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Klipsch Install Stories: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

This year marks the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, which is known as “greatest spectacle in racing.” To help celebrate this occasion, and as part of “Project 100,” the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) turned to RaceTrack Engineering to upgrade the sound at various key points around the track.

Dave Dusick of RaceTrack Engineering said, “The audio needs for the Project 100 renovation at IMS are unique because this a high profile seating area that requires high quality audio that is difficult to find. The Klipsch solution was the perfect fit for these unique needs.”

Outfitting a giant track like the one at IMS, even if it’s only part of it, is a monumental task. The logistics of it all can be downright daunting.

“When you are dealing with a facility as complex as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, vendor relationships and customer service are critical to our success,” Dusick said. “Klipsch’s reputation for customer service, combined with their Hoosier roots makes this a obvious partnership.”

IMS CP-6T 1 social

A grand total of 424 Klipsch speakers were tasked for the job at IMS. The speakers were installed in the Paddock Penthouse, as well as the Hulman Terrace Club Suites.

IMS CA-800T 3 social

One of two models used in this large installation is the CA-800T speaker. This all-weather speaker is ideal for foreground or background audio in an indoor or outdoor environment. This compact full-range 70-volt speaker is extremely versatile, which is why you can find this speaker both inside the hospitality area at IMS, as well as up in the rafters in the seating area.

IMS CP-6T 3 social

The other speaker used at IMS is the similarly versatile CP-6T speaker. Like the CA-800-T, the CP-6T employs Klipsch’s Proprietary Tractrix® Horn technology allowing for highly efficient, low-distortion announcing as well as musical sound. The CP-6T’s integrated bracket and its ability to be tightly mounted into a corner with its V-shaped rear profile made it an ideal fit for the IMS install.

Of course, beyond the granular minutia of the install, it is simply an honor both for Klipsch and RaceTrack Engineering to be a part of an event that is so dearly revered by so many fellow Hoosiers.

Dusick said, “It’s an honor to be part of something as magnificent as the Indianapolis 500 on an annual basis. Obviously, this year is even more spectacular than the rest. To know that we are contributing to the fan experience for the largest single day sporting event that our generation has ever and will ever see is more than just an honor; it is literally the thrill of a lifetime.”

Gentlemen, start your engines. It’s time for great sound.

IMS CA-800T 1 social

IMS CA-800T 5 social

IMS CA-800T 6 social

IMS CP-6T 2 social

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About RaceTrack Engineering

RaceTrack Engineering is an entity dedicated to the betterment of the motorsport community.  At RaceTrack Engineering, we don’t sell products, we solve problems. While many of our technology partners sell direct, RaceTrack Engineering takes this products one step further by understanding the requirements and developing a custom solution to meet the unique needs of motorsports facilities and sanctioning bodies.  Our expertise include, but not limited to:  audio systems, timing & scoring systems, scoreboards & message centers, video display boards, video officiating, radios & communication.  For more information visit RaceTrack Engineering or find us on social media @racetrackengineering.

Klipsch Install Stories: Invoke Yoga

If you’re the typical Klipsch fan, we know you like to play your music loud and proud. Today, we’re bringing you an install story that is less about “pissing off the neighbors” and more about the role audio plays in creating a peaceful environment.

Invoke Yoga holds more than 100 yoga, Pilates, and Bar Effect classes a week at two Indianapolis studios. When choosing speakers, owner Amy Peddycord knew she had to find a product that would withstand the elements that non-yogis might not consider when outfitting her business with audio. Both studios offer multiple hot yoga classes where the room is heated to 95 degrees with 40% humidity.

Peddycord sought out the help of an audiophile friend who recommended Klipsch speakers for both studios and suggested Ovation Audio Video, a local Indianapolis electronics store and installer. The downtown Invoke location features a pair of RB-61 speakers in both the main studio and hot yoga room. Invoke Wellness Center, the second studio location, pumps their audio through 2 R-2650-CSM II and 4 R-1800-C in-ceiling speakers.

