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Five Great Venues to Experience Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

The atmosphere. It’s something that surrounds us. That makes it an apt namesake for Dolby’s revolutionary 3D sound system – Atmos. It’s the most revolutionary thing to happen in home theater since surround sound. Traditional surround sound setups envelope the listener at or near ear-level, making for a 360º aural experience. Dolby Atmos® surround sound ups the ante by adding a third dimension, adding sound speakers above the listener.

It’s more than just adding another layer of speakers, however. Dolby Atmos is object oriented; rather than directing a given sound to a certain audio channel, it treats the sound as an object, which can be placed anywhere in the 3D space with pinpoint accuracy. It’s the most immersive sound experience available. For example, a helicopter passing overhead in a film can actually be heard overhead in addition to the sound coming from the front, side, or rear.

Dolby Atmos is still a relatively new technology, as it’s only about four years old and does require Dolby Atmos-enabled equipment. Its availability is becoming more and more common, both in public theaters and nightclubs and in personal home theaters. As a premium sonic experience, many theaters are now using the technology in their flagship, luxury locations. While Dolby Atmos is a worthy experience just about anywhere, here are five of the best Dolby Atmos-equipped locations you can currently experience this next-generation technology.

Dolby Theater Los Angeles Social

1. The Dolby Theater, Los Angeles

When it comes to Dolby Atmos surround sound, the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles is the O.G. 3D audio venue. The venue is best known as the home to the annual Oscars ceremony, which it has hosted since 2002 (the theater itself opened in 2001 as the Kodak Theater). It also happens to be the place where Dolby Laboratories premiered Pixar’s Brave using Dolby Atmos technology with its grand opening under Dolby ownership. The opulent furnishings in the theater are now matched by state-of-the-art sound, which the theater employs with regular movie showings along with special events.

Ministry of Sound social

2. Ministry of Sound, London

Who says Atmos is only for movies? The object-oriented, three-dimensional sound holds tremendous potential for innovative music experiences as well. London nightclub Ministry of Sound – which is really a multifaceted company that includes a magazine and music label in addition to its club – has teamed up with Dolby Studios to produce what they are touting as “The World’s First Surround Sound Dance Floor.” In addition to enabling their sound system with Dolby Atmos technology, they have added 60 speakers to their existing system and scheduled a series of dates with electronic artists who will be able to manipulate their sound in full 3D across 22 channels.

Cine Capri

3. Cine Capri Theaters

It’s fitting that the main Cine Capri Theater is located in Phoenix since it rose from the ashes of a beloved cinema that was demolished years earlier. Now with five locations in four states, the operating Cine Capri Theaters are remakes of the original Cine Capri Theater, which operated from 1964 to 1998, when it was torn down. The new cinemas have enormous 30′ x 70′ screens, 600 seats and 40,000 watts of Dolby Atmos surround sound. Their gold waterfall drapes are a direct reproduction of the furnishings at the original theater. Each showing begins with a dramatic unveiling of the screen.


4. AMC ETX Theaters

Somewhere between conventional cinema and the IMAX experience is AMC’s Enhanced Theater Experience (ETX). Available at 12 locations in seven states, the ETX theaters offer Dolby Atmos surround sound along with an extra large, IMAX-like screen and a beefed-up sound system. “We believe our guests… will walk away with a new perception of how movies should be delivered,” said John McDonald, executive vice president of AMC U.S. operations, via a press release on the ETX theaters.


5. Cinetopia

A utopia is an imaginary place where everything is perfect. Cinetopia, a group of four cinema-centric developments in the Pacific Northwest and Kansas, aspires to perfection not just in sight and sound, but as an entire experience. The theaters involve state-of-the-art sound, provided by a Klipsch KPT-MCM-4-T Grand four-way speaker system, along with projection and luxurious seating. Several of the locations include extra features like wine bars and art galleries. Their GXL Theater at their Vancouver, Washington location also incorporates Dolby Atmos surround sound, along with a 70′ screen and extra-wide reclining leather seats.

While experiencing Dolby Atmos sound with a massive set of speakers in a commercial venue can be an exhilarating experience, you can also recreate the experience in your very own home theater. To set one up, you need to have a Dolby Atmos-enabled receiver and speakers that are installed in the ceiling or ones that remain on the floor and project the overhead sounds at the ceiling.

