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Klipsch at CES 2017: Recap

We kicked ass at CES this year, simple as that.  Klipsch raised the bar in every category. There was no competition. Nobody brought more passion and determination than our team.

Side Note: We are not sorry for all the booths we pissed off during our time at CES. We take pride in being the LOUDEST & PROUDEST

Below is a showcase of our kick ass booth and some my favorite products we featured at CES.

Klipsch Booth:  klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00015     klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00017
klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00053 klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00059 klipsch-jamo-ces-2017_00060


The Fifteens:

Floorstanding Speakers

15826229_10154045287571345_5364546690826919882_n 15826921_10154045287576345_3056223373854051379_n 15873451_10154045287646345_9036254249106524700_n 15940439_10154045287726345_8640167957974104194_n 15965122_10154045287696345_5218262185011453710_n


The Forte III:

Floorstanding Speakers

15873565_10154041233991345_6040454612324465869_n 15823711_10154041233946345_970860456811716429_n 15871738_10154041233911345_5252556428146523672_n 15826540_10154041233851345_66555328644125094_n 15747326_10154041233846345_819078505014242025_n



Floorstanding Speakers
15826502_10154041521821345_7056812939319579205_n 15894826_10154041521816345_1299867746675070991_n 15826417_10154041521786345_8518717509594942401_n 15826846_10154041521776345_7574546724874249937_n


The Demi & The Two:

Table Top Stereo System


The Capitol One:

Klipsch X Capitol Records Collaboration



The Sixes:

Powered Monitor


Heritage HP Headphones:
15822862_10154041471326345_2142173789726390432_n 15873345_10154041471346345_8349093757973866791_n 15871688_10154041471411345_8063424268400908356_n


Forte Heritage Loudspeakers Clip:


Heritage Headphones Clip:

Visit Klipsch.com/CES for presskits to all the badass new products you’ve seen above.

What was your favorite Klipsch product shown off at CES 2017? Let us know in the comments!


Klipsch at CES 2016: Recap

At CES 2016, Klipsch showed off more new products than it has before in its 70 years of history. With all of the new wireless speakers, powered monitors multi-room systems headphones, limited edition finishes and turntables, you are excused if it’s all hard to digest.

We are going to recap all of the other major occurrences at CES 2016 and break down all of these new CES 2016 products down in one table.

Again, we must note that some of these products may be tweaked before they reach production or pulled all together. That’s simply the nature of the business. We rely greatly on your feedback, so please post on all of our social channels, including this blog post, about which products from CES 2016 you would most like to see from Klipsch.

All the CES 2016 Blogs

Day 1 Recap (Products Launching Soon)

Day 2 Recap (Heritage)

Day 3 Recap (Multi-Room)

Day 4 Recap (Headphones)

A Few More Things

CES 2016 Photos

All the good photos we snapped from CES 2016. If you took some of your own, tag them with @KlipschAudio and/or #Klipsch.





Klipsch won a CES 2016 “Best of Innovation” Award for the Reference Premiere Atmos speakers. The Reference Premiere HD Wireless System and XR8i In-Ear Hybrid Headphones were named CES 2016 “Best of Innovation” Nominees.

New Products

You’ve probably been scrolling the article waiting for this list. Hopefully, you read some interesting stuff along the way. Anyway, here is every product we introduced at CES 2016.

Heresy Wireless CES 2 social

Speakers Using WiSA

We are proud to partner with the WiSA association to deliver wireless home theater products that are befitting of the Klipsch name. These speakers are going to change the way many of you feel about powered speakers.

Reference Premiere HD Wireless (Late February)

Heresy III Wireless

Heritage Powered Monitor CES 5 social

Powered Monitors

It always feels nice when we can answer your customers’ wishes. People have been dying for us to make powered monitors, so here we are. We will proudly put these speakers up against anything in its class.

