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Best Speaker Systems for the Super Bowl

Whether or not you like football, you’re probably going to end up watching the Super Bowl as the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers square off on Sunday, February 7. It’s one of the greatest spectacles in television from excessive press coverage, to commercials and, of course, the most important football game of the year.

Most Super Bowl party hosts only think about the size of their television when dreaming up the perfect setup for their guests. Obviously, your TV is an important component; however, it should not be your only concern. There is the seating, food and, of course, the audio to think about.

Don’t settle for the run-of-the-mill Super Bowl audio experience. You don’t want 20 of your guests leaning in to hear whether the play will be overturned or what the guy says to the adorable lost puppy in the beer commercial. Make sure every bit of dialogue is clean, crisp and that you practically feel every bone-crunching hit.

Below are some of our suggestions for the best speaker systems for the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is broadcast in 5.1-surround sound; meaning that there are quite a few options you can go with.

Klipsch Reference R-4B Design

Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer

This is the quickest and easiest solution to upgrade your Super Bowl sound. Most soundbars provide a plug-and-play solution that is a significant upgrade over your TV’s crappy small, thin built-in speakers. Also, an included wireless subwoofer will add significant impact to your listening experience.

Thankfully, Klipsch has a variety of options depending on your price point. If you want to go all out, choose the Reference R-20B. Looking to overspend on snacks and adult beverages? Check out the uber-obtainable Reference R-4B. In between those two options is the excellent Reference R-10B.

Reference Luck

Traditional 5.1 Speaker Systems

We’re based in Indianapolis, so we have to admit that it is a total bummer that Klipsch Brand Ambassador Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts are not in the Super Bowl. Anyway, with a traditional, passive 5.1 speaker system, you’re going to have to run some wires and utilize an audio-video receiver (AVR), but your system will be the envy of all of your family and friends, including your neighbor Ron who brags about the dinky little satellite speakers he has hanging from the ceiling.

Whether it’s the Palladium, Reference Premiere or Reference series, Klipsch has plenty of kick-ass 5.1 systems to choose from that deliver room-rattling sound. Of course, if space is a concern, you may want a slimmer design like something from the flat panel Gallery series. The choice is yours.

Reference Premiere HD Wireless RP-440WF RP-440WC RP-110SW

Wireless Home Theater

OK, so Reference Premiere HD Wireless speaker aren’t available until after the big game; however, it’s going to be an excellent option for football fans across the country (and planet). Simply plug the speakers in the wall and set their positions using the one-button system on the back panel and you’re good to go. That means you can crack open a tasty beverage and it’ll still be ice cold by the time you’re finished setting up your new system. Plus, the lack of speaker wire for the surround speakers means that guests won’t potentially be tripping over any wires.

From 2.0 to 5.1 and beyond, any of the nearly endless configurations of the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system will be suitable for the big game. To get the full effect of the crowd noise, we would recommend a 5.1 system but the 2.0 setup provides a surprising amount of thump.

Klipsch Gate Powergate 1 social


If you happen to have a lot of guests over, chances are they will be wandering around your place and drifting into other rooms whether you like it or not. With the upcoming Klipsch Gate and Powergate amplifiers, you can turn your existing passive or powered Klipsch speaker system into a multi-room system, so that these transient people don’t miss a second of the action.

What is your speaker setup for the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments!





Hosting a Super Bowl Party: 101

Football party curriculum does not require you to have an event planning degree or a flair for decorating. All you need are these 5 essentials.

So take your mind off the controversy surrounding the big game and focus on what matters most – throwing a kickass Super Bowl party.

1. Food

Unless Bobby Flay is invited, you can quit stressing over the quality of food – especially the finger food. Bowl game etiquette mandates that store-bought chips, salsa, nacho cheese, mini sausages, meatballs and other finger foods are completely acceptable. But as a host, the unwritten rule is to provide a substantial, homemade entree to soak up the beer.

Here are some quick and easy ideas from allrecipies.com that any novice cook can prepare:

2. Drinks

Beer is the universal language. We recommend you get some of your favorite ale (be sure to hide a few in your fridge’s vegetable drawer for safe keeping) and a few different variations so your guests can select their suds of preference. Not everyone likes uber-hoppy beer… but we do, especially our friends at Sun King Brewery’s Osiris.

