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Klipsch in 2015: A Year in Review

Without question, someone around you is going remark about how quickly the year by. It may be cliché, but it sure as heck went by fast for all of us here at Klipsch.

In 2015, we launched several products and initiatives that will serve as cornerstones of the company for years to come whether it be the partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or the introduction of the reimagined Reference Premiere series.

So, here are just a few of the Klipsch highlights from the year that was 2015.

Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers Father's Day

Reference Premiere

The previous Reference II generation is practically iconic. It’s big sound and black and copper design caused CNET to dub the RF-62 II the “equivalent of a 1970s American muscle car — big, fun and brash.” It was going to take a whole lot of engineering know-how and experimentation to adequately replace this line that served as the Klipsch core for five years.

Boy, did we ever do it. Redesigned, reimagined and revolutionary, Reference Premiere speakers are some of the most musical speakers we have made. They are neatly refined and incredibly efficient while still having the earth-shaking sound that one expects from a company that has a long-standing tagline of “Pissing Off The Neighbors.”

Bill Withers and John Legend at the Rock Hall

Inductee Bill Withers (left) and John Legend (right) performed three of Withers’ most beloved songs.

Rock Hall Induction Ceremony

In 2015, Klipsch became the first-ever presenting sponsor of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. That is kind of a big deal. It is a huge honor for us to be part of the honoring of the greatest rock and roll musicians of all time.

At the 2015 Induction Ceremony in Cleveland, we, along with millions across the world, were treated to amazing performances from the inductees as well as guest performers like Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Leon Bridges.

RP Atmos Lifestyle Social 1

Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers

If you have read any of the Klipsch marketing material about the Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, you will know that we are calling it the greatest advancement in home theater system since surround…

We meant it then and we still mean it now. Dolby Atmos offers an incredible experience that you simply have to try out. Your movies will never sound the same.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphone

Reference On-Ear

The all-new Reference On-Ear was introduced at CES 2015 and released later in the year to great acclaim, earning top marks from TechRadar, Digital Trends, PCMag and many others.

It’s simply a “no bullshit” headphone. Great sound. Great comfort.

Reference X Series

Reference X Series

In 2015, we launched the Reference X Series headphones, which is the finest line of in-ear headphones we have ever built. The X20i is the new flagship Klipsch headphone with every little detail considered. Audiophiles are going to love it. We also built upon the legendary X10i/X11i with the launch of the X12i. The XR8i hybrid headphone is the first of its kind for Klipsch with its built-in subwoofer making it an enticing option for lovers of bass. The X6i is the entry-level model of the new Reference X Series, but it sure as heck doesn’t sound like something “entry-level.”

Click here to learn more about what’s new with the Reference X Series.

Groove Lifestyle - 5 facebook

Klipsch Groove

The Klipsch Groove signaled our intentions to get into the ultra portable speaker game. We have grown tired of competitor after competitor releasing products that   sound terrible and a have a bunch of useless features no one cares about. The Klipsch Groove delivers big sound that belies at size and you can trust us on that.

Bullshit Noise Violation CES Blog Hero

CES 2015

Since CES 2016 is merely days away, it’s fun to reminiscence about what happened at CES 2015. In addition to a breath-taking audio museum, we showed off the Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers as well as an early prototype of the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system. Oh and we received a noise violation…of course.

We will show off the final version of this vaunted wireless system as well as a host of other surprises at this year’s iteration of the world’s biggest electronics show. Stay tuned for a full CES 2016 preview and check KlipschGroupShows.com.

What was your favorite Klipsch product of 2015? Let us know in the comments!

WPWK Podcast – Episode 4: Bob Heil, Part 2

Legendary inventor Bob Heil recounts meeting Paul W. Klipsch for the first time and the audio journey it led him to after in part two of this series. Hosted by Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy of Classic Album Sundays

WPWK Podcast by Klipsch Audio

About the Klipsch WPWK Podcast

Klipsch Audio is now on the air from WPWK studios to give you in-depth conversations about music, audio technology, speaker industry trends and (of course) Klipsch product details. So tune in and turn up the volume.

WPWK Podcast – Episode 1: Eddie Kramer, Part 1

Legendary producer Eddie Kramer talks about working with Jimi Hendrix at Olympic Studios in London in this two-part series. Listen directly below, or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes or your favorite podcast player! Hosted by Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy of Classic Album Sundays

WPWK Podcast by Klipsch Audio

About the Klipsch WPWK Podcast

Klipsch Audio is now on the air from WPWK studios to give you in-depth conversations about music, audio technology, speaker industry trends and (of course) Klipsch product details. So tune in and turn up the volume.