Reference R-15PM Powered Monitor (Late January)

Heriage-Inspired 6.5” Powered Monitor

Heritage-Inspired 10” Powered Monitor

Heritage Room System CES 4 social

Multi-Room Audio

There are probably some of you who have discovered multi-room solutions for your Klipsch already, but it’s about time we make things easier on everyone with our own solutions. Plus, this is a product category DYING for an improvement in audio quality.

Klipsch Gate (August 2016)

Klipsch Powergate (August 2016)

Reference Wireless Speaker (September 2016)

Heritage-Inspired Room System with Play-Fi

Klipsch Stadium with Play-Fi

Heritage Table Top systems CES 7 social

Music Systems

Paul W. Klipsch founded the company 70 years ago with the goal of bringing the live music experience to the living room. Obviously, he succeeded. That being said, the modern consumer demands a certainly flexibility in terms of how they can play back their music. These new Klipsch music systems make it easier than ever to connect to one’s music while borrowing inspiration from many of PWK’s original designs.

TT1 Table Top Heritage-Inspired Music System

TT2 Table Top Heritage-Inspired Music System

Heritage-Inspired Bluetooth 2.1 System

Heritage-Inspired Music System

Klipsch Groove (Now!)

Klipschorn Heresy 70th Limited Edition 1 social

70th Anniversary Speakers

In honor of our 70th anniversary, we are producing limited editions of the Klipschorn and Heresy III. They feature an exotic australian walnut veneer, unique mesh grilles and special logos. Each pair of speakers will have a special 70th Anniversary plaque, hand signed by the builder, identifying it as part of this limited series. There will only be 35 pairs of these 70th Anniversary Klipschorns made and 70 pairs of the 70th Anniversary Heresys. We will announce availability information shortly.

Klipschorn (April 2016)

Heresy III (April 2016)

Klipsch Soundbars CES 1


It’s no secret that soundbars are going into more and more homes, whether they are the primary theater system or the secondary system. Klipsch is ready to play ball with a variety of HDMI + Play-Fi compatible options that promise to defy your acoustic expectations for a soundbar.

RSB-6 (September 2016)

RSB-8 with Play-Fi (September 2016)

RSB-11 with Play-Fi (August 2016)

RSB-14 with Play-Fi (September 2016)

RPTB-3100B Theater Bar + Wireless Subwoofer with Play-Fi (September 2016)

Outdoor Speakers CES 2 social

LS Landscape Outdoor Speakers

Klipsch customers demand great sound wherever they may be, so why not bring it to the great outdoors? We’re revitalizing our line of outdoor speakers with the LS Series of landscape speakers.

PRO-500T-LS Landscape Satellite (May 2016)

PRO-650T-LS Lanscape Satellite (May 2016)

PRO-10SW-LS Half Burial Subwoofer (May 2016)

PRO-12SW-LS Direct Burial Subwoofer (May 2016)

New Klipsch Amplifiers CES

KDA DSP Amplifiers

Launching with our new outdoor speakers are a new crop of flexible, high-performance amplifiers that offer premium amplification for all Klipsch custom install, outdoor and box speakers with easy set-up, flexible DSP and optimizing presets.

KDA-500 (May 2016)

KDA-1000 (May 2016)

Pro-200A (Now!)

CES Headphones 1 social


“When are you coming out with Bluetooth headphones?” is the question that floods the Klipsch social media channels every time we post something about headphones. Well, here you go! We are confident that Bluetooth has finally reached a level of performance that the majority of our fans will be greatly pleased with.

Reference On-Ear (Now!)

Reference On-Ear Bluetooth (September 2016)

Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth (September 2016)

Neckband In-Ear Bluetooth (September 2016)

Reference X Series (Now!)

Klipsch Walnut Turntable CES 2016


Yup, we’re going into the turntable business, partnering with a well-establish company that makes some of the finest products in the industry. Whether you are rocking a Heritage Series speaker in walnut or a Reference speaker, these turntables are going to feel right at home in your setup.

