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Klipsch at CES 2017: Recap

We kicked ass at CES this year, simple as that.  Klipsch raised the bar in every category. There was no competition. Nobody brought more passion and determination than our team.

Side Note: We are not sorry for all the booths we pissed off during our time at CES. We take pride in being the LOUDEST & PROUDEST

Below is a showcase of our kick ass booth and some my favorite products we featured at CES.

Klipsch Booth:  klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00015     klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00017
klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00053 klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00059 klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00060


The Fifteens:

Floorstanding Speakers

15826229_10154045287571345_5364546690826919882_n 15826921_10154045287576345_3056223373854051379_n 15873451_10154045287646345_9036254249106524700_n 15940439_10154045287726345_8640167957974104194_n 15965122_10154045287696345_5218262185011453710_n


The Forte III:

Floorstanding Speakers

15873565_10154041233991345_6040454612324465869_n 15823711_10154041233946345_970860456811716429_n 15871738_10154041233911345_5252556428146523672_n 15826540_10154041233851345_66555328644125094_n 15747326_10154041233846345_819078505014242025_n



Floorstanding Speakers
15826502_10154041521821345_7056812939319579205_n 15894826_10154041521816345_1299867746675070991_n 15826417_10154041521786345_8518717509594942401_n 15826846_10154041521776345_7574546724874249937_n


The Demi & The Two:

Table Top Stereo System


The Capitol One:

Klipsch X Capitol Records Collaboration



The Sixes:

Powered Monitor


Heritage HP Headphones:
15822862_10154041471326345_2142173789726390432_n 15873345_10154041471346345_8349093757973866791_n 15871688_10154041471411345_8063424268400908356_n


Forte Heritage Loudspeakers Clip:


Heritage Headphones Clip:

Visit Klipsch.com/CES for presskits to all the badass new products you’ve seen above.

What was your favorite Klipsch product shown off at CES 2017? Let us know in the comments!


What Makes Headphones Audiophile Approved?

Headphones have become as ubiquitous as the smartphones they’re connected to. Even if you’re a hardcore vinyl listener who eschews the terrible awfulness that is digital music (allegedly), you have to admit that the format is here to stay. Also, carrying that turntable around is a pain in the ass.

Just because you’re buying headphones, essentially little tiny speakers, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a quality product that makes your music sound great. It doesn’t take a professional audio geek to know to know what you need to look for in order to get a great set of headphones. Luckily, we know some of those so we can just ask them.

Don’t Use The Little White Earbuds

Are we all on the same page? Ok, cool, moving on…

Fit and Comfort

Believe it or not the single most important thing in a pair of headphones has nothing to do with any of the technical stuff. Are the headphones comfortable on your head, or do they clamp your head like a vice? Do your new earbuds fit well in your ears (if the tips are oval, they probably do)? There’s a very simple reason for this. If your headphones aren’t comfortable, then it really doesn’t matter how they sound, because you won’t be wearing them long enough to notice how great the music is.

The other reason that fit matters is that it has a real impact on the music you’re listening to. A set of in-ear headphones is designed to give you a tight seal between your ear canal and the outside world. If you don’t have that, then you’re losing a lot of your music. Low frequencies won’t come through properly. Finally, with bulky earbuds the sound will change dramatically from ear to ear as the fit will be inconsistent. To get the most out of your in-ear headphones they have to be small enough to fit into your ear canal as the engineers intended. Smaller in-ear headphones are often far better than larger ones.

View Klipsch Headphones Here


Headphone prices range from a couple of bucks to hundreds of dollars. The main difference between them is often in the guts within. Cheap headphones often have relaxed quality control; you can buy several pairs the same headphone and the volume won’t match between left and right or the two sides will sound quite different. Also, they often exhibit higher levels of distortion. Distortion happens when the speaker is pushed beyond its limits or has been manufactured with less precision and accuracy than its more expensive counterparts. Most headphones use standard dynamic drivers, which are essentially tiny versions of standard speakers. Like those larger speakers the material used and manufacturing quality will be the thing that determines the difference between a good headphone and a poor one. More expensive headphones will often have properly matched drivers with tighter quality control, ensuring the experience is the same every time you wear them and identical between manufacturing batches.