Klipsch at CES 2015: Day 4

It’s over.

This year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show is in the books and what a trip it has been!

We hyped CES 2015 as one of our biggest launch in years and we feel like we have delivered on that promise. Not only did we launch several new product lines, we also announced a major partnership and demonstrated once again, that no one cares more about their Heritage than us.

It is genuinely a great time to be a Klipsch employee and a Klipsch customer. Yes, we have made mistakes along the way, but the weather calls for sunny skies and kick-ass sound.

We are also proud to say that we took home at a pair of awards from CES 2015!

Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2015

“Home theater audio will never be the same.” – Caleb Denison

Digital Trends named the Klipsch Premiere Wireless speakers with WISA as their Top Tech of CES 2015 for home audio. We had many people stop by our booth, informing us that they were very skeptical of the quality of wireless speakers.

Boy, did we prove them wrong! Each person who walked out of our demo room came away impressed. We may not always be first to market, but you better believe we’ll make a product that sounds the best.

New Egg Vendor of the Year

Thank you, New Egg.

New Egg also bestowed upon us their Vendor of the Year award which is a testament to our sales team, who have done an incredible job even in the face of a tough economy and ever-evolving marketplace. Well done, team!

We would like to thank everyone who came by the Klipsch booth during CES 2015. Without you, we can’t do what we do. It has been so much fun to talk to Klipsch fans, some of whom have setups with multiple Klipschorns, La Scalas and Heresys all in one room.

A big shout-out to the members of the Klipsch Forums who came by the booth. Your passion for the brand is what both keeps us on our toes and passionate about making the world’s best loudspeakers.

We already thanked Auralex Acoustics, U-Turn Audio, Dolby and the WISA Association, but one more time can’t hurt. We are blessed to have partners who genuinely align with our mission and help us fulfill that mission by giving us the tools to create the best sounding environment for the home, cinema or wherever. Rock on, friends!

Enough with the gushy stuff, let’s get back to the products. After all, that’s why were are here. Below is what we introduced at CES 2015.

Klipsch Reference Premiere (Available now)

Klipsch Reference On-Ear (Available for pre-order for February)

Klipsch Reference Premiere with Dolby® Atmos (Projected Q2)

Klipsch Reference Premiere Wireless (Projected Q3)

Made in USA Heritage-Inspired Concept for Wireless Speakers (TBD)

That is a lot to take in even for our employees, but each product shown at CES 2015 has a specific purpose for existing and is deserving of the Klipsch name. We have no doubt that you are going to love what you hear. Companies may say they’re proud of their products. We actually are.

As far as additional information goes, we are hoping to be able to provide more info soon on the products that are due later this year. We have to keep a couple things close to the vest, but it’ll be worth the wait. Klipsch.com has all the information you’ll need on the passive Reference Premiere speakers. (Mmm…copper cones)

Heritage-Inspired Speakers

Let us know if this concept is something you could see yourself purchasing.

Feedback for our Heritage-inspired wireless speakers that are designed, engineered and built in the United States has been quite impressive, but we have to remind everyone that this is indeed a concept speaker. Again, the buzz is awfully encouraging, particularly on the Klipsch Forums. By the way, how cool is it that two Klipsch engineers are directly responding to customers? That is just one example of why this is a special place to work.

Oh and it was pretty cool to get a retweet and excited comment from long-time Klipsch La Scala-owner Elijah Wood who is best known for his work as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

We will be delivering podcasts from our WPWK sessions with the likes of Marky Ramone, Eddie Kramer, Bob Heil, Jim Hunter, Steve Dobo, etc. We should push them out soon enough, but please remember that we’ll need some recovery time from CES 2015.

On that note, we should add that the Klipsch staff as a whole works extremely hard at CES 2015. It requires hours upon hours of being “on”, shoveling food down your gullet in a 3×3 closet and standing on your feet for hours on end. Unfortunately, we can’t expense foot massages!

Anyway, that’s all we have from CES 2015! If you have any questions, please post them and we’ll be happy to answer. You will be hearing a lot more about our partnership with the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame, so stay tuned for more great stuff from the Klipsch Joint.