Klipsch has just the speakers that fit the bill, too – the Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers offer an exceptional sound experience when coupled with a Dolby Atmos-enabled receiver. If you’re concerned about having to install speakers in your ceiling, that won’t be an issue – the Dolby Atmos Reference Premiere speakers incorporate elevation speaker technology that projects the overhead sound from your floorstanding speaker onto the ceiling, giving you the immersive Dolby Atmos® experience right in your home.

What do you think is the best venue for Dolby Atmos® surround sound? Add your pick in the comments below!

Top 10 Dolby Atmos Movies of 2015

In 2015, we saw a slew of new speakers that could bring Dolby Atmos sound into the home. Even better, we saw a ton of Dolby Atmos-enabled Blu-rays that you could actually enjoy on those new equipment purchases.

If you aren’t familiar with Dolby Atmos, know that it’s an “object-based” sound format that can deliver a whole new dimension to your movie-watching. Most audio formats assign sound to channels in your system, but with Dolby Atmos, content creators can actually assign it to objects on-screen. That means spaceships will sound like they are flying overhead, from one end of the room to the other. You know, like actual spaceships. Of course, it works on birds, helicopters, explosions, and so much more. Dolby Atmos movies provide the most immersive viewing experience you can have at home, with sound coming from every angle—including above.

To experience Dolby Atmos movies, you will need an AV receiver that can decode the format, as well as additional speakers. Dolby recommends several different options to set up an Atmos system, including the installation in-ceiling speakers; however, there are also Atmos-enabled models that can process the format, without having to be placed on the ceiling. For instance, the Klipsch RP-140SA elevation channel speaker can sit atop any flat speaker (or surface) and project the audio to make it sound like it’s overhead, without having speakers that are actually over your head. There are also speakers like the Klipsch RP-280FA floorstanding speaker, which features a built-in elevation channel.

While your old Blu-ray player will work fine with Dolby Atmos, not every Blu-ray comes packing that type of format. There are so many good ones, though.

It should be noted that some Dolby Atmos-enabled receivers have the capability to improve ALL of your content, not just specifically encoded materials, thanks to “upmixing.” Upmixing allows you to hear height/elevation effects, creating a much more immersive, true-to-life experience versus traditional surround sound. This isn’t gimmicky technology. You will notice the benefits immediately. It will reinvigorate your existing movie collection, television programs, video games, and music collection.  

Need a reason to upgrade? Take a peek at some of the best Dolby Atmos movies from 2015.


If you haven’t experienced Dolby Atmos movies at home, this should be the first disc that you purchase. After all, the blockbuster took home multiple Oscars, including ones for Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Music (Original Score). In other words, you should know that it’s going to be one that will blow you away, from an audio standpoint. That’s a good thing too, since Sandra Bullock and an immersive audio track are basically the main focus of the movie. Released in 2015, the Gravity: Diamond Luxe Edition is gripping from beginning to end. That opening scene alone should be enough to hook you, but the aforementioned score, the explosions, and plenty of other atmospheric effects are pretty cool as well.

Mad Max: Fury Road

This isn’t just your average reboot. This one was helmed by George Miller, the same guy who directed Mel Gibson in the first three installments of the Mad Max saga. The faces may look a little different here, but this movie shows that the franchise hasn’t missed one maniacal beat. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron fight across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to stay alive and protect some precious cargo. All the while, the Dolby Atmos track is assaulting you (in a good way!) with crazy cars, flying motorcycles, explosions, gunfire, and flailing guitar solos. It’s not just one of the best Dolby Atmos movies out there, but it’s one of the best films of 2015—and has an Oscar nomination to prove it!

American Sniper

Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated look at the life of Chris Kyle is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Some of that is due to Bradley Cooper, who perfectly plays the late U.S. Navy SEAL. Of course, it also has to do with the suspense and action in the film, which is backed up by an awesome, demo-worthy Dolby Atmos track. Rolling tanks, gunshots, and explosions come from every angle, but that climactic sandstorm scene is the one that will get your adrenaline (and your AV system) pumping.

Enchanted Kingdom

From the people who gave us BBC Earth and Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, this BBC joint probably isn’t too well known to U.S. audiences—at least the ones without Dolby Atmos. That said, it features Idris Elba narrating an up-close peek at seven realms of Africa. The film also has some incredible AV, which includes eye-popping 3D effects. Of course, the Dolby Atmos track is the icing on the cake here, with spewing volcanoes, rumbling thunderstorms, crashing waterfalls, and immersive wildlife. It just may be closest you’ll ever get to the African jungle (and in some cases, the closest you’ll ever want to be).