Klipsch walnut turntable

Klipsch black and copper turntable


What was your favorite Klipsch product shown off at CES 2016? Let us know in the comments!




Klipsch at CES 2016: A Few More Things

CES 2016 is done and over with, but there’s still so much more to tell you. After all, we have never shown this many new products before at one show.

We will be recapping all of those products along with pricing/availability information in a future blog post. Stay tuned for that!

Anyway, we saved one more product announcement for this post…

Klipsch Black Turntable CES 2016

Klipsch Turntables

Don’t worry, you don’t need to calibrate your screen! There will be several versions of Klipsch branded turntables including one that uses the same walnut veneer as our Heritage Series speakers as well as one with Reference-style copper and black look. These turntables will be the perfect partners for the new powered monitors or even our current lineup of passive speakers.

CES 2016 Award Closeup 1 social


Klipsch won a CES 2016 “Best of Innovation” Award for the Reference Premiere Atmos speakers. The Reference Premiere HD Wireless System and XR8i In-Ear Hybrid Headphones were named CES 2016 “Best of Innovation” Nominees.

Klipsch Powered Monitors CES 1 social

Praise for the Klipsch Booth

Congratulations to all of those who worked on the Klipsch booth! It’s truly an extraordinary undertaking and we feel like we had one of the best booths at CES 2016. Maybe not the most expensive or the flashiest, but the one that most felt like “home.” Well, “home,” if you have impeccable decorating skills.

Travis Stanton, editor of Exhibitor Magazine, tweeted his praise out on Twitter while, anecdotally, we can certainly say that countless people dropped by the booth and remarked “Wow! I wish my house looked like this.”

Also, check out what Digital Trends had to say about it: “Of course, not everyone goes for the big and bold approach. Take Klipsch, perhaps the most American speaker company there is. They like to say they’ve been pissing off the neighbors for 70 years — and they’ve got the rock-star street cred to back that statement — but Klipsch isn’t just about loud and proud. The speaker maker has a storied place in America’s home audio history, and for Klipsch’s 70th anniversary this year, they’ve turned their CES booth into a sort of Klipsch museum, celebrating the evolution of their speakers over the past few decades, including the legendary Cornwalls and Heresy series, leading right up to their new wireless Hi-Fi models, which you don’t even need a receiver to run. This is the sort of place you want to hang out in all day. And you know what? We almost did.”

70th Anniversary Pin Blazer 1 social

70th Anniversary Pins

At every trade show, Klipsch gives away its famous yellow “Bullshit” buttons that pay tribute to Paul W. Klipsch’s favorite expression. Once again, we kept with the tradition; however, we also handed out 70th Anniversary pins to a select few. We’re looking forwarding to seeing people hawk them on Ebay. (Not really, but we’re sure it’ll happen!)

RP HD Wireless CES 1 Social

Near Noise Violation

Approximately three seconds into CES 2016, our own Mark Casavant turned up the volume on the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system “up to 11,” as they say. Everyone was looking around, waiting for one of the CES employees to come running into the booth after what happened last year.

Second Floor Shaking

Speaking of the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system…It caused the entire second floor to shake whenever the Jurassic World demo was playing. Try having a meeting when it feels like an earthquake is happening. SPOILER: the battle between the Indominus and Tyrannosaurus Rex was practically show-rattling.

Free Beer

If you have ever been to a trade show of any kind, you know they can be quite exhausting. You are on your feet all day, talking with customers and perhaps even daring to walk the gigantic facility. Since CES is North America’s biggest trade show, it takes everything to the next level. The sheer magnitude of it all is hard to describe.

In any case, we combated this by providing free beer on the second level of our booth for both staff and customers. Yum.

Obama Air Force One ProMedia social

Air Force One and Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speakers?