Since the big game falls on a Sunday, most attendees will be driving later that evening. It would also be wise to have some non-alcoholic beverages on hand like lemonade, soda and good ol’ hydrating water.

Klipsch and Sun King Brewery Osiris - The Klipsch Joint

Craft beer, football and a solid home theater setup. This is what we live for.

3. Provision Placement

It doesn’t matter what TV you have or how great your setup is, if the snacks are in front of the TV you’re going to be bobbing and weaving to try and see around the friend who is too intoxicated or slow to understand that dipping his chips is not more crucial than the 3rd and goal play.

Place all snacks on a table outside your seating area and provide plates, silverware and napkins. This will avoid anyone taking one chip dip, a single carrot or handful of cashews at a time. Requiring your guests to get up for their snacks will limit the interruptions.

The same goes for drinks. Keep the libations away from the viewing area. And to further avoid football disturbances, when you do get up – ask if anyone wants a drink and bring them back for the group. It’ll seem like you’re being a good host, but we know the truth behind the kind gesture.

4. TV

You don’t have to own a 110” UHD television to qualify as a Super Bowl host (but if you have a friend that does – you might want to consider going to their place for the game).

However, you do need to have something that a group of people can sit in front of and not miss out on the action. Here is a little guide to TV size vs. viewers:

32”: Up to 4 Viewers

40”: 5 – 8 Viewers

50”: 9 – 12 Viewers

60”: 13 – 16 Viewers

70”: 17 – 22 Viewers

80”: 23 – 28 Viewers

How to Host a Super Bowl Party - The Klipsch Joint

The right size TV and sound system are key to a killer Super Bowl party.

5. Sound

Not everyone can afford a Super Bowl ticket. And the truth is a lot of tickets to the big show cost as much, if not more, than a quality sound system.

You can really enhance the football experience with a 5.1 surround system (we recommend our new Reference Premiere line). Every helmet hit, tackle and sideline expletive will be loud and clear. It’ll sound like you’re at the game and your guest will demand you host another super bowl party or movie night.

The Klipsch Stadium Before the Stadium

The Klipsch STADIUM is ready to fire up the Colts.

The Klipsch STADIUM is ready to fire up the Colts.

The sounds of a football stadium are unmistakable on gamedays. The booming PA, the barking vendors, the crunching tackles and cheers and groans from the thousands of spectators.

Take a step back and you realize that playing professional football is just as mental as it is physical. The endless strings of coaches on the sideline aren’t there as models for their fancy logo’d windbreakers.

The scheming, diagnosing and planning involved in each game is a monumental team effort that goes into effect as soon as the previous game of the effort.

When the Indianapolis Colts are on the road, the team has one final preparatory session the night before they take the field. Fifty-three players ranging from 190 to 350 pounds and their coaches gather in one of the hotel’s oversized meeting rooms

It’s there where the Colts video crew plays a montage motivational highlights for the team. The goal is to fire them up and lock them in to the task ahead of them.

To sufficiently fire up over 50 grown men in an extremely large room, the Colts needed a speaker that they can rock the house AND be portable enough to bring on the road.

The Colts first tried out the Klipsch KMC 3 portable speaker, but the team wanted something even louder. Just like what they expect out of the players on the field, they wanted the best. They needed the Klipsch STADIUM.

With over 400 watts of peak system power and state-of-the-art Tractrix® Horns, the Klipsch STADIUM delivers the power, detail and emotion the team needs.

“These speakers sounded amazing especially in the large meeting rooms at the hotel. The sound was rich, full and the bass pounded even in the back of the room. The players commented that the sound was AWESOME,” said Colts video director Erik Kunttu.

This final film session with the team is highly secretive. In fact, it is so secretive that photos are not allowed.

All of this preparation culminates on Sundays, where Klipsch brand ambassador Andrew Luck (and next season, Robert Mathis) put all their knowledge to the test.

Klipsch takes great pride in providing sound solutions for our hometown Indianapolis Colts.