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Klipsch Install Stories: Invoke Yoga

If you’re the typical Klipsch fan, we know you like to play your music loud and proud. Today, we’re bringing you an install story that is less about “pissing off the neighbors” and more about the role audio plays in creating a peaceful environment.

Invoke Yoga holds more than 100 yoga, Pilates, and Bar Effect classes a week at two Indianapolis studios. When choosing speakers, owner Amy Peddycord knew she had to find a product that would withstand the elements that non-yogis might not consider when outfitting her business with audio. Both studios offer multiple hot yoga classes where the room is heated to 95 degrees with 40% humidity.

Peddycord sought out the help of an audiophile friend who recommended Klipsch speakers for both studios and suggested Ovation Audio Video, a local Indianapolis electronics store and installer. The downtown Invoke location features a pair of RB-61 speakers in both the main studio and hot yoga room. Invoke Wellness Center, the second studio location, pumps their audio through 2 R-2650-CSM II and 4 R-1800-C in-ceiling speakers.

Outside of providing quality sound, Peddycord and her instructors know the importance of creating quality playlists, full of sounds and songs that help students find their flow. “Quality speakers can really effect a class,” Peddycord told us, “It’s one of those things a client shouldn’t notice, so they’re allowed to get into the zone of the class rather than noticing what’s wrong in the room.”

So how does a yoga instructor create her playlist? It’s much more than mellow, calming sounds. While some classes feature a soft, relaxing playlist, others focus on an upbeat tempo to increase the speed of students flow.

Peddycord said students have completely different experiences based on the musical taste of the instructor. Personally she’s inspired by Alabama Shakes, Courtney Barnett, Lucinda Williams, and often listens to Mornings Become Eclectic from KCRW in LA. All instructors create their own playlists. Some changing them every few months while music lovers may come in every lesson with a new focus.

Although yoga may not be for you, your own private listening session can have many of the same benefits of yoga. The experience can make you happier, help you focus, give you a piece of mind, and most importantly give you time to relax.

So go on, take a moment every now and then to stop and turn off the outside world. Pick your favorite album, whether it’s slow and simple or aggressive and loud. Then, just sit and listen.

Do you have questions or comments about this Klipsch install? Post in the comments section below.

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 2

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 3

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 4

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 1

How To Clean Klipsch Speakers

Klipsch speakers are the pride of the living room, the boss of the basement and often the most prized possession in one’s house. They are a true investment in quality audio.

To keep that investment in pristine condition, you ought to give them a cleaning every once in a while. After all, sometimes it is nice to be seen AND heard.


  • Damp Microfiber Cloth
  • Dry Microfiber Cloth
  • Lint Roller
  • Canned Air (See Below)


  • Use a microfiber cloth. A regular rag is coarse and may harm your speakers’ finish.
  • Dampen the cloth but do not overdo it. If it is dripping, it is too wet.
  • Move the damp cloth in circular motions in order to prevent streaking.
  • When cleaning the horn of a Reference Premiere speaker, use a DRY microfiber cloth.
  • To clean the grilles, simply use a lint roller and move it up and down.
  • Do NOT use chemicals on your Klipsch speakers.


Canned air is a great way to remove dust from a Klipsch speaker. That being said, canned air is created through chemicals. If used improperly, it can damage the finish of your speaker. Please use with extreme caution!

When spraying the canned air, keep the bottle level. If the bottle is upside down or at an angle, it will shoot chemicals directly onto the speaker. That is not a good thing. If it does happen, spray it again – keep it level this time – and wipe with a slightly damp rag to remove any residue.

Do you have your owns tips? Post them in the comments below!

Klipsch at CEDIA 2015: Day 1 Recap

The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo is one of the biggest showcases of the year for Klipsch, allowing the 70-year-old company to proudly displaying its legendary speakers for custom installers and integrators.

This is the type of the audience that appreciates quality and simplicity. In other words: no bullshit.

For the 2015 CEDIA Expo in Dallas, TX, Klipsch has both new and current products on display that wowed everyone who rolled through the both on day one.

Most of the speakers on display at CEDIA are for professionals; however, that didn’t stop us from bringing the latest and greatest consumer options – some of which you may not have seen before…but more on that tomorrow.

Klipsch Pro THX Series


Introducing the new Klipsch Pro THX Series of speakers. These THX®-certified speakers are a terrific solution for custom installers who want to give their customers an extraordinary home theater experience without taking up precious floor space. The new edge-to-edge grilles allow these in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to disappear while the latest blockbuster blares throughout the space. (Learn More)

Klipsch Professional Series


Exclusively for contractors, the new Klipsch Professional Series is a great option for those roaming the halls of CEDIA 2015, as they provide dynamic, powerful performance while blending into one’s décor.