Outside of providing quality sound, Peddycord and her instructors know the importance of creating quality playlists, full of sounds and songs that help students find their flow. “Quality speakers can really effect a class,” Peddycord told us, “It’s one of those things a client shouldn’t notice, so they’re allowed to get into the zone of the class rather than noticing what’s wrong in the room.”

So how does a yoga instructor create her playlist? It’s much more than mellow, calming sounds. While some classes feature a soft, relaxing playlist, others focus on an upbeat tempo to increase the speed of students flow.

Peddycord said students have completely different experiences based on the musical taste of the instructor. Personally she’s inspired by Alabama Shakes, Courtney Barnett, Lucinda Williams, and often listens to Mornings Become Eclectic from KCRW in LA. All instructors create their own playlists. Some changing them every few months while music lovers may come in every lesson with a new focus.

Although yoga may not be for you, your own private listening session can have many of the same benefits of yoga. The experience can make you happier, help you focus, give you a piece of mind, and most importantly give you time to relax.

So go on, take a moment every now and then to stop and turn off the outside world. Pick your favorite album, whether it’s slow and simple or aggressive and loud. Then, just sit and listen.

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Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 2

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 3

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 4

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 1

Klipsch Install Stories: Sun King Fishers Tap Room & Small-Batch Brewery

Sun King Brewing Company was founded in 2009 by Dave Colt and Clay Robinson. They have had extraordinary success focusing on “continually creating traditional, seasonal and unique specialty beers.”

Sun King’s main brewery and offices are located just a few miles south from the Klipsch headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, IN. A couple years ago, we installed Klipsch speakers there, dutifully pumping music into the brewery as visitors sip on tasty beverages.

Colt and Robinson are looking to repeat that success in the Indianapolis suburb of Fishers, IN. While their plans for a full-scale brewery have been temporarily put on the hold, the award-winning brewing company built a taproom nearby. The location will eventually have a small-batch brewery inside where the mad beer scientists will concoct all sorts of delicious, hoppy beers.

Robinson said, “The new Sun King Fishers Tap Room & Small-Batch Brewery was designed with local in mind. Aside from production of Fresh•Local•Beer, when you look around you will notice that our tables, bar and light fixtures were handcrafted from locally sourced and repurposed wood, so to complete the space, it only made sense to equip the space with great sound provided by our local partner Klipsch.”

For the install, we teamed up with Randy Monteith Audio & Video LLC out of Greenwood, IN. Monteith has been in business since 1991 and is well-known throughout the Indianapolis-area for providing stellar custom audio solutions.

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 2

In the taproom, there is a lengthy list of taps (duh!) with all sorts of delicious beers available in pints or growlers. For this area, we installed hanging KI-262-SMA-II speakers and a “flying” KPT-684-SW-SMA subwoofer, which were handcrafted at our manufacturing facility in Hope, AR. The subwoofer is particularly impressive, as it is quite monstrous and more-than-capable of delivering superior bass performance.

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 3

The party room is stocked with IC-525-T and KPH-525 speakers. These pendant speakers integrate really well into Sun King’s industrial look. The brewing area is equipped with CA-650-T speakers, which stay out of the way and allow the brewers to focus on what they do best – make gold-medal winning beer.

If you find yourself in the Fishers-area, definitely stop by for a cold one and, of course, top-notch Klipsch sound.

We might just head over there right now ourselves…

Do you have questions or comments about this Klipsch install? Post in the comments section below.

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 1

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 4

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 7

Sun King Fishers Tap Room Brewery Photo 8

For more photos, please click here.

Klipsch Install Stories: John Varvatos

If you’ve ever seen an ad for John Varvatos, you will know that that the men’s lifestyle brand is all about rock-and-roll. From Iggy Pop to Alice Cooper to Green Day, the brand associates itself closely with rockers from multiple generations.

This attitude and tone of voice comes straight down from the brand’s namesake – John Varvatos – whose passion for music runs deep. He grew up idolizing the musicians he now features in advertisements and even has a store in the former site of the famed punk-club CBGB.