Through one of our partners, we were told that Air Force One has a Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 system onboard. We haven’t been able to verify it, but we would say that it’d be pretty dang cool if the President was rockin’ with Klipsch speakers.

We’ll send a pair of headphones to the first person who can undeniable prove that Klipsch speakers are on Air Force One!

EDIT: Tyler did a quick google search and found the above image of President Obama with the speakers on the Wikipedia entry for Air Force One. A google search found even more examples. It looks like the speakers were even in place during George W. Bush’s administration.

Klipsch Coil Winder CES 1 social

Klipschorn + Coil Winder

We like to pay tribute to our rich history every year at CES. This year, in honor of the Klipschorn’s 70th birthday, we displayed a raw Klipschorn cabinet with all of the tools and screws needed to put one together. It really gives you perspective behind one of the all-time great speaker designs.

Elijah Wood MC Hammer tweet


Elijah Wood + MC Hammer Retweets

Our old pal Elijah Wood, star of Lord of the Rings and other major films, seemed quite enthralled with some of the new Heritage-Inspired speakers we tweeted out from CES 2016.

That isn’t surprising, though. What is surprising is the one and only MC Hammer retweeting our day 1 blog recap. Before you ask, we certainly do not have a relationship with him.

Can’t touch this BOOM.

Do you have any questions for Klipsch about the CES 2016 experience? Post in the comments below.




Klipsch at CES 2016: Day 4

The final day of the Consumer Electronics Show is open to the public, which means that we were able to show off our latest and greatest headphones and speakers directly with the masses.

Before this post, we hadn’t spoken much about headphones but that’s because the whole booth is full of new product! For many of you, though, this will be a case of “saving the best for last.”

This will be our last daily recap from CES 2016, but we may just throw a few more surprises at you in an “Odds and Ends” blog post to wrap things up.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Over-Ear Bluetooth

Reference On-Ear Bluetooth

Everyone wants Bluetooth headphones, so we’re not going to be left out in the cord. We were able to add Bluetooth to the successful Reference On-Ear design. It’s like we just snipped off the cable. Of course, you can still use them if you forgot to charge them up – just plug in the cable.

Klipsch Reference Over-Ear CES

Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth

Yes, we are back in the over ear headphone game with the new Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones. We are adapting the ultra-comfortable Reference On-Ear design and making it into an over-ear design that doesn’t make you goofy like some of those other headphone manufacturers. The Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth will have a new driver technology, ensuring that you will get the very best in modern Klipsch acoustics.

Klipsch Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

Neckband In-Ear Bluetooth

One of the hottest segments in the headphone market is with the neckband form factor. The most popular existing offerings look and sound, quite frankly, foolish, so we’re here to change that. Look at that slick leather band! These headphones will feature a class-leading battery life and neck vibration for calls. Like the recently launched R6 Bluetooth, these headphones will feature aptX and AAC codecs, a multipoint connection, Micro-USB charging and are sweat-resistant. Disclaimer: design is subject to change.

R6 In-Ear Bluetooth

We also showed off the aforementioned R6 In-Ear Bluetooth headphones at CES 2016. These headphones are quickly becoming favorites of our staff and from the public alike. Using the R6’s best-in-class acoustics and a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, these headphones almost make too much sense for someone such as an urban commuter or someone who simply doesn’t want pesky wires anymore.

Reference X Series

Also recently launched, the Reference X Series represent the pinnacle in design and acoustics for Klipsch headphones. These headphones were in such hot commodity that we had to have someone stationed right by them the entire time, so none of them walked away from the booth.

Stay tuned for a few more tasty morsels from Klipsch at CES 2016 as well as a complete, all-encompassing recap of North America’s biggest trade show.

What is your favorite thing from Klipsch at CES 2016 on day four? Post in the comments below!



Klipsch at CES 2016: Day 3

Everyone loves Klipsch sound. That’s pretty much a straight-up fact. You want it anywhere and everywhere you go.