While other companies may ignore sound quality in their custom install speakers, we never will. (Learn More)

Klipsch Distributed Audio


Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor, office or home, Klipsch has distributed audio options that will rock the building. (Yes, that is pun with our rock speakers in mind.)

The key is choices, choices, choices…without sacrificing the quality sound Klipsch is known for. Click here to learn more and browse through the available options.

Klipsch No Bullshit Buttons


You didn’t think we would show up to a trade show without our trademark yellow “Bullshit” buttons, did you?

If you want to know how this became a motto for Paul W. Klipsch and the company as a whole, click here.

Steve Cropper Klipsch


The day before the show kicked off, we held a special event for the Klipsch sales team that puts in endless hours trying to spread the word of quality audio. A good friend of Klipsch – the legendary guitarist Steve Cropper – came over to the Proof and Pantry to put on a show for everyone.

It was a heck of a treat with Cropper telling incredible stories about musicians like Otis Redding who he called “the best singer of all-time.” Of course, the actual performance was top-notch as well with songs that Cropper wrote and/or produced.

It really isn’t too often that you get to enjoy a person who Rolling Stone called one of the top 100 guitarists of all time. In addition, Cropper was incredibly friendly with everyone in attendance, enthusiastically recalling stories from years ago or from the other day.

Cropper’s band members like Andy Childs and Steve Hornbeak are quite accomplished musicians in their own right. Childs and Hornbeak are both regulars on the hit TV show Nashville, so, naturally many of the Klipsch staff peppered them with questions about the show’s star Connie Britton.

That’s it for day one of CEDIA 2015! Remember, you can stay up to date on everything about the show by following us on Twitter and Instagram. Learn more at www.KlipschGroupShows.com


New Grilles for Klipsch Speakers

Every Klipsch owner knows that all of our speakers come with grille covers. They protect the speaker and allow the product to blend into one’s home décor, if desired.

What you may not know is that many of our speaker grilles come from DuraCrest Fabrics and the company’s president, Ralph L. Fortino. Established in 1962, they have been providing the audio industry with acoustical grilles. They became a supplier for Klipsch back in 1973 and have produced over two million grilles for the company’s speakers.

Simply put, they have made grilles for some of the greatest loudspeakers ever made.

Of course, grilles don’t last forever. Your friendly (or not-so-friendly) feline may have designated your speakers as scratching posts or perhaps your offspring thought it would be fun to show their “personality”. Heck, your speakers’ grilles could simply look worn and old from decades of use.

Whatever the case, it’s time to refresh your Klipsch speakers and make them as beautiful as they looked the day they left the factory in Hope, Arkansas.

DuraCrest’s manufacturing expertise and experience insures that every restoration meets or exceeds the highest of Klipsch standards for quality, fit and finish.


Click here to check out a list of speaker grilles that DuraCrest has built or still builds for Klipsch. They are also able to professionally restore newer models of Klipsch speakers like the Reference Premiere and Reference lines.

To order a restoration of your speakers’ grilles, please use the contact information below. (They are working on launching a new website.)

DuraCrest Fabrics, Inc.

2474 Delta Lane

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Phone: 847 350 0030

Fax: 847 350 0033

Email: duracrest@comcast.net


Two million Klipsch grilles and counting…


What kind of shape are your speakers’ grilles in? Any funny stories about how they were damaged? Post it in the comments!


Klipsch KPT-904 Speakers (Frankenstein Edition)

Longtime Klipsch fan and forum member Jonathan Wood had a 32′ x 38’ room that desperately needed great audio. That’s over 1,200 feet of space.

A couple years ago, Jonathan was lucky enough to check out the powerful Klipsch KPT-904 cinema speakers in action at the house of his friend Ryan Hendrix.

“I knew I needed a pair of my own.”

The KPT-904 is an exceptional sounding midsize screen and stage speaker that excels at stadium seating. A Tractrix® Horn-loaded, 3-inch titanium compression driver coupled with a dual 15-inch woofer allows for excellent efficiency and dynamics.

To translate the marketing fluff: the KPT-904 is a kick-ass speaker that can fill up a whole lot of space like Jonathan’s.

Jonathan told Ryan “to keep his ears and eyes peeled through his network of Klipsch heads.” Ryan’s dad, Bill Hendrix, happened to be an owner of the KPT-904s himself and also maintained long-standing friends with multiple Klipsch engineers. Thankfully, Bill had a friend who was interested in selling his speakers.