Balanced armature headphones use incredibly small drivers that are highly customizable due to their prevalent use in hearing aids, meaning that multiple speakers can actually be fit inside a small in-ear headphone. Just like a big tower speaker, having multiple speakers means that each one can be specialized and focus on what they’re good at. Smaller drivers also mean they can be universally positioned deep in the ear canal, putting you at the front of the stage.

audiophile headphones and guitar speaker

Bottom Line

Buying audiophile headphones isn’t as simple as buying the most expensive ones on the shelf. First, pick a brand that has headphones far above and beyond your budget (you don’t have to buy the most expensive ones), this will ensure that even the cheaper models have gone through stringent engineering and quality control. Next, it’s usually a good idea to try a set of headphones from a brand that builds speakers you like. The sound principles will be similar and so will the sound signature. Audio has always been somewhat subjective and headphones are no different. Finally, and most importantly, find the set that sounds good to you by purchasing more than one and returning the rest.

Klipsch’s Headphones Don’t Sacrifice Style for Quality

Headphones have come an awfully long way over the last several years. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that headphones were the purview of the serious audiophile, who had a high quality set permanently attached to the turntable. When dad had his headphones on, you didn’t bother him, he was busy doing important work. You could tell it was important because those headphones were freaking huge.

However, as time went on, and music became more portable, so did the headphones. Of course, those little foam ear pads sounded terrible. You still needed to buy the big bulky headphones if you wanted your music to sound halfway decent.

Listening on the go

Today, everybody carries their music with them and so everybody needs a pair of headphones. Technology has improved to the point that even small earbuds have the ability to give you quality sound. Klipsch has been a name in quality for 70 years so you know we can handle that side of the equation. However, now that we’re wearing headphones as often as we wear our favorite outfit, it’s important that the headphones look as good. Luckily, it’s no longer necessary to choose between the two. Finding stylish headphones that sound good is easy.

man wearing stylish good quality headphones

Stylish headphones, with good sound quality

Headphones have become a fashion accessory as much as they have a piece of audio equipment. While many scoff and this, there’s really nothing wrong with it. Just because you’re spending your cash on a set of headphones that sounds great doesn’t mean that you have to forego style Whether you’re hitting the gym, sitting on a plane, or just going for a walk, Klipsch headphones look like you’re serious about what you’re doing. Because you are.

The trick is to design a headphone where the form follows the function. Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips are designed to give you a better fit. That better fit means that your music sounds better, but it also means that you don’t have ugly round bulbs sticking out of your ears, so you look good too.

Too often people choose lesser headphones because they want something that has a certain look. You don’t need to make that choice. If you look in the right place you can actually find headphones were designed from the ground up to both look and sound good.

Best Headphones for College

There is a lot of noise in college. Heck, you might be the one creating the noise most of the time. Sometimes, you’ll just need to be in your world.

We’ve come up with a list of the best headphones for college that make sense whether you want to study in peace, relax or just block out the dang roommate.

If you don’t think you ever need to be quiet and just want to piss off your classmates, check out our list of the best speakers for college.

R6i-On-Ear-Life-5 social

Best Headphones for the Budget

Klipsch Reference R6 On-Ear Headphones

First things first, we recognize that college students are on a serious budget. Between tuition, room, books, food (and beer), there really isn’t a lot of money left over for actually nice things. College is freakin’ expensive.

While we may be biased, we certainly believe that a great pair of headphones is a useful complement to the college experience. The Reference R6 On-Ear headphones come in at $79.00 which is one of the very best values in Klipsch’s portfolio. They’re ultra comfortable, lightweight and, yes, they sound great too. Oh and their simple, yet elegant styling will pair well with just about anything you’ll be wearing, if that’s a concern of yours.

Honestly, we could have listed these headphones under any of the categories. They are extremely versatile and an excellent option for anyone who is on a tight budget.

Klipsch X11i Headphones Studying for College

Best Headphones for Studying in the Library

Klipsch X12i In-Ear Headphones

Maybe you’re a dedicated student who studies regularly or maybe it’s Wednesday and you just found out the final is Thursday. Either way, the award-winning Klipsch X12i headphones are the perfect match for you.