John Varvatos

When it came to designing a flagship store in his hometown of Detroit, the three-time “Menswear Designer of the Year” turned to Klipsch to fulfill his audio needs and deliver the best experience for his customers.

“Music is deeply rooted within the John Varvatos brand. Thanks to Klipsch, who placed killer speakers throughout our Detroit Store, our clients are enveloped in state-of-the-art sounds, adding to an enhanced shopping experience.”

The newest John Varvatos store is now equipped with Klipsch Heresy III speakers and Klipsch Reference subwoofers. These Klipsch Heresy speakers have exposed cabinets with a slick black finish with custom grilles that fits perfectly with the gritty design of the store’s interior. (Click here to see more photos.)

Klipsch Heresy Speakers John Varvatos Detroit

But Varvatos didn’t just turn to Heresy speakers because they are “a rock’n’roller’s dream speaker” as noted audiophile and professional reviewer Steven Guttenberg dubbed them in a Stereophile editorial.

“Back in the late 70’s when I really got into audio and discovered the difference of great sound, I saved up and bought a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers. The quality difference was incredible. They became the standard to which I have listened to quality audio ever since.”

It’s a story that’s similar to those of Klipsch fans all across the world.


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Klipsch Install Stories: Air Canada Centre

Stadiums are constantly struggling to deliver a first-rate fan experience. For Air Canada Centre, it’s a different story.

Opening its doors to fans in 1999, Air Canada Centre is the home of the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Rock and serves as one of the top ten venues in the world. Every year, millions of patrons attend adrenaline-pumping events that are unmatched by many in professional sports and entertainment– an accolade that could not have been achieved without the help of Klipsch.

Klipsch Install - Air Canada Centre

Klipsch professional CA series speakers throughout Air Canada concourse, restaurants and arena.


In 2012, it was decided Air Canada Centre could provide a better audio experience for its customers. That’s when a handful of audio experts from Gentec International, the Klipsch distributor and leading audio provider in Canada, were summoned to tackle this assignment.

The 20-day installation project retrofitted the entire Air Canada Centre, excluding only the stadium’s bowl. From its concourses to platinum suites, Klipsch’s professional speakers, soundbars and subwoofers decorated what seemed to be every inch of the facility. Prior to tipoff of the 2013-2014 Toronto Raptors season, the final speaker was installed – and the result was memorable.

Klipsch Install - Air Canada Centre - The Klipsch Joint

Grabbing a drink before the game or at halftime doesn’t mean Raptors and Maple Leafs fans lose quality sound in the Air Canada Centre.


“The improvement in fidelity and coverage was immediate” said Courtney Ross, senior audio engineer and supervisor of venue technology operators at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Ltd.

The installation included:

  • Over 1,000 Klipsch speakers total
  • 28 Klipsch soundbars in platinum suites
  • Klipsch CA-800-T speakers throughout the concourse and arena exterior
  • Klipsch CA-525T speakers throughout the concourse, concourse bars, arena exterior and training facility
  • Klipsch IC-650-T speakers installed in locker rooms, premium suites and restaurants
  • A Klipsch KI-115 subwoofer prominently displayed in the venue’s Crown Corner

“Because of the Klipsch team’s support and exceptional speakers, Air Canada Centre has never sounded better,” said Jeff Deline, vice president of global partnerships at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Ltd.

Toronto has proven to be a meaningful location for Klipsch. Shortly after the Air Canada Centre installation, Klipsch was named the official headphone and commercial speaker sponsor of the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs and Live Nation Canada. With additional projects in the works, it is clear Toronto has welcomed Klipsch into their city with open arms.

Klipsch Install Stories: Chipotle adds Heresy III

Chipotle shines when it comes to providing a distinctive atmosphere that complements its mouthwatering burritos. Every sensation is important to the dining process. This means high quality audio is a critical element of the whole Chipotle experience.

Five years ago, Chipotle and technology design firm OneButton were focused on improving the restaurants’ component system to achieve heightened audio performance for customers.