It wasn’t for the stock KPT-904, though. It was for something more…twisted…monstrous…diabolical…a strange concoction of parts.

Frankenstein Klipsch Speakers 7 social

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix


Jonathan snapped up this quasi-clone – a twisted creation – of the KPT-904. (PLEASE SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW.)

It all starts with the Klipsch KP-450 bass bin. To make it like the KPT-904, the previous owner added a B&C DE75 compression driver, using an EAW horn instead of the K-510. (Jonathan is looking to replace the EAW horn with a K-510 soon, though.)

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix

Jonathan asked Bob Crites to build new networks that followed the 904 schematic, but to pad the horn down by 3db since they are used for two-channel music instead of home theater or theater use where they would be behind the screen.

Adding to the Frankenstein-nature of these speakers, Jonathan decided to paint them. Luckily, one of his friends does custom paintwork, so he had them painted a medium warm grey on the bass bins and a gloss orange-red on the horn.

“Because, why not?!”

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix

Jonathan also had the custom perforated steel grilles made for the Frankenstein speakers by another member of the Klipsch forum, completing their striking look.

The speakers are currently setup in a two-channel audio configuration. To power these monsters, Jonathan is currently running them through an Odyssey Kismet amplifier and Juicy Music Blueberry Xtreem 2 pre-amplifier. The amplifiers in the photos are the Parasound ZAmps running in bridged mono. His source is an “older” Denon DP-1250 with a Sumiko MMT tonearm and Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.

How do they sound?

“They are excellent in my space for their intended purpose.”

Nice work, Frankenstein.

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix

Photo c/o Ryan Hendrix

Do you know of any other Klipsch Frankenstein speakers? Let us know in the comments!

The above story is NOT an endorsement of the customization and modifications of Klipsch speakers. We do NOT recommend the methods above and these modifications will void you product’s warranty. The speakers that we ship to customers are what the engineers intended and are designed to be the best sounding speakers on Earth.

(It’s just kind of cool. That’s all.)

Five Best Movies for Upmixing with Dolby Atmos

As we have covered in a previous blog post, Dolby Atmos isn’t just for new movies that were edited specifically for the technology. Upmixing with Dolby Atmos brings a new dimension to your surround sound whether it be for movies, music, video games, sporting events or whatever.

Many of you asked for specific examples, so we went through our movie collection and picked out the best movies to show off upmixing with Dolby Atmos.

(Really, we just wanted an excuse to go to one of our theaters and relive these movies on Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers.)

WARNING: There could be some minor spoilers…that being said, if you haven’t seen these movies yet, our sympathy is limited.


One of Steven Spielberg’s finest efforts is worth seeing all over again with upmixed Dolby Atmos sound. The unforgettable and gut-wrenching invasion of Normandy scene is a great showcase for the efforts from Dolby’s engineering team. Bullets and mortars zoom right over your head. The underwater scenes are that much more immersive and intense. The soundtrack was already quite dynamic in 5.1. Dolby Atmos somehow kicks it up another notch.


There are a bunch of scenes in this movie that Trekkies and normies alike will appreciate the impressive upmixed sound. One particular highlight is when the USS Vengeance is catching up to the Enterprise. Going warp speed has never been so exciting (and that’s saying something). The added dimension is also quite apparent during the movie’s opening scene with the animal sounds.


It feels like not nearly enough people have seen this action movie, starring Tom Cruice and Emily Blunt. It’s a fantastic movie in addition to a stellar showcase for Dolby Atmos, particularly the reoccurring battle scenes. You can practically feel the air rushing around him as the main character falls from the sky, displaying incredible ambient effects. The distant battle sounds sound really expansive through the additional Dolby Atmos channels. Without revealing too much, the “swirling” aliens are much more intimidating and overwhelming as well thanks to the Dolby Atmos upmixing.


Sure, the plot kind of stinks and it goes on for far too long but…those jungle scenes! The ambience and wildlife sounds of the jungle completely envelop the listener. While the action scenes are incredibly immersive and three dimensional, the quieter, dialogue based scenes are impressive examples of Dolby Atmos technology.


Atmosphere and tension is everything in Prometheus, making it a natural fit for Dolby Atmos. Upmixing utilizes height effects brilliantly during the storm scene when they are running back to the ship with clouds and sand swirling overhead. Any of the cave scenes also have a lot of ambience including water drops, falling stones, and lots of echo all over the place – around and above.




40 Years and Counting with Klipsch Heresy Speakers

When Candace Tinkler turned 20 years old, her father treated her to Klipsch Heresy speakers. Now, 40 years later, Candace remains in love with the speakers she received on her 20th birthday.