These fellas are crazy small, yet incredibly capable, offering the crispest of highs and deepest of lows. Their ultra-comfortable patented oval ear tips allow you to burn the midnight oil without skipping a beat.

Unlike many on-ear headphones, the unique seal created by the oval ear tips of Klipsch headphones doesn’t allow anything to leak out. This means that your fellow students in the library won’t have to hear the latest Taylor Swift banger that’s on your Spotify iTunes. (No judgements.)

Klipsch-R6-Black-2 2001x1125

Best Headphones for the Flight Home

Klipsch Reference R6 In-Ear Headphones

A lot of students attend out-of-state colleges, which requires flying to and from home every time the parents get sad that you have left the nest. Since this means traveling during the busiest travel times of the year including the dreaded Thanksgiving holiday, you’re going to need headphones that can be worn through all of the inevitable delays and cancellations.

Anyway, the Klipsch Reference R6 in-ear headphones fit the bill, offering remarkable comfort and best-in-class sound quality. They are also the most affordable option in the Klipsch lineup, making it easier to stomach if you accidentally leave them on the plane or at the gate.

One other thing to remember is that these headphones are incredible small which makes them easier to pack in your bag or stuff in your pockets compared to a pair of oversized on-ear or over-ear headphones.



Best Headphones for Hanging Out

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphones

There’s a fair amount of time to yourself in college, so you’ll be forgiving if sometimes you’re just messing around whether’s it’s checking out some new music, scrolling through YouTube videos or whatever. OK, so sometimes this lasts forever, but, hey, we’re with ya.

Thankfully, the Reference On-Ear headphones are so dang comfortable that you won’t ever have to take them off. They blend superior comfort and sound into one, making your music and movies sound better than ever.

Oh and you better believe our list of the best headphones for college won’t include anything that’ll make you look like a walking billboard. You’re welcome.

XR-8i Lifestyle 1 social

Best Headphones for Binge-Watching TV Shows and Movies

Klipsch Reference XR8i Hybrid In-Ear Headphones

For some reason or another, there are people who convinced that on-ear and over-ear headphones produce better and more bass than their in-ear counterparts.

To that, we say “hogwash.”  The Reference XR8i Hybrid headphones offer thunderous bass response thanks to its hybrid design. It features the bass of R6i’s custom 6.5mm dual magnet dynamic driver AND the exceptional tonal balance and high-frequency definition of the KG-723 balanced armature. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds.

What you’re going to get is a headphone that is exceptionally qualified to give you immense feedback. You’re going to feel the impact of those explosions from even the worst of B-movies on Netflix.

AS-5i Lifestyle 5 Social

Best Headphones for Working Out

Klipsch AS-5i All-Sport Headphones

Believe it or not, all of that alcohol you put in your system isn’t great for your body. Shocking, we know.

Luckily for you, the Klipsch AS-5i sport headphones will get you through your toughest workouts. Their secure fit design gently wraps around your ear for stable fit that won’t fall out. Plus, they’re sweat and moisture-resistant, meaning all of those toxins that you’re flushing out of your body aren’t going to disintegrate the headphones.

Yes, it’ll be tough to go the gym when there are a million other more fun things to do or endless assignments to tend to, but these headphones will make it worth it…and, dare we say, a little fun as well.

What do you think are the best headphones for college? What headphones did you use during college? 


Best Speakers and Headphones for Memorial Day Weekend

Before diving into things, we would be remiss not to mention that Memorial Day is ultimately about honoring those who lost their lives defending this country. We consider Memorial Day weekend a celebration of the lives we are allowed to live, thanks to the ultimate sacrifices they made.

It’s a time for friends, family and a whole lotta fun. Assuming the weather cooperates, we’re guessing most of you will be marauding around outside, forgetting to put on sun screen, grilling up various meats, and drinking too many “beverages” – oh wait, maybe that’s just us.

Anyway, music is likely going to be a big part of your weekend plans, so we’re here to help you figure out exactly what you need to quench your thirst for quality audio.