Game of Thrones

Did you know that TV shows can benefit from Dolby Atmos as well? Well, not just any TV shows. To date, this is the only show that features a Dolby Atmos track—and it will completely spoil you. The action, the sights, the sounds, and the acting are all very elaborate on this show, so it makes sense that it would get the best-of-the-best when it comes to the sound. In 2015, HBO re-released the first two seasons as Steelbook Collector’s Sets, each with a new Dolby Atmos track. Whipping winds, bloody battles, blood-curdling screams, the occasional dragon swooping in, and even the show’s theme song all sound stellar, thanks to the addition of that extra dimension.


Believe it or not, a movie about the 1996 Mount Everest disaster is exactly the type of movie you want getting the Dolby Atmos treatment. It’s filled with famous faces, emotion, and action. Even better, it’s filled with tons of overhead sound effects. There are helicopters flying around, howling winds, thunder, and even falling snow that seems a bit too close for comfort. The big storm is definitely the highlight here. It’s sad, scary, and exactly the type of scene you want to have on hand for showing off just how awesome it is to have a Dolby Atmos system.


It’s nice to see Emily Blunt in such a kick-ass role, especially when backed by a cast that includes both Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro. This critically acclaimed drama finds the three fighting in the war against drugs, but all is not what it seems to be. There are plenty of interesting twists and turns, but even better, a lot of great Dolby Atmos sound. It may not be as immersive as the last one on our list, but Sicario definitely has plenty of explosive moments and atmospheric sounds to immerse the listener. Heck, even some of the quieter, suspenseful scenes make this one a real standout for our list.

San Andreas

This may not be a great movie, but it’s a great example of how Dolby Atmos sound can elevate an entire movie. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a likable fireman, who wants to save his family from a natural disaster. It’s got helicopters, crashing glass, crunching metal, blaring sirens, and crumbling buildings aplenty. It also has the immersive rumble of earthquakes. Plus, about every two minutes, someone or something is falling, so don’t be surprised if you spend most of this movie’s 114-minute runtime ducking for cover.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

This fifth installment in the MI franchise has Tom Cruise out to protect the world and his band of merry IMF misfits. It’s a surprisingly, super-fun adrenaline rush with an excellent soundtrack. It’s not exactly a non-stop barrage like San Andreas—and that’s okay. Instead, this track uses those height effects wisely, packing a punch only when necessary. The heavily hyped scene that has Cruise hanging from the side of a plane is worth the purchase price all on its own, but there are plenty of other thunderous effects, including car crashes, gunfire, immersive opera music, and one killer scene with some immersive Halo 5 gaming action.

The Fifth Element

So technically, this isn’t a 2015 movie; it’s not even movie from this decade. However, it is one of the biggest sci-fi cult classics, and often the first movie that Blu-ray fans reach for when demo time comes around. In 2015, Sony released the “Cinema Series” version, which adds in Dolby Atmos sound—and it’s simply mind-blowing. The studio actually managed to take a demo-worthy movie and make it even better, thanks to spaceships, explosions, music, and more, all with the magic of Dolby Atmos.

Upcoming Dolby Atmos Movies

Looking for even more Dolby Atmos movies to enjoy? Dolby and major movie studios are announcing new Atmos-enabled Blu-ray titles all the time. We’re still frothing at the mouth for Game of Thrones Steelbook Collector’s Editions for seasons 3, 4, and 5. Those are expected at some point, but don’t have exact release dates just yet.

This year, several companies are planning to re-release movies in the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray format, complete with Dolby Atmos audio. A few interesting selections worth the AV upgrade include Sicario (March 1, 2016), Ender’s Game (March 1), and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (date TBD). Otherwise, we can expect Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea to rock the room with Dolby Atmos sound on March 8, with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 franchise finale to follow on March 22.

Of course, while you wait for new discs, you can actually stream Dolby Atmos movies through VUDU. The streaming service currently has several 4K-enabled movies available for streaming with Dolby Atmos. That lineup includes several of the titles out on Blu-ray, as well as others like Man of Steel, Edge of Tomorrow, Pacific Rim, Entourage, and more.