“It was a big deal to splurge on these luxury items,” Tinkler said. “My father had a deep love of music which he shared with me. He grew up during The Great Depression and his family didn’t have money for him to take music lessons, so he showered me with musical opportunities that he never had.”

Before making the leap, Tinkler and her father did their research. Although she doesn’t remember exactly what the key reasons were for picking the Heresy speakers, Tinker had spoken with both her professional musician friends and employees from several high-end audio stores who all recommended Klipsch.

After hearing a demo of these handcrafted speakers at a specialty audio store in San Francisco, her Dad was so excited that he purchased a pair for the family home in addition to the pair he bought for her. Although he may have passed away two years ago at the age of 89, his Heresy speakers continue to rock in the family home.

Since their purchase in 1975, Tinkler’s Heresy speakers have been moved all over the United States, far away from the speakers’ birthplace in Hope, Arkansas. As a National Park Service employee, they have “survived” Zion, Bighorn Canyon, Channel Islands, Grand Canyon, Everglades, New River Gorge and, currently, Redwood National Parks.

The question of whether it is worth it to carry these 44 lb. speakers from place to place is downright silly to Tinkler.

“I love these speakers! I have never thought of myself as a hoarder and, in fact, I am a bit ruthless about getting rid of junk that doesn’t work to my expectations. On the other hand, I hang on to things I love.”

Currently residing in Crescent City, California, Tinkler’s American-made speakers have gained notoriety throughout the town.

“Every July 4th during the fireworks, I open the windows, turn the speakers towards the street and crank the volume up crazy high. Everyone cheers! It is a town tradition. The speakers are so loud, it is like a rock concert!”

The speakers’ survival and impeccable condition even more remarkable because Tinkler never even got around to staining the speakers’ bare wood.

“Can you believe it?”

Heck, yes. This is Klipsch.


How long have you had your Klipsch speakers? Post a comment below!

Candace Tinkler Klipsch Heresy Speakers

Klipsch Install Stories: Sun King Fishers Tap Room & Small-Batch Brewery

Sun King Brewing Company was founded in 2009 by Dave Colt and Clay Robinson. They have had extraordinary success focusing on “continually creating traditional, seasonal and unique specialty beers.”

Sun King’s main brewery and offices are located just a few miles south from the Klipsch headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, IN. A couple years ago, we installed Klipsch speakers there, dutifully pumping music into the brewery as visitors sip on tasty beverages.

Colt and Robinson are looking to repeat that success in the Indianapolis suburb of Fishers, IN. While their plans for a full-scale brewery have been temporarily put on the hold, the award-winning brewing company built a taproom nearby. The location will eventually have a small-batch brewery inside where the mad beer scientists will concoct all sorts of delicious, hoppy beers.

Robinson said, “The new Sun King Fishers Tap Room & Small-Batch Brewery was designed with local in mind. Aside from production of Fresh•Local•Beer, when you look around you will notice that our tables, bar and light fixtures were handcrafted from locally sourced and repurposed wood, so to complete the space, it only made sense to equip the space with great sound provided by our local partner Klipsch.”

For the install, we teamed up with Randy Monteith Audio & Video LLC out of Greenwood, IN. Monteith has been in business since 1991 and is well-known throughout the Indianapolis-area for providing stellar custom audio solutions.

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 2

In the taproom, there is a lengthy list of taps (duh!) with all sorts of delicious beers available in pints or growlers. For this area, we installed hanging KI-262-SMA-II speakers and a “flying” KPT-684-SW-SMA subwoofer, which were handcrafted at our manufacturing facility in Hope, AR. The subwoofer is particularly impressive, as it is quite monstrous and more-than-capable of delivering superior bass performance.

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 3

The party room is stocked with IC-525-T and KPH-525 speakers. These pendant speakers integrate really well into Sun King’s industrial look. The brewing area is equipped with CA-650-T speakers, which stay out of the way and allow the brewers to focus on what they do best – make gold-medal winning beer.

If you find yourself in the Fishers-area, definitely stop by for a cold one and, of course, top-notch Klipsch sound.

We might just head over there right now ourselves…

Do you have questions or comments about this Klipsch install? Post in the comments section below.

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 1

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 4

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 7

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 8

For more photos, please click here.

Made in USA Speakers

The very first Klipsch speaker sold was made by hand back in 1946 in the little town of Hope, Arkansas. Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) built the horn himself out of a tin shed while the original cabinet was made by the local Reed’s Cabinet Shop.