Groove Grill 1 social


Klipsch Groove Portable Speaker

It’s small. It’s rugged. It’s even splash proof. Oh, and it sounds great with an output that belies its stature. This is the speaker that your fun-loving self can beat up a little and it’ll keep on rockin’. Just set it down wherever, add your playlist and get back to grillin’, drinkin’ and whateverin’.

There are simply a myriad of reasons that make the Klipsch Groove an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker for Memorial Day weekend and all summer-long activities.

Klipsch Reference X-12i Lifestyle


Klipsch X12i Headphones

Klipsch’s headquarters are located just a few miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, so the Indy 500 holds a special place in our hearts, especially so since it is the race’s 100th anniversary. While we are quite proud to have Klipsch speakers installed at various locations around the track, we have to admit that there are times that call for headphones.

With their slim and lightweight aluminum casing, the Klipsch X12i in-ear headphones will let you hear all of the drivers on the radio with perfect clarity while blocking out the engine noise from the cars whizzing around the track. They also work great as earplugs too, if that’s more your speed.

Snakepit headphones 3 edited


Klipsch Reference R6 On-Ear Headphones (Snakepit Edition)

So, we’re showing favoritism toward Indianapolis once again, but here us out. The Snake Pit is essentially a giant mosh-pit for the concerts that occur before the running of the Indianapolis 500. It pretty dang wild. Anyway, we teamed up with the track’s organizers to come out with 100 of these custom headphones to celebrate the 100th running of the race.

If you don’t care about the Snake Pit or simply want something less flashy, you can always just get the standard black finish Reference R6 On-Ear headphones, which deliver amazing performance and comfort at a very palatable price.

 Reference R-15PM TV


Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitors

For whatever reason, the weather gods always seem to turn the sun up to 11 for Memorial Day weekend. It is totally understandable if you decide to duck inside, veg-out and watch “Shooter” on FX for the 100th time.

The R-15PM powered monitors are just so dang easy to set up and use that you won’t have to sweat it all – or, at least, you won’t be adding to the sweat that has already accumulated on your back, head and who knows where else. Just plug this versatile speaker pair into a turntable, TV, computer or cell phone and play.

Rock Speaker 1 social


Klipsch Outdoor Speakers

Let’s say you’re the person with a few acres of land, a sweet-ass pool, a shiny new grille and some wheelers idling on the side. (First of all, we get it. You’re awesome at life.) If this is indeed you, you’re likely going to be hosting a ton of summer parties and your guests are going to expect sound quality befitting the expansive property.

That’s where Klipsch comes in. We have the outdoor speakers to make your backyard into an audio oasis. Sure, the cops may swing by, thanks to the noise complaints but that’s nothing that $20 can’ fix. Oh, and you can be THAT guy that makes a bunch of terrible “rocks” puns too. Think about the possibilities…

What Klipsch speakers and headphones are you utilizing this Memorial Day weekend? Let us know in the comments!

Klipsch at CES 2016: Day 4

The final day of the Consumer Electronics Show is open to the public, which means that we were able to show off our latest and greatest headphones and speakers directly with the masses.

Before this post, we hadn’t spoken much about headphones but that’s because the whole booth is full of new product! For many of you, though, this will be a case of “saving the best for last.”

This will be our last daily recap from CES 2016, but we may just throw a few more surprises at you in an “Odds and Ends” blog post to wrap things up.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Over-Ear Bluetooth

Reference On-Ear Bluetooth

Everyone wants Bluetooth headphones, so we’re not going to be left out in the cord. We were able to add Bluetooth to the successful Reference On-Ear design. It’s like we just snipped off the cable. Of course, you can still use them if you forgot to charge them up – just plug in the cable.

Klipsch Reference Over-Ear CES

Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth

Yes, we are back in the over ear headphone game with the new Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones. We are adapting the ultra-comfortable Reference On-Ear design and making it into an over-ear design that doesn’t make you goofy like some of those other headphone manufacturers. The Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth will have a new driver technology, ensuring that you will get the very best in modern Klipsch acoustics.