We have continued to add more and more unique solutions that allow you to enjoy legendary Klipsch and here we are at CES 2016 to show you one more way.

Multi-room sound.

We told you that we were waiting for technologies to mature before jumping into the fray and we believe the time is right to start talking about some stuff we have in the works.

What is Play-Fi Wireless Technology?

Play-Fi is a new, yet polished, wireless audio platform for those who want to have speakers throughout their house without complicated wiring. It works through your home’s existing high-speed Internet connection and WiFi network.

We are extremely excited to start growing our portfolio of Play-Fi speakers. After all, who wouldn’t want Klipsch sound ringing throughout their house?

Klipsch Powergate CES 1

Klipsch Powergate with Play-Fi Wireless Technology

So, let’s say you already have some bad-ass passive Klipsch speakers – perhaps Reference Premiere or the Heritage Series – but you want to create a multi-room solution. What you need is a Klipsch Powergate with Play-Fi. It amplifies passive loudspeakers and connects them into a Klipsch multi-room system. The targeted release for the Powergate is August 2016.

Klipsch Gate CES 1

Klipsch Gate with Play-Fi Wireless Technology

On the flip side, let’s say you are buying Klipsch powered speaker like the new Reference Premiere HD Wireless, Reference R-15PM or perhaps the powered Heritage-inspired speakers we told you about yesterday. In this case, you will simply need the Klipsch Gate with Play-Fi. It makes any powered speaker a part of a Klipsch multi-room system. Just like the Powergate, look for this fella in August 2016.

Klipsch Soundbars CES 1

Soundbars, Soundbars, Soundbars

We told you in the CES Preview blog that a bunch of soundbars were coming and we weren’t lying. Many of these soundbars offer common-sense improvements; however, perhaps most excitingly, many of these soundbars have Play-Fi built-in. Play-Fi is a new wireless technology that supports multi-room audio simply and efficiently.

Reference RSB-6: The successor to the super-popular R-4B adds an HDMI connection. Look for it in September 2016.

Reference RSB-8: Like the RSB-6, the RSB-8 boasts HDMI and will be out in September 2016 but this soundbar + wireless subwoofer also offers Play-Fi.

Reference RSB-11: This is the replacement to the R-10B. It has an improved industrial design, additional drivers, additional features/modes and HDMI connectivity. It is due out in August of 2016.

Reference RSB-14: The RSB-14 takes all of the improvements from the RSB-11 and adds Play-Fi for multi-room sound. It should launch in September of 2016.

Reference Premiere RPTB-3100B: Last but certainly not least, the first Reference Premiere Theater Bar is designed for TRUE multichannel home theater applications. It offers the option to add additional wireless speakers that can be used as wireless surrounds or for additional rooms through Play-Fi. The RPTB-3100B also has a tapered industrial design that will come in a unique selection of finishes. This product may be released sometime in the future, so stay tuned!

Reference Wireless Speakers CES 1

Reference Wireless Speakers

Our iconic Reference Series gets the multi-room treatment too! Each Reference Wireless Speaker works as an additional mono or stereo zone in your multi-room system through Play-Fi. You can use it as a surround channel for any of the Play-Fi enabled soundbars listed above or you can pair five of them together for a kick-ass 5.0 system. Oh and it connects easily to your Bluetooth enabled devices too.

Klipsch Stadium CES 1

New Klipsch Stadium Finishes + Play-Fi

Since its introduction, the Klipsch Stadium has always been virtually a piece of art visually, sonically and technologically.

At CES 2016, we introduced a pair of new finishes – piano gloss black and matte black – as well as the inclusion of Play-Fi. One of our most advanced speakers just got that much smarter.

Even more surprises coming tomorrow, so check The Klipsch Joint again tomorrow!

What do you think of what we recapped today from CES 2016? Let us know in the comments below!