Get Ready!

Before you start collecting movies, you’re going to need to upgrade your equipment. A Dolby Atmos-enabled receiver is an absolute necessity. There are several models available, from different manufacturers at various price points.

Of course, you’ll also need the speakers.  If you aren’t looking for reasons to get up on a ladder, Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos-Enabled speakers can add this exciting technology  into almost home theater setup.

As mentioned earlier, the Klipsch RP-140SA elevation speaker can add Dolby Atmos sound capabilities to your current passive speakers. The company’s Reference Premiere RP-280FA floorstanding speaker packs that module right into the RP-280F floorstanding speaker for a complete sound solution. And rounding out the setup is the Reference Premiere RP-450CA, which matches the special finishes of the RP-280FA speakers.

While Dolby does not yet certify architectural speakers as Atmos-enabled speakers, many in-ceiling speakers match their specs. Any of the Klipsch in-ceiling speakers will do the trick, including the CDT-5650-C II and CDT-5800-C II in-ceiling speakers, two particularly great speakers for Dolby Atmos because of their Controlled Dispersion Technology.

Consult Dolby.com for a list of compatible makes and models of equipment, as well as speaker configurations and installation tips. You won’t want to miss out on the next true revolution in home theater sound since surround sound.

What were you favorite Dolby Atmos movies of 2015? Post your opinion in the comments below!

Klipsch in 2015: A Year in Review

Without question, someone around you is going remark about how quickly the year by. It may be cliché, but it sure as heck went by fast for all of us here at Klipsch.

In 2015, we launched several products and initiatives that will serve as cornerstones of the company for years to come whether it be the partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or the introduction of the reimagined Reference Premiere series.

So, here are just a few of the Klipsch highlights from the year that was 2015.

Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers Father's Day

Reference Premiere

The previous Reference II generation is practically iconic. It’s big sound and black and copper design caused CNET to dub the RF-62 II the “equivalent of a 1970s American muscle car — big, fun and brash.” It was going to take a whole lot of engineering know-how and experimentation to adequately replace this line that served as the Klipsch core for five years.

Boy, did we ever do it. Redesigned, reimagined and revolutionary, Reference Premiere speakers are some of the most musical speakers we have made. They are neatly refined and incredibly efficient while still having the earth-shaking sound that one expects from a company that has a long-standing tagline of “Pissing Off The Neighbors.”

Bill Withers and John Legend at the Rock Hall

Inductee Bill Withers (left) and John Legend (right) performed three of Withers’ most beloved songs.

Rock Hall Induction Ceremony

In 2015, Klipsch became the first-ever presenting sponsor of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. That is kind of a big deal. It is a huge honor for us to be part of the honoring of the greatest rock and roll musicians of all time.

At the 2015 Induction Ceremony in Cleveland, we, along with millions across the world, were treated to amazing performances from the inductees as well as guest performers like Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Leon Bridges.

RP Atmos Lifestyle Social 1

Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers

If you have read any of the Klipsch marketing material about the Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, you will know that we are calling it the greatest advancement in home theater system since surround…

We meant it then and we still mean it now. Dolby Atmos offers an incredible experience that you simply have to try out. Your movies will never sound the same.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphone

Reference On-Ear

The all-new Reference On-Ear was introduced at CES 2015 and released later in the year to great acclaim, earning top marks from TechRadar, Digital Trends, PCMag and many others.

It’s simply a “no bullshit” headphone. Great sound. Great comfort.

Reference X Series

Reference X Series

In 2015, we launched the Reference X Series headphones, which is the finest line of in-ear headphones we have ever built. The X20i is the new flagship Klipsch headphone with every little detail considered. Audiophiles are going to love it. We also built upon the legendary X10i/X11i with the launch of the X12i. The XR8i hybrid headphone is the first of its kind for Klipsch with its built-in subwoofer making it an enticing option for lovers of bass. The X6i is the entry-level model of the new Reference X Series, but it sure as heck doesn’t sound like something “entry-level.”

Click here to learn more about what’s new with the Reference X Series.

Groove Lifestyle - 5 facebook

Klipsch Groove

The Klipsch Groove signaled our intentions to get into the ultra portable speaker game. We have grown tired of competitor after competitor releasing products that   sound terrible and a have a bunch of useless features no one cares about. The Klipsch Groove delivers big sound that belies at size and you can trust us on that.