Klipsch Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

Neckband In-Ear Bluetooth

One of the hottest segments in the headphone market is with the neckband form factor. The most popular existing offerings look and sound, quite frankly, foolish, so we’re here to change that. Look at that slick leather band! These headphones will feature a class-leading battery life and neck vibration for calls. Like the recently launched R6 Bluetooth, these headphones will feature aptX and AAC codecs, a multipoint connection, Micro-USB charging and are sweat-resistant. Disclaimer: design is subject to change.

R6 In-Ear Bluetooth

We also showed off the aforementioned R6 In-Ear Bluetooth headphones at CES 2016. These headphones are quickly becoming favorites of our staff and from the public alike. Using the R6’s best-in-class acoustics and a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, these headphones almost make too much sense for someone such as an urban commuter or someone who simply doesn’t want pesky wires anymore.

Reference X Series

Also recently launched, the Reference X Series represent the pinnacle in design and acoustics for Klipsch headphones. These headphones were in such hot commodity that we had to have someone stationed right by them the entire time, so none of them walked away from the booth.

Stay tuned for a few more tasty morsels from Klipsch at CES 2016 as well as a complete, all-encompassing recap of North America’s biggest trade show.

What is your favorite thing from Klipsch at CES 2016 on day four? Post in the comments below!



Klipsch Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Many of us are still scrambling around, looking for presents this holiday season. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a handy gift guide for the lucky people on your shopping list. (We won’t judge if you’re just treating yourself!)

These aren’t mere stocking stuffers, either, but rather certified kick-ass speakers and headphones that will definitely top that sweater grandma got you.

R6 In-Ear Bluetooth Image

Klipsch Reference R6 In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The latest headphone to enter the Klipsch lineup is the company’s first wireless in-ear headphone. The R6 In-Ear Bluetooth headphones boast the same, award-winning acoustics from the Reference R6 family of headphones, but doesn’t have to be connected to your phone. We all have our war stories about headphones cables, but that’s a thing of the past if you go with the latest addition to the Reference family.

Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Fact: people love getting Bluetooth speakers as Christmas presents. They are just supremely useful to have around. The Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker is no different…Well, except that it sounds amazing and isn’t an off-the-factory-shelf model that others seem to be pushing this holiday season. Put it by the pool, bring it on a trip or plop it around the house to enjoy the legendary Klipsch sound you may be used to from the company’s larger speakers.

ProMedia-BT-1 social

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speakers

Whether you go for the wireless or the wired version of the ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers, you are getting an outstanding audio performer. Time after time, these bad boys win best-in-class awards from websites and publications all over the world. Simply put, you’re not going to find anything that sounds better at this borderline-crazy price point.

Klipsch Reference R-4B Design

Klipsch Reference R-4B Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer

Coming in as the most affordable option in the Klipsch soundbar lineup is the Reference R-4B soundbar + wireless subwoofer. Despite its affordable price tag, this soundbar still boasts the punch and dynamics you would expect from a Klipsch product. This is perfect for the person who is looking to upgrade their TV’s sound.

RF-7 II Cherry Image

Klipsch Reference RF-7 II Floorstanding Speakers

Too big to put under a tree, the Reference RF-7 II floorstanding speakers are the mother of all holiday gifts. Each speaker is handcrafted in Hope, Arkansas complete with dual 10” Cerametallic woofers and Tractrix horns. These speakers aren’t for the timid. Go big or go home this holiday season.

Be sure to check out www.Klipsch.com/specials for limited time deals that we are offering through the holiday season and beyond.

Did you already buy something awesome? Let us know what in the comments below!


What’s New With The Klipsch Reference X Series Headphones

The new Klipsch Reference X Series headphones are here! Not to toot our own horn, but they’re awesome. Really, really awesome.

Yes, we’re definitely going to be touting our own horn a bunch in this blog post, but trust us, the new X Series headphones are a leap forward. No bullshit.

The previous X Series, which consisted of the X4i, X7i and X11i, was no slouch either. These award-winning headphones earned high marks across the board from reviewers for both their design and sound quality.

It was certainly a tall task for Klipsch engineers and designers to outdo themselves, but as they always seem to do, they succeeded. This new X Series is much more of a family of products, offering clear differentiation between the price points. We have also listened to YOU, making logical improvements that will surely bring a smile to your face.