“When we began exploring new options to bring a higher quality audio system into Chipotle locations, Klipsch speakers were on another level compared to previous systems,” said Matt Emmi, founder and CEO of OneButton. “Klipsch Heresy III speakers provide a precise yet powerful and efficient sound. Since they don’t require a subwoofer, they deliver sonic consistency across locations. Ultimately this provides an experience akin to an audiophile’s living room and represents a product that’s been made by hand in America for decades.”

The Klipsch Heresy III speaker was first introduced in 1957.

The Klipsch Heresy III speaker was first introduced in 1957.

Chipotle reached out to Klipsch’s pro engineer Roy Delgado before the project began to better understand how they could incorporate a retro-style speaker into their commercial environment.

“Chipotle approached us already as big Klipsch fans, especially Heresy III speaker fans and only wanted that speaker installed,” said Delgado. “They initially wanted to mount the speakers, but that would not work with the speaker’s design. So I found a cost-effective solution that would require them being embedded into the walls.

“Klipsch Heresy III speakers provide a precise yet powerful and efficient sound." said founder and CEO of OneButton, Matt Emmi.

“Klipsch Heresy III speakers provide a precise yet powerful and efficient sound.” said founder and CEO of OneButton, Matt Emmi.

All Chipotle restaurants designed since 2009 have an architectural element known throughout the organization as “the box”. This prominent architectural structure houses the beverage station, restrooms and conceals two to four Klipsch Heresy III speakers. The horn midrange, tweeter and conical bass driver are exposed through the wood via an embossed pattern, which follows the geometric lines initiated by drivers.

“We strive to use the architecture of each Chipotle restaurant to enhance the customer experience. We use these architectural elements to highlight the visual connection to the food, reinforce the queue and convey integrity by the use of simple materials used in exceptional ways. We pay close attention to every detail in the environment and that includes the speakers,” notes Mick McConnell, Director of Design for Chipotle.

It’s possible you have noticed that the Heresy III speakers are actually inverted with the woofer at the top. Klipsch systems engineer Trey Cannon explains the reason behind the inversion:

“The speakers may look upside down, but there are things one can do to give a speaker every chance to sound better. In this case, putting the woofer close to the ceiling is ideal. The ceiling provides a corner for the low sounds to reflect from. Like our founder Paul W. Klipsch said, ‘All speakers are corner speakers.’  This also places the mid-range and tweeter closer to the ear of the listener. Someone who cares about sound had a hand in this install.”

Chipotle's "box" design houses two Heresy III speakers at 400 locations nationwide.

Chipotle’s “box” design houses two Heresy III speakers at 400 locations nationwide.

Today, our high-performance Heresy III speakers are powering approximately 400 locations and delivering Chipotle’s curated playlists—straight from its own in-house DJ—Christopher Golub, in a way no other speakers can.

The team continues to implement the Klipsch sound signature not only in new Chipotle locations, but also in its ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen and Pizzeria Locale restaurants. Next time you pay one of these delicious spots a visit, take time to enjoy not only the food but also the ambiance created by Klipsch Audio.

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Klipsch Install Stories: Simulating Crowd Noise for the Colts

The Indianapolis Colts square off against the New England Patriots this Sunday in the AFC Championship with the winner earning the opportunity to play for the ultimate prize: the Super Bowl.

The road to being crowned champion of the world is filled with various obstacles – injuries, poor officiating, roster moves and, of course, the opponent.

The New England Patriots rampaged through the second part of the season to a 12-4 regular season weapon and are the pundits’ consensus to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Their record has given them the right to home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, providing them with a critical edge.

Home field is so important in sports like football because there is a great deal of communication that goes on during any game with coaches trying to talk to their quarterbacks who then have to relay the message to the 10 other players on the field.

The same goes on the other side of the ball, where defenders need to tell each other which spots to be in and what the offense is trying to do to them. If they fail, it’s going to be a long day ahead. In the playoffs, every play can be the difference between you going on vacation next week or to continue vying for the sport’s ultimate prize.

