for penny-pinchers. No wonder. Each one is hand-crafted to order in Hope, Arkansas with the finest materials and thus requires a little bit more from the ol’ paycheck. But they’re worth it. Noted audiophile and professional reviewer Steven Guttenberg calls the Heresy III a “a rock'n'roller's dream speaker” in a Stereophile editorial. He lavished even more... (Read More)

5 Products for the Modern Day Craftsmen

5 Products for the Modern Day Craftsmen

November 04, 2014 - Whether you’re into restoring old vinyl records, working on classic cars or repairing vintage speakers – all of us craftsmen have one thing in common: The journey is more important than the... (Read More)