So, what’s new with the new Klipsch Reference X Series headphones? Buckle up…

Klipsch X Series Headphones Comparison


We are very proud to introduce the X6i, XR8i, X12i and X20i in-ear headphones. Each headphone represents what we believe to be best-in-class design and acoustics. See the chart above for a technical comparison between the models.

Klipsch Reference X Series Packaging


We listened to your feedback. Many of you complained that the previous generation of X Series headphones was difficult to open. We altered and improved the packaging to be practically museum-grade. The X20i even comes in a wood case. (More on this later in the blog.)


If you think that all headphone cables are created equal, you would be wrong.

The brand new Klipsch Reference cable shows exposed copper through a smoked jacket. Its heavy gauge wire is not only more reliable but also more efficient. Before you ask, yes, the cables for all the new X Series headphones are tangle-resistant.

We also took the time to create an even smaller, better performing microphone. Conversations will be clearer. No more holding the microphone right up to your lips. This is a truly hands-free microphone.


When the legendary Klipsch Reference Series of speakers launched, it was the first speaker to have our trademark copper cones. They are different. They are bold. They are awesome. Copper is our color.

Since these new X Series share the same sonic signature, we gave these headphones a few tasteful copper accents.


You may have seen black ear tips on a few of our models in the past, but we’ve primarily stuck with the clear look for our patented oval ear tips. Black ear tips are back in a big way. There’s no acoustical difference with the color change, but they look even more bad-ass this way.

Klipsch Reference X-6i Lifestyle 2


The goal of the X6i headphone was to make something that sounded almost as good as the award-winning X11i headphone but at half the price. We shot for the stars.

The X6i uses the KG-723 full range balanced armature driver which favorite of the headphone engineering team, thanks to its vocal clarity and high frequency response. We actually flipped the orientation of this driver 45 degrees from previous models, so that the X6i headphones can have a super slim design, fitting perfectly in almost ear shapes.

Entry level. Schmentry level.

XR-8i Lifestyle 1 social


The XR8i hybrid headphone is a big ol’ boy. There is no hiding that. It’s added fat is there for good reason, though.

We have added a true downward-firing subwoofer to extend authentic bass into the single-digit frequencies. You are going to notice a dramatic difference in performance, particularly when watching movies and listening to electronic music.

Of course, we didn’t sacrifice fit. Between the oval shape of the front housing, the offset nozzle and the tapered bottom portion of the headphone, the XR-8i looks big, but fits small.

Klipsch Reference X-12i Lifestyle


Remember when we said that we listen to you? Once again, we took customer feedback regarding the X10i/X11i. The X12i is still ultra light, still made from aluminum, but the addition of new Reference cable and microphone creates a design that makes it far harder to damage your audio investment.

Klipsch Reference X-20i In-Ear Headphones Lifestyle 2


The addition of a “Super Tweeter” to the X12i’s already excellent driver allowed us to focus on content below 7 kHz, where it sounds best, while also doing it with even less distortion. Simply put, the highs are going to be better than anything you’ve heard before

Klipsch Reference X-20i Connector


The X20i boasts SSMCX connectors, which give one the ability to change cables or have the product more easily, serviced by simply unscrewing the cables. Again, this is something customers requested and we have responded.


Exclusive to the X-20i, we have created the most comfortable ear-tips ever. They’re even more oval than our normal patented oval ear tips, allowing you to listen for hours on end without discomfort. Don’t be afraid of in-ear headphones. They’re your friends.

Klipsch Reference X20i Case 1


The X20i comes with a genuine leather wallet that houses both the headphones and your cards, cash, etc. Handy, right? The X20i also comes in a wooden case because as you have already read (hopefully), this is a headphone worth putting up on a pedestal.


Have any questions about the new Klipsch Reference X Series in-ear headphones? Post them in the comments below!

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphones

Our fundamental goal in the development of Reference On-Ear headphones was to set the benchmark, raise the bar and implement the Klipsch Reference sound signature into an on-ear headphone. What we developed is the most comfortable fit and natural sounding headphone in its category. Reference On-Ear transparently represents everything Klipsch stands for.