Bullshit Noise Violation CES Blog Hero

CES 2015

Since CES 2016 is merely days away, it’s fun to reminiscence about what happened at CES 2015. In addition to a breath-taking audio museum, we showed off the Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers as well as an early prototype of the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system. Oh and we received a noise violation…of course.

We will show off the final version of this vaunted wireless system as well as a host of other surprises at this year’s iteration of the world’s biggest electronics show. Stay tuned for a full CES 2016 preview and check KlipschGroupShows.com.

What was your favorite Klipsch product of 2015? Let us know in the comments!

Klipsch at CEDIA 2015: Day 2 Recap

In the day one recap, we spoke about the various Klipsch custom install and architectural speakers that are on display at the 2015 CEDIA Expo. Today, we’re going to take a look at speakers that stand out loud and proud with their copper cones.

Some of it is already in the market. Some of it has yet to be released. We hope everyone is excited because we sure as heck are!

Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos DTS Demo


Drawing crowds in with their immersive and impactful sound, these Reference Premiere speakers were often the center of the attention whether they were rockin’ the Dolby Atmos or DTS discs.

The full Dolby Atmos system consisted of two RP-280FA floorstanding speakers, a RP-450CA center channel, two RP-250S surround speakers, two RP-260F floorstanding speakers for the rear and two RP-140SA elevation speakers. We also set it up, so people could demo the in-ceiling speakers versus the RP-140SA “toppers” or the built-in elevation channel on the RP-280FA.

You could be standing a good 100 feet away from the booth and your whole body would be shaking when we turned it up. It’s a downright miracle that Klipsch didn’t get another noise violation like at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Click here to learn more.

Reference Premiere HD Wireless


We showed these off at last year’s CES and we are inching ever closer to delivering these beauties. Reference Premiere HD Wireless is a wireless speaker system that has the performance level of Klipsch’s traditional box speakers.

While these weren’t available for demo, the floorstanding speakers’ four copper cones were a metaphorical siren song, drawing people in from all over the show floor.

You can expect to see Reference Premiere HD Wireless in stores in January. We look forward to blowing away your expectations of what wireless speakers can sound like.

Reference R-15PM Cedia


Connect your turntable (integrated phono pre-amp), TV or computer directly into the Reference R-15PM powered monitors and enjoy room-filling Klipsch sound.

We’re really excited about it because it is just so dang easy to start enjoying great sound. Anyone who finds receivers, amps, etc difficult to understand will find the R-15PM a welcome addition to the Klipsch portfolio

We will have more on these speakers during their launch in January. Stay tuned!


While we would rather everyone rock a full-blown 5.1+ system in their home, we understand that there are a multitude of reasons for not doing so whether it be economic, cosmetic or whatever.

The Reference R-4B is a great solution for those looking to seriously upgrade from their TV’s built-in speakers. As one would expect from a Klipsch product, it boasts best-in-class sound. It also happens to be extremely slim meaning that you can plunk it right in front of your TV and not have it block of the screen or the TV’s IR sensor.


Which of these products are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

Five Best Movies for Upmixing with Dolby Atmos

As we have covered in a previous blog post, Dolby Atmos isn’t just for new movies that were edited specifically for the technology. Upmixing with Dolby Atmos brings a new dimension to your surround sound whether it be for movies, music, video games, sporting events or whatever.

Many of you asked for specific examples, so we went through our movie collection and picked out the best movies to show off upmixing with Dolby Atmos.

(Really, we just wanted an excuse to go to one of our theaters and relive these movies on Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers.)

WARNING: There could be some minor spoilers…that being said, if you haven’t seen these movies yet, our sympathy is limited.


One of Steven Spielberg’s finest efforts is worth seeing all over again with upmixed Dolby Atmos sound. The unforgettable and gut-wrenching invasion of Normandy scene is a great showcase for the efforts from Dolby’s engineering team. Bullets and mortars zoom right over your head. The underwater scenes are that much more immersive and intense. The soundtrack was already quite dynamic in 5.1. Dolby Atmos somehow kicks it up another notch.


There are a bunch of scenes in this movie that Trekkies and normies alike will appreciate the impressive upmixed sound. One particular highlight is when the USS Vengeance is catching up to the Enterprise. Going warp speed has never been so exciting (and that’s saying something). The added dimension is also quite apparent during the movie’s opening scene with the animal sounds.