Klipsch at CES 2015: Day 3

Between the launch of Reference Premiere, Reference On-Ear, Reference Premiere with Dolby Atmos and Reference Premiere Wireless, Klipsch has had a ton of stuff going on during the 2015 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show.

There’s almost too much to talk about. We were unable to cover a bunch of random things in the previous CES 2015 blogs, but we are going to try to tackle them in this one.

Eddie Kramer Reference Premiere Demo

Eddie Kramer had an absolute blast demoing the new Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers.


Eddie Kramer is one of the top recording engineers in the world. He worked with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and, of course, Led Zeppelin. Not a bad resume, eh? When he was in the Klipsch booth at CES 2015, our own Mark Casavant gave him a demo of the new Reference Premiere speakers.

Eddie loved them.

He loved them so much that he was rockin’ out during the demo and gave Mark a huge high-five at the end of it. That truly is what we live for – people genuinely loving their listening experience. It never gets old.


During CES, you get handed a lot of free “swag” and, no, I’m just talking about the folks handing out invitations to certain gentleman’s clubs here in Vegas. We didn’t just want to give out a cheap USB charger or potato chip clip (seriously, they’re everywhere), so we decided to hand out our famous “Bullshit” buttons. They have gone over like gangbusters.

The reaction is almost always the same from people. At first, they are perplexed and assume that we are being crass just to draw attention. Then they read the story behind the buttons and they say, “This is so awesome” while giggling. It’s a great way to give people a fun keepsake while explaining our company motto.

Special shout-out to our Singapore distributor who made “No Bullshit” buttons. It makes us laugh out loud every time.

Matt Sommers UTurn Audio Turntable

Matt Sommers putting a new record on the U-Turn Audio turntable


We have talked about U Turn Audio in length before. With vinyl making a comeback, a lot of companies are building turntables that are, quite frankly, crap. U Turn does not. They make their turntables in Massachusetts and they are available for a reasonable price. We have been using them in the WPWK radio station all week long and they haven’t failed us once. If you are looking to dive back into vinyl, look no further.

Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics provided the sound treatment for our CES 2015 demo room which has Reference Premiere with Dolby Atmos and Reference Premiere Wireless on display.


Our friends from Auralex Acoustics provided the sound treatments for the Klipsch demo room at CES 2015 and they haven’t disappointed. The CES 2015 is not exactly conducive to audio demos out in the room, but our dedicated sound room has allowed us to properly show off the Dolby Atmos and WISA versions of our Reference Premiere speakers.

Bullshit Noise Violation



One of Klipsch’s taglines is “Pissing Off The Neighbors Since 1946.” Well, we managed to do exactly that at CES 2015. You are not supposed to surpass 85 decibels at CES 2015 which is kind of impossible anyway with the general noise from thousands upon thousands of people in one area with every booth playing some sort of audio.

We may have taken it a bit far as a noise violation came flying our way on multiple occasions. Whoops.

The Reference Premiere speakers right at the front of the Klipsch booth have been loved by customers, but perhaps hated by our fellow exhibitors and event organizers.


As we said in the Day 1 blog, the Klipsch audio museum has, in some ways, stolen the show. CES 2015 is full of people showing shiny new objects. We have shiny new objects too, but we believe that reflecting and appreciating our past is just as important.

Part of this dedication to our heritage is the display of the 13th Klipschorn that was ever made. Built in 1947, it still works and sounds terrific. How incredible is that? It is a very special piece of audio history.

We’ll have much coming from CES 2015 even after the show’s completion. Stay tuned!


Klipsch at CES 2015: Day 2

Some common staples of the Consumer Electronics Show are large, showy concerts where some big name is brought in to perform in front a company’s key customers.

Heck, we’ve done it before. And we were lucky enough to find popular artists like Young the Giant and Lynyrd Skynrd who genuinely loved the Klipsch brand, but that’s not the case for some other companies here at CES.

They dole out tons of money for a band that, quite frankly, doesn’t give two hoots about being there. They are there to collect their paycheck and perform a few hits in front of a crowd that doesn’t generate any excitement.

With this in mind, Klipsch marched to the beat of our own drum at CES 2015 on Day 2 and had a special listening session event with our good friends Colleen Murphy and Eddie Kramer at the John Varvatos store. We stray away from partnering people and brands who don’t appreciate the Klipsch name and what we stand for.

Colleen Murphy

Colleen Murphy was all smiles during the special listening event at John Varvatos with Eddie Kramer and Klipsch.