Unlike most headphones in the category, Reference On-Ear headphones simply disappear from the stage and put the music in your head. The frequency response curve is smooth and accurate, with no spikes in bass, midrange or high frequencies.


Klipsch’s custom 40mm driver is the perfect size for an on-ear. Any smaller and distortion-free bass is hard to come by. Any larger, and it’s too big for comfort and higher frequencies start to roll off unless completely enclosed by an over-ear cup.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear - The Klipsch Joint

A closer look at Reference On-Ear headphones’ custom full-range neodymium driver.



By accurately presenting the transition from bass to midrange and not boosting the lower octave of instrument frequencies, Reference On-Ear headphones create great balance in transition to midrange frequencies. This allows for a natural smoothness in lower notes played by a bass guitar and vocals that are forward and complete.


Reference On-Ear headphones deliver tight bass through a combination of components. The full-range 40mm driver, premium acoustic foam and a transparent wrap equate to accurate bass.


The 15mm deep ear cushions accommodate all ear sizes and favored positions. Narrow cushions are comfortable for a small range of ears as the way the headphone is worn will govern the amount of pressure applied to different parts of the ear. Deep ear cushions and narrow ear cups mean the majority of the headphone acts like a pillow and helps Reference On-Ear headphones stay comfortable for long listening sessions.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear - The Klipsch Joint

Klipsch Reference On-Ear headphones’ ultra-comfortable, deep ear cushions.


Arguably the most important component in proper sound and fit is the foam that rests between the driver and your ears. It’s objective is to create the necessary front volume to give the driver room to breathe and to funnel sound directly into your ear canal. Competitors make sacrifices here by using low-density (basically packaging) foam. Low-grade foam has a very fast rebound when pressed and leaks sound in all directions. High-density foam has slow recovery and very good acoustic properties.


For an optimal listening experience, secure fit and maximum comfort, the headband’s clamp force must be equally distributed on your head. In order to achieve the best fit, the top of your head must help absorb the force used to keep the headphones on your ears. Reference On-Ear headphones use additional padding under the headband to create a comfortable damper and equal pressure distribution throughout the headphone.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear - The Klipsch Joint

Padded headband and optimal clamp-force distribute the weight evenly on your head.



The next fundamental component for acoustic transparency and comfort is the protein-enhanced polypropylene wrap. The amount of sound the outer wrap passes through is vital to midrange and high frequencies. Through engineering, we have maximized the amount of openness the wrap provides while decreasing the amount of sound leaked outside your ears. This is evident through the egg-shape of the ear cushion which mimics the ear’s size and shape. This anatomical composition follows our famous oval ear tips design.

Multiple components of Reference On-Ear add up to a headphone that can be comfortably worn for hours. Oftentimes, the most comfortable position to wear on-ear headphones is not the best position for optimum acoustics. Reference On-Ear addresses that by having a combination of 360° ear cup articulation, deep ear cushions, hidden head band extension, and extra padding in the headband.

The mechanism for expanding and contracting the length of the headband is hidden from view. Reference On-Ear headphones fit a full gamut of different head sizes and has a wide range of extension for both the largest and smallest heads. Hiding the mechanism improves not only the look but also the reliability of the components within.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear - The Klipsch Joint

Reference On-Ear hidden headband extension.



Reference On-Ear headphones collapse into a small form ideal for travel.

Reference On-Ear - The Klipsch Joint

Reference On-Ear collapsable design for easy storage and travel.



The jacquard monogramed travel pouch is padded to take advantage of the protection typically only provided by a hard case and compact form factor only available from a soft cloth bag.


Reference On-Ear uses an Apple-approved headphone remote and microphone that is compatible with all Apple devices. Other devices are compatible for audio only and partial functionality of the remote.

Reference On-Ear Control - The Klipsch Joint

Multi-purpose control pad for accepting/hanging up calls, volume control, and music selection.


Check out the Reference On-Ear demo playlist from Spotify put together by Vlad Grodzinskiy – Klipsch Sr. Product Manager and the brains behind Reference On-Ear. Use the playlist as a reference, but be sure to grab the songs in high resolution to get the most out of the music.

You can purchase the Reference On-Ear headphones today at klipsch.com.