It feels like not nearly enough people have seen this action movie, starring Tom Cruice and Emily Blunt. It’s a fantastic movie in addition to a stellar showcase for Dolby Atmos, particularly the reoccurring battle scenes. You can practically feel the air rushing around him as the main character falls from the sky, displaying incredible ambient effects. The distant battle sounds sound really expansive through the additional Dolby Atmos channels. Without revealing too much, the “swirling” aliens are much more intimidating and overwhelming as well thanks to the Dolby Atmos upmixing.


Sure, the plot kind of stinks and it goes on for far too long but…those jungle scenes! The ambience and wildlife sounds of the jungle completely envelop the listener. While the action scenes are incredibly immersive and three dimensional, the quieter, dialogue based scenes are impressive examples of Dolby Atmos technology.


Atmosphere and tension is everything in Prometheus, making it a natural fit for Dolby Atmos. Upmixing utilizes height effects brilliantly during the storm scene when they are running back to the ship with clouds and sand swirling overhead. Any of the cave scenes also have a lot of ambience including water drops, falling stones, and lots of echo all over the place – around and above.




Upmixing with Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is now. Not years from now. Right now.

While the stream of programming with Dolby® Atmos has only begun to fill the media landscape, you don’t have to wait to experience the the immersive, cinematic sound of Dolby Atmos thanks to “upmixing.”

You will immediately notice the benefits of upmixing compared to standard surround sound during movies as well as musical performances, video games and sporting events.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Dolby Atmos is the biggest advancement in home and cinema audio since surround sound. (Overview + FAQ of Dolby Atmos.)


A Dolby Atmos enabled receiver will handle most of the work by recognizing the sound that would typically be sent to the surround channels and sends some of that sound out to the Dolby Atmos elevation channels.

In Dolby’s own words: “The Dolby surround upmixer employs the original soundtrack to create a highly accurate rendering of the environment in the movie while simultaneously honoring and maintaining the artists’ intent for the mix.”

All of the major receiver manufacturers including Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, and Pioneer are making Dolby Atmos enabled receivers that will work with Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers. Remember, if you need help picking the right receiver, check out our guide on how to find the best receiver for you.


Upmixing allows you to hear height/elevation effects, creating a much more immersive, true-to-life experience versus traditional surround sound. This isn’t a gimmick. It’s a honest-to-goodness improvement that will reinvigorate your existing movie collection, television programs, video games and music collection.

Dolby says “Unlike previous wideband upmixing technologies, the Dolby surround upmixer operates on multiple perceptually spaced frequency bands for a fine-grained analysis of the source signal. The Dolby surround upmixer can individually steer frequency bands, producing surround sound with precisely located audio elements and a spacious ambience.”

Don’t believe it? We strongly recommend a visit to your local Klipsch dealer who carries Dolby Atmos speakers to test this out for yourself.


“Pure” Dolby Atmos is only possible when source material is encoded (mixed and published) in Dolby Atmos technology. If you are looking at a Blu-Ray, it should be clearly labeled with the Dolby Atmos logo on the disc packaging.

With a “pure” Dolby Atmos mix, you are hearing sound exactly as the (human) sound editor intended it. In order to upmix to Dolby Atmos, an algorithm in the receiver determines which sounds go to the Dolby Atmos channels based on frequency and phase correlation. Essentially, upmixing is a synthesized, yet very effective Dolby Atmos experience that draws from the original 5.1/7.1 mix.

More and more content is being created in Dolby Atmos; however, you will be delighted by the immediate benefits that you will hear by upgrading to a Dolby Atmos setup.


Have you had a chance to check out Dolby Atmos? Let us know in the comments!


Klipsch Dolby Atmos Speakers FAQ

Klipsch is proud to deliver an incredibly captivating Dolby Atmos experience to the home with its new line of Reference Premiere speakers. The RP-280FA, RP-450CA and RP-140SA speakers kicked off the brand’s foray into this exciting new standard for surround sound.

Feedback from both Klipsch partners and costumers alike has been overwhelming positive, but inquisitive souls have questions. Thus, we have compiled we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers with Dolby Atmos.

If you have a question that you don’t see answered, please post a comment. We will answer it as quickly as possible and add it to the FAQ.

What is Dolby Atmos?