Klipsch brand ambassador Andrew Luck will have to deal with a hostile crowd in Foxboro that will do everything it can to prevent the former Stanford quarterback from reaching his first Super Bowl. All 60,000+ fans will scream, chant and shout all sorts of things when Luck tries to call out a plays to his teammates on top of the already impressive noise floor that is attached to any large-scale event.

It’s a hard to mimic that sort of crowd noise. You can’t just round up the interns and have them yell simultaneously.

Prior to the 2013 season, the Colts came to Klipsch with the goal of creating a speaker environment that could mimic any of their opponents’ home fields. The team has both indoor and outdoor facilities to prepare for the environment of their upcoming game, which makes sense seeing as how the team will face off versus teams who play in dome and those who battle beneath the sun.

Klipsch reworked the indoor practice field’s sound system using 18 KI-396 two-way flown loudspeakers coupled with six KPT-684 subwoofers, with both sets of product situated in a single-mount array.

Colts Crowd Noise Install Outdoors

To deliver a similar sound experience and replicate crowd noise for the outdoor fields, Klipsch engineered three custom, portable systems that can be cart-mounted and positioned around the relevant field. These systems were first-of-their-kind and each feature an array of four professional audio Tractrix horns. Klipsch’s renowned Tractrix horn systems allow the Colts to create powerful and detailed sound in a sprawling outdoor space.

“Sound is a major component of our daily practice routines,” said Pete Ward, chief operating officer with the Indianapolis Colts. “Klipsch loudspeakers work really well for us because they are highly efficient and deliver a very clean sound even at the high-volume levels we require. We’re thankful to our proud sponsor for a new setup that delivers a sound experience like nothing we’ve ever had before. ”

Contributing partners throughout the install included Indianapolis-based Advanced Residential and Commercial Electronics and Indy Cases.

Luck and his teammates can rest assured that they have received the best possible preparation for New England’s crowd.

Will the Colts win? We sure as heck don’t know, but it’s going to be fun to watch!

Klipsch Install Stories: Acme Feed & Seed

Klipsch is one of the few speaker companies that almost spans the entire audio equipment spectrum. Headphones, home theaters systems, outdoor, portable speakers, etc. However, you rarely hear about our professional installations and the technology that goes into providing the best listening experience for movie theaters, restaurants and all commercial properties in between.

To add to our repertoire of audio info, we will be including a new section the Klipsch Joint dubbed Klipsch Install Stories – chock-full of our professional products and the stories behind the commercial sound stages we are reinventing.

We begin our series with a story about enhancing the honky-tonk experience for a feed supply store-turned restaurant in Nashville.

Before Acme Feed & Seed opened its doors, it required a complete Klipsch install throughout the historic, four-story building. The restaurant owners tapped South Central AV for the job, and both parties immediately agreed that Klipsch speakers would be ideal for the job because of their high efficiency, low-distortion and musical sound.

Klipsch Install Stories: Acme Feed & Seed - The Klipsch Joint

Laying the groundwork for filling large spaces at Acme Feed & Seed


“Klipsch’s commercial speaker offering left us with a product that fit every need of the extensive project that spanned 22,000 square feet and required a different audio experience on each level,” said Kevin Ezzell, regional account manager for South Central AV. “The speakers sound remarkable in the space, whether used for background or semi-ground audio, and their team of engineers provided invaluable support and insight given the unique, old space that was being reinvented.”

“Klipsch speakers give us exactly what we need, which is an ideal musical atmosphere that incredibly enhances the dining experience,” said Carl Gatti, program director for Acme Feed & Seed.

Klipsch Install Stories: Acme Feed & Seed - The Klipsch Joint

The finished install.


Nashville has been quite the scene for Klipsch installs as of late. Multiple businesses have requested our superior audio engineering including Chef Johnathan Waxman‘s restaurant. Klipsch was also the official audio sponsor of this year’s Music City Food + Wine Festival, with our commercial speakers powering the DJ booth, tasting tents, cooking demonstrations, panel discussions and other festival programming.

Acme Feed & Seed and the entire Music City definitely know how to rock, and Klipsch is their answer.