If you don’t know Colleen Murphy, she is the founder of Classic Album Sundays and a long-time owner/user of Klipschorns. She is famous across Europe for her DJ-ing and, more importantly, she’s a class act who knows more about music than just about anyone out there.

Through a few various relationships, we have also become good friends with the people at John Varvatos, a high-end fashion brand. Their company’s DNA is engrained with rock ‘n’ roll and we hope to do more big things with them in the future.

Eddie Kramer

Eddie Kramer genuinely loves what he does. Quite simply, it’s infectious.

Eddie Kramer…the guy is a legend. It’s not just the guy on the stage with the microphone or axe in his hand that matters. The guy beyond the scenes is critical to making the album sound the way it’s supposed to. He has produced and engineered albums from the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

The way these listening sessions work is that Colleen interviews Eddie who talks about the album, specific songs and plays tracks from the album. You may think that doesn’t sound too interesting.


Eddie has a unique ability to blow people away with his infectious charisma and his in-depth knowledge from the world’s most celebrated bands. His stories are incredible. For example, did you know that the Beatles performed the backup vocals for certain Rolling Stones albums that Kramer produced?

He also has a one-in-a-kind photo collection that isn’t available online. You can’t just Google “Led Zeppelin” and find the personal, intimate photos that Eddie took while helping the bands record. For fans of the aforementioned bands, it’ll take your breath away.

Eddie Kramer

Eddie Kramer delighted the crowd with his personal stories from all the time he spent with these iconic bands.

He left the stage to a standing ovation from all of those in attendance. If you are fortunate to come to one of our events that involve Eddie or Colleen, you will always walk away with a better appreciation for what goes into a classic album.

Oh, and the tracks were played on Klipsch Cornwall speakers plus a Reference R-115SW subwoofer in combination with an Audio Note record player and tube amp. It is pretty damn hard to get a better setup than that. It was truly a spectacular presentation thanks to Colleen and Eddie and it sounded spectacular thanks to our speakers as well as the first-class gear from Audio Note. (P.S. The Audio Note guys are first-rate blokes from the UK.)

These intimate experiences are what Klipsch is all about. We want you to feel a special, personal connection to your music.

Rock on.

Eddie Kramer

Thank you, Eddie!

Tomorrow’s blog post will focus on a random collection of things that we haven’t had the time to cover yet on The Klipsch Joint.




Klipsch at CES 2015: Launch Day

Day 1 of the 2015 edition of the Consumer Electronics show was one to remember for us all.

We teased you repeatedly that 01.06.15 would be the day of our biggest launch in years and we believe full-heartedly that we delivered. Honestly, we can’t believe that we kept it all a secret this well. (Although, some of our cunning forum members managed to scoop us!)

Here is what we introduced to the world:

Klipsch Reference Premiere (Available now)

Klipsch Reference On-Ear (End of January)

Klipsch Reference Premiere with Dolby® Atmos (Projected Q2)

Klipsch Reference Premiere Wireless (Projected Q3)

So much awesomeness.

Klipsch CES Demo Room

Time after time, we took people into our sound room and blew them away with our new Atmos and Wireless demos. We heard from several representatives that we were the only ones who are displaying audio correctly at CES.

We are genuinely proud of that. Hearing really is believing.

Klipsch Reference Premiere

Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers are not just a facelift. This is a whole new line of speakers that are redesigned from the ground-up

We couldn’t fit everything in the demo room, but we were able to showcase a ton of other speakers out on the floor. The Reference Premiere speakers drew people in with their big ol’ copper cones and BIG sound. The R-115SW was definitely “pissing off the neighbors.” (Our apologies to Ericsson and Toshiba!)

The noisy floor environment of CES did allow us to demonstrate the noise isolation capabilities of our in-ear headphones AND the new Reference On-Ear Headphones.

Time after time, people would try out the in-ears and be amazed at their noise isolation abilities. People are misinformed to believe that big cans deliver superior noise isolation. That’s not necessarily true and we were happy to prove it.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear

Klipsch Reference On-Ears are the best sounding and most comfortable on-ears we have ever made.

Comments regarding the Reference On-Ear largely stemmed from its ridiculous comfort level. The cushioning is outrageous and the sound quality is what you would expect from Klipsch. Oh, and people kept mentioning they were happy that they didn’t look like a teenager when they had them on their head unlike some other brands’ headphones – you know who you are.