To put it simply, Dolby Atmos® is the greatest advancement in home and cinema audio since surround sound. Sound editors now have the ability to pinpoint a single sound and move it around, above and through the listener.

Dolby Atmos is achieved by the addition of overhead and/or elevation channel speakers. This additional sound plane creates a true 3-dimensional hemisphere of sound for the listener.

Is Dolby Atmos just a gimmick-y sound effect?

Nope, it’s not a gimmick. Dolby Atmos is the first truly audible advancement in surround sound since 5.1. Through incredible advancements in acoustic technology and sound editing software development, Dolby has created a completely immersive, 360-degree audio experience that has been widely adopted by Hollywood’s top movie studios.

How do Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers work differently than old competitors’ up-firing technology?

With the controlled directivity and exceptional efficiency of our exclusive Tractrix® Horn technology, we are able to meet the very stringent specifications put in place by Dolby for their Atmos enabled elevation speakers. Because of this, Klipsch is able to offer the only discrete, 2-way Dolby Atmos elevation speakers on the market for a much more dynamic, powerful, and realistic Dolby Atmos listening experience.

Do the Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers work with content that is not spec’d for Dolby Atmos?

Yes. The Dolby Atmos software in Dolby Atmos enabled AV receivers and processors will actually up-mix non-Atmos material to utilize the height channels in your Atmos system. Of course, this function can be turned off at any time if you’d prefer a more traditional listening experience.

Do I need a new receiver for Dolby Atmos playback?

If your current receiver is not already equipped, you’ll need a Dolby Atmos enabled A/V receiver to experience this new technology. Visit Dolby.com for a list of all Dolby Atmos capable receivers.

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-140SA Dolby Atmos

Can I place the RP-140SA on top of speakers that are not Klipsch Reference Premiere?

Yes. You can place the RP-140SA on any brand of floorstanding or bookshelf speaker. If your current speakers do not have a flat top, you may place the RP-140SA next to the speaker on a table or mount.

Does Klipsch make Atmos enabled in-ceiling speakers?

Yes… Dolby doesn’t certify architectural products as Atmos enabled although any of the Klipsch in-ceiling speakers meet the spec. The Klipsch CDT-5650-C II and CDT-5800-C II in-ceiling speakers are two particularly great speakers for Dolby Atmos because of their Controlled Dispersion Technology®.

Are Dolby Atmos-enabled in-ceiling speakers better than the integrated channel in the RP-280FA or the separate RP-140SA elevation speaker?

“Better” is not the exact word choice we would use. In a perfect world, you would use in-ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos in movie theaters across the world. That being said, it is really up to you to decide whether you are OK with cutting into your ceiling. We think providing in-ceiling, integrated and “topper” options gives people the ability to choose the best setup for their individual setups.

Do I need a special sound-treated room for Dolby Atmos to work?

No. Between the in-ceiling speakers and integrated and elevation speakers, Klipsch has many options for consumers to have Dolby Atmos even if they don’t have a dedicated, sound-treated theater room. If you are looking to use the integrated or elevation speakers, a horizontal ceiling made from an acoustically reflective material, such as drywall or plaster is the most ideal setup. That being said, if you have a two-story or vaulted/cathedral ceilings, you can still enjoy the same amazing Dolby Atmos experience. For more details, please see the answer to the next question.

What happens if I don’t have a horizontal ceiling?

A horizontal ceiling between 7.5’ and 14’ high is the most ideal for a Dolby Atmos-enabled elevation speaker; however, we have done a lot of testing with vaulted/cathedral ceilings and you often can get the same experience as you would with a horizontal ceiling. If you have doubts about your particular setup, we would recommend contacting Klipsch customer support. Any photos of your listening area that you can provide will aid the process. Another option for two story or cathedral/vaulted ceilings would be Klipsch in-ceiling speakers which can be angled properly for Dolby Atmos sound.

I have a non-reflective ceiling…can I still get Dolby Atmos?

Yes, indeed, you can. You will need to use in-ceiling speakers. We recommend an in ceiling speaker like the Klipsch CDT-5650- C II or the CDT-3650-C II.

What is the ideal ceiling height for Dolby Atmos playback?

The ideal ceiling height is 7.5 feet to 14 feet.

How do I hook up the RP-140SA elevation speaker?

Just like you would any other passive speaker. Using speaker wire, you connect the terminals to the matching height terminals specified on your Dobly Atmos-compatible receiver.