A lot has changed since 1946, but some things haven’t. We still make many of our speakers in that sleepy little southern town with pride and respect for the formula (PWK) bestowed upon us.

The tin shed is now a full-fledged factory with its own cabinet production line and the company’s headquarters have moved to Indianapolis, Indiana; however, the mission remains the same for all of our “Made in USA” speakers. We want to make the world’s best speakers that bring the live music experience to your living room…or wherever you may need music.

Here’s a rundown of our Made in USA speakers…

Klipschorn Speaker Made in USA

Klipschorn (Heritage Series)

Paul W. Klipsch created the Klipschorn because he wanted to bring the live music experience to his home. Boy, he succeeded and then some, didn’t he? With it’s brilliant highs and deep lows, it’s truly the classic American speaker. (Klipschorn history)

It may be hard to believe, but the design of the Klipschorn has genuinely not changed much since PWK made his first one in 1946. It is the only speaker to be in continuous production for over 70 years. We’ve tweaked it here and there, but, as the old saying goes: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Klipsch La Scala Made in USA

La Scala II (Heritage Series)

Named after the Teatro alla Scala in Italy, the original La Scala was unveiled in 1963 as an alternative to the Klipschorn. It offers similar performance and, unlike the Klipschorn, it does not require corner placement. (La Scala history)

The fully horn-loaded, three-way La Scala was used early on by Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Winthrop Rockefeller and now has fans like Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood who fulfilled the prophecy of a now famous Klipsch t-shirt.

Klipsch Cornwall Made in USA

Cornwall III (Heritage Series)

Simply put, the Cornwall is the Heresy’s “big brother.” Introduced in 1959, the Cornwall was designed to serve as a bigger and more powerful version of the Heresy as (ideally) a center channel for a pair of Klipschorns. (Cornwall history)

Over the years, the Cornwall has developed its own dedicated following who can’t get enough of its three-way design and direct-radiating 15-inch woofer. Klipsch briefly discontinued the Cornwall in 1990 but quickly changed its mind after an outcry from customers that included a written petition.

Klipsch Heresy Made in USA

A Klipsch Heresy speaker at the flagship John Varvatos store in Detroit, MI.

Heresy III (Heritage Series)

The Klipsch Heresy speaker was introduced in 1957 as a center channel for a pair of Klipschorn speakers. As far as we know, it’s the first commercially-made center channel speaker. (Heresy History)

The Heresy now stands very much on it’s own. Steven Guttenberg calls the Heresy III “a rock’n’roller’s dream speaker” in Stereophile. A little Heresy is good for the soul.

Reference RF-7 II Made in USA

Reference RF-7 II speakers on the line in Hope, AR. (Photo credit: “CECAA850” from the Klipsch Forums)

Reference RF-7 II

The RF-7 II is the flagship speaker in the popular Reference series lineup. It’s striking copper-and-black aesthetics and muscular performance make it many customers’ choice when building the ultimate home theater.

This speaker is often compared to classic American muscle cars because it’s loud, bold and freakin’ awesome.

Reference RC-64 Made in USA

Reference RC-64 II

Great home theater systems need a proper center channel and few are better than the RC-64 II that is handmade on the line in Hope. With four 6.5” Ceramatllic woofers, the RC-64 II is the most powerful center channel in the Reference series and the perfect compliment the RF-7 II floorstanding speakers.

Palladium Made in USA


The Palladium Series was an industry-redefining project that began with a vision – not a budget. Every engineering detail was meticulously pored over to ensure that this speaker was a befitting flagship speaker for the Klipsch brand. We are extremely proud to assemble these breathtaking speakers right here in the heart of America.

THX Ultra2 Made in USA

THX Ultra 2

There is an American-made option for the movie enthusiast who wants their speakers to have the highest THX certification….and it rocks. In fact, we believe that few professional theaters can match the stunning high-output, low-distortion sound that this system achieves.

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Made in USA

Klipsch Professional speakers in action at the Sun King Brewing Tap Room in Fishers, IN.

Klipsch Professional

Many of the Klipsch Professional speakers that you find in movie theaters, race tracks, restaurants, etc are made in Hope, Arkansas alongside the Heritage Series. Building the speakers in Hope allows us to quickly ship products to businesses that match their specifications.

Heritage-Inspired Speakers

The Future

Klipsch is always examining opportunities to bring more manufacturing to Hope, Arkanas. At CES, we showed off a concept for wireless towers and bookshelf monitors that combined beautiful Hope cabinetry with the technology from a Klipsch Stadium.

Do you own a Klipsch speaker that was Made in USA? Post your setup in the comments.