Heritage Inspired Towers

These Heritage-inspired towers are conceptual (but functional!) speakers.

That’s not all. CES is often about producing concepts and gauging reaction from the audience. We designed Heritage-inspired wireless speakers that intrigued everyone who checked them out. We put them across from our Heritage lineup, which really got the message across that WE are the classic American speaker brand. We have great old stuff and we have great new stuff. These conceptual speakers offer a bridge between the past and the present. They are designed, engineered and built in the United States.

Hell, yah!

Bob Heil Runt La Scala

PWK made this runt La Scala for Bob Heil (pictured) to use with Jeff Beck.

Marky Ramone Colleen Murphy

Marky Ramone poses with Colleen Murphy in the WPWK Radio booth. Outside of products on display, we had Bob Heil and Marky Ramone drop by WPWK Radio to talk with Colleen Murphy of Classic Album Sundays about a whole smattering of topics. We can’t say enough good things about Bob and Marky. They are class acts that GENUINELY love Klipsch and we love them.




Tomorrow, Colleen will be talking with Steve Dobo from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame as well as Michael Burrato (Reference Premiere Product Manager) and Vlad Grodzinsky (Reference On-Ear Product Manager). You can check out the schedule here. Once again, we will be posting the interviews as podcasts after the completion of CES, so don’t worry if you’re not in Vegas!

Klipsch audio museum

The Klipsch audio museum has all sorts of PWK treasures.

One more thing…In this blogger’s humble opinion, the Klipsch audio museum that was oh-so-carefully curated by Klipsch historian Jim Hunter stole the show. 

CES is filled with sterile, white environments with flashy lights and obnoxious videos. The Klipsch audio museum was the opposite. It was authentic, honest-to-goodness fun.

People took their time strolling through the isle and snapping pictures of the collection. We even had a live demo of the 13th Klipschorn that was ever built – and it still sounds great! People were sampling a true piece of audio history.

Phew! That’s a lot of information to process, but we’ll have another blog post where we’ll dive into more detail about everything and about some of the stuff I missed.

There’s truly so much going on here with Klipsch at CES 2015. It’s genuinely a great time to be an employee here and we hope you guys love everything that we showed off here!

Klipsch at CES 2015: The Quiet Before the Storm

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s biggest and most important electronics show. Once a year, companies across the world descend on Las Vegas to show off their latest wares to customers, fans, media, etc.

Yes, there is a lot of “Bullsh*t” at CES. A LOT.

Not from us. We don’t try to insult your intelligence with technology that doesn’t make a difference and isn’t ever going to happen. We aim to create the best-sounding speakers and headphones dollar-for-dollar on the planet.

Preparations began months in advance for 2015’s show. Well, in all honesty, they pretty much started the moment the 2014 show was over.

In addition to bringing product worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, we brought priceless artifacts that Klipsch historian Jim Hunter has very carefully curated. It was a monumental effort to get these items to Vegas in one piece – a nerve-wracking process to say the least.

Colleen Murphy of Classic Album Sundays will be hosting WPWK Radio throughout CES 2015. Broadcasts will be live for anyone who visits our booth and guests include the likes of Eddie Kramer, Marky Ramone, Bob Heil and Steve Dobo from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Fans who are not in Las Vegas will be able to download podcasts of the show after CES’s completion.

Of course, the products, museum pieces and radio stations have to come off as approachable and cool in order to draw people into our booth. It is incredible to start with an empty space and then see it fill up into a quasi storefront, full of the best Klipsch speakers and headphones.

With all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into CES 2015, we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s show. As we have been teasing, this is our biggest product launch in years.

You’re going to love it.

So, here’s what you need to do to keep track of all of our new product announcements:


Everything and anything you’ll need to know about Klipsch at CES 2015 is at CES.Klipsch.com


For the most frequent updates and info, follow Klipsch (@KlipschAudio) on Twitter. We will be posting almost non-stop, giving customers/fans unique insight into what is happening at CES and the awesome new things we are showing off.


While the updates won’t be as frequent as on Twitter, we will be posting our big announcements on the Klipsch Instagram and Facebook accounts.

We truly hope you enjoy everything we have to offer at CES 2015. Rock on!

Klipsch WPWK Show at CES 2015

A Note from the WPWK Program Director Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy

Klipsch will be hosting a live radio station titled WPWK that will broadcast from a booth within the Klipsch exhibition space (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall Booth 10428) at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show for its duration, January 6th through to the 9th.