Can I use other speakers, face them upward and pair them with a Dolby Atmos-compatible receiver to get the Atmos effect?

You will want to use Dolby Atmos rated speakers for it to work a 100% correctly. You can, however, put the RP-140SA on a shelf up near the front of your room with the equal height of a floorstanding speaker. Another option is to use an in-celling speaker that will work with the Dolby Atmos specs.

Reference Premiere RP-280FA Dolby Atmos Walnut

What kind of finish do the RP-280FA and RP-450C have?

The RP-280FA and RP-450CA are made from handcrafted real wood veneer in black and walnut finishes.

Can I use the RP-140SA as a surround speaker?

Yup. That’ll work. The RP-140SA includes a keyhole mount on the bottom for wall mounting as a traditional monopole surround speaker.

Can I mount the RP-140SA or RP-250S to the ceiling in order to create the Dolby Atmos effect?

Please don’t. They are not rated for use in ceilings and could be dangerous.

What happens if I’m playing non-Dolby Atmos content?

It will play as normal, unless you ask your Dolby Atmos-enabled AV receiver or processor to up-mix the audio to Dolby Atmos.

Where can I demo Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers?

Please use the Klipsch dealer locator and contact your nearest dealer to see if they have a demo available.

Where can I buy Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers?

You can purchase Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers from select dealers and at Klipsch.com.

If you have any other questions regarding Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, please post a comment below. We will answer the question as quickly as possible and add it to the FAQ.

Klipsch Dolby Atmos Speakers Overview

To put it simply, Dolby Atmos® is the greatest advancement in home and cinema audio since surround sound. Sound editors now have the ability to pinpoint a single sound and move it around, above and through the listener.

Dolby Atmos is achieved by the addition of overhead and/or elevation channel speakers. This additional sound plane creates a true 3-dimensional hemisphere of sound for the listener.

Klipsch’s acclaimed controlled directivity is the obvious choice for producing Dolby Atmos overhead, life-like presence. While other companies are trying to figure it out now, Klipsch has been perfecting this focused sound technique since 1946.

Klipsch’s new RP-280FA floorstanding speaker and RP-140SA elevation speaker are able to achieve the Dolby Atmos home theater experience by reflecting sound off the ceiling down to the listener.

Klipsch Dolby Atmos new speakers for home theater

The new Klipsch Dolby Atmos RP-280FA floorstanding speaker and RP-140SA elevation speakers.



The RP-280FA floorstanding speaker combines our top-of-the-line floorstanding speaker technology with a built-in height channel to incorporate the aerial Dolby Atmos experience seamlessly.

The Klipsch Dolby Atmos RP-280FA Floorstanding Speaker

The Klipsch Dolby Atmos RP-280FA Floorstanding Speaker with up-firing, built-in speaker.

To complement the new handcrafted walnut real wood veneer, we’re also introducing a matching RP-450CA Center Channel speaker for a beautiful wood presentation.

RP-280FA Floorstanding Speaker Specs:

  • Dual 8” Front Channel Woofers
  • 1” Titanium Dome LTS Tweeter
  • Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • 6.5” Height Channel Woofer
  • 1” Titanium Dome LTS Tweeter
  • Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • Available in Black and Walnut real wood veneers


The RP-140SA elevation speaker is in a league of its own. You can now add the Dolby Atmos element to your current floorstanding or bookshelf speaker with this Klipsch signature sound topper.

In addition to delivering the Klipsch Dolby Atmos sound, the RP-140SA Elevation Speaker’s versatility allows it to become a surround sound speaker angled perfectly on your wall.

The Klipsch Dolby Atmos RP-140SA Elevation Channel Speaker

The Klipsch Dolby Atmos RP-140SA elevation channel speaker utilized as a height channel or surround sound speaker.

RP-140SA Elevation Speaker Specs:

  • 4” Height Channel Woofer
  • 1” Titanium Dome LTS Tweeter
  • Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • Available in Black

If your current receiver is not already equipped, you’ll need a Dolby Atmos enabled A/V receiver to experience this new technology. Visit Dolby.com for a list of all Dolby Atmos capable receivers.

Be on the lookout for more articles to come discussing how to properly set up a Klipsch Dolby Atmos system and using in-ceiling speakers.

Got questions? Let us know in the comments section below.