So how will this radio station work?

Back in the day, I was Program Director of one of the biggest college radio stations, WNYU. As we were based in New York City, we were often asked by big music and radio conventions such as the New Music Seminar and CMJ to broadcast live from the conferences. Artists who happened to be strolling by were quickly pulled in for an impromptu on-air chat, so we had to be on our toes. Imagine my surprise (and fear) when it was announced that one of my musical heroes, Lou Reed, was coming into the booth for an interview in five minutes time. Inwardly I was panic-stricken but I kept it together and luckily experienced the less cantankerous Lou. I cannot even remember our conversation as all that seemed to matter was that he was pleasant.

Klipsch WPWK booth being built for CES 2015 - The Klipsch Joint

Klipsch WPWK booth being built for CES 2015.

Thankfully, for WPWK we have scheduled some fantastic guests in advance. On the artist front, Marky Ramone will be joining me to play some of his favorite tunes and discuss the good ole days at CBGBs and the band for which he is the last remaining member.

Another one of my guests will be master engineer and producer Eddie Kramer. Eddie has worked with some of the biggest names in the business: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Kiss just to name a few. We will have a chinwag about what it was like working in the studio with these legends and of course we will examine some of their most popular tunes.

Steve Dobo of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be dropping by to discuss the concept behind the museum and this year’s nominees which run the gamut from rockers like Joan Jett to funk masters like Chic and electronic pioneers Kraftwerk.

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy will host music and audio legends live at CES 2015 from the Klipsch WPWK Station.  - The Klipsch Joint

Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy will host music and audio legends live at CES 2015 from the Klipsch WPWK Station.

I will also be joined by another legend in sound: Bob Heil. Bob and I will discuss how he developed one of the first rock concert PA’s that was used by luminaries such as The Grateful Dead and The Who, how his Heil Talk Box was famously utilized by Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton, and his microphone that can be seen on the stages of artists like Beck and Outkast (we are using his mics at WPWK, as well). Bob will also reflect upon his personal relationship with Klipsch founder Paul W. Klipsch who was both an inspiration and mentor in Bob’s early days in the business. Paul even modified a Klipsch La Scala for Heil Sound as a stage monitor for Jeff Beck.

WPWK will host some programs with Klipsch Historian, Jim Hunter, who will shed some light on the man behind the legend. Paul himself hired Jim as a designer thirty-six years ago, so it is safe to say this guy has first hand knowledge of Paul’s genius and his array of obsessive interests such as the model steam engine he researched for 23 years before building. Not only did Mr. Klipsch help revolutionize the world of audio and acoustics, but our beloved eccentric also held patents in the areas of geophysics and ballistics. Suffice it to say there is quite a story to tell.

Even though his loudspeakers were used by some of rock’s cream-of-the-crop (Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan to name a couple), Paul W. Klipsch was more of a ‘reluctant rocker’. Therefore, we would like to ensure that he would be (loud and) proud of our musical efforts. To this effect we will be featuring some of the music that Paul recorded now known as The Klipschtape. Staff musician and organist John Eargle is featured prominently on the tapes, and they were used extensively as demonstration material for the audio shows. The quality of phonographs at that time could not keep up with the quality of the Klipschorn, so Paul decided to sort it out himself. On another interesting note, Paul developed one of the first variable reluctance phonograph cartridges but his former employer, General Electric, beat him to the patent office by only months.

And of course, let us not forget the reason we are here in the first place: the products. We have dedicated quite a bit of airtime to discuss the Klipsch Heritage Series, floorstanding speakers and headphones as well as new products with the latest technologies launching on site at CES 2015.

Biggest Klipsch Launch in Years: 01.06.15


Finally, on Friday I will wrap up with a show centered upon one of my favorite topics: classic albums. I will have a natter sprinkled with interesting anecdotes behind some of our most beloved albums and will play songs from some of my personal favorite platters. Expect to hear something from Love ‘Forever Changes’ (but that is all I am willing to give away at the moment).

If you are heading to CES, we hope you will be able to join us for some fun and stimulating banter and some cool tunage on WPWK. We will be recording these radio shows so for those of you unable to witness our live broadcasts at CES, do stay tuned at ces.klipsch.com. Thanks for listening.

– Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Founder of Classic Album Sundays and Program Director for WPWK