Klipsch at CES 2016: Day 2

As you may already know, Klipsch is celebrating its 70th Anniversary at CES 2016. In honor of this milestone, we are introducing a pair of unique finishes for select Heritage speakers as well as a whole new line of Heritage-inspired speakers.

Like yesterday’s post, we would like to remind everyone that even with today’s entry, we aren’t done reporting on all of the new stuff we have on display at CES 2016. There are just so many new and awesome Klipsch speakers and headphones that have been introduced publicly here in Las Vegas.

No point in blabbering on anymore, let’s get to it…

Klipschorn Heresy 70th Limited Edition 1 social

Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Klipschorn & Heresy Speakers

These limited edition Klipschorn and Heresy III speakers are a stunning tribute to our proud 70 years of history. Both of these Paul W. Klipsch designs are receiving an exotic Australian walnut wood veener finish and a unique grille cloth. Each pair of speakers will have a special 70th Anniversary plaque, hand signed by the builder, identifying it as part of this limited series. Oh and you gotta love those special logos!

There will only be 35 pairs of these 70th Anniversary Klipschorns made and 70 pairs of the 70th Anniversary Heresys. We will announce availability information shortly.

Heresy Wireless 1 social

Heresy III Wireless Speakers

You may look at this photo and say “that’s just a Heresy III.” Well, you’d be dead wrong. This puppy is powered by custom engineered electronics and wirelessly connected with WiSA high definition wireless technology. (Just like the Reference Premiere HD Wireless System.) The Heresy III Wireless accepts digital, analog and Bluetooth wireless technology inputs and easily connects to turntables via the built-in phono pre-amp.

Heritage Inspired 10" Powered Monitors

Heritage-Inspired Powered Monitors

We just introduced the slick Reference R-15PM Powered Monitors, but we know many of you prefer the Heritage look and feel. At CES 2016, we showed two versions of these Heritage-inspired powered monitors – one with a 6.5” woofer and the other with a big ol’ 10” woofer.

Featuring a wood veneer, tactile controls and a premium grille cloth, these monitors certainly fit the look and feel of an old-school speaker. Additionally, we threw in all of the technology that makes the R-15PM so appetizing: built-in phono pre-amp, Bluetooth, etc.

Yes, please.

Heritage Room System CES 1 social

Heritage-Inspired Portable Music System & Multi Room System

Ready or not, here’s something a little different for you! Like the Heritage-inspired powered monitors, these speakers have a retro design, yet are packed with new-age technology. One version of this speaker is the classic semi-portable speaker (8 hours battery life) that can give you this classic style and sound on the go. The other version is a multi-room solution thanks to Play-Fi technology.

You’ve been asking for a true multi-room solution and we are certainly listening.Who wouldn’t want a bunch of these speakers around their home?

(We will have more information on other Klipsch multi-room systems in the day 3 CES 2016 recap.)

Heritage Table Top systems CES 1 social

Heritage-Inspired Table Top Speakers

Of all the new Heritage-inspired speakers, the Table Top speakers perhaps garnered the biggest reaction. Countless booth visitors – men and women, young and old – remarked how they would love to have one for their office or desk. Exactly what we’re thinking!

Coming in two different sizes, depending on how large your room is, these speakers will effortlessly fill the room while giving you a pleasing mid-century aesthetic that goes with just about anything.

Mini Heresy Bluetooth Speakers 1 social

Heritage-Inspired 2.1 Desktop System

Yes, these look like Heresy speakers. We took one of our most popular designs and shrunk it down into a 2.1 Bluetooth system that would be the perfect pairing for a computer setup. We should’ve done this a while ago, don’t you think? After all, more Heresy is good for the soul.

Now, before you frantically type “TAKE MY MONEY”, we must put the disclaimer that all of the new Heritage-inspired speakers are still in development. There will be plenty of design and acoustic tweaks before these pushed to market. 

What’s your favorite Klipsch product that you have seen from us thus far at CES 2016? Let us know in the comments!




Klipsch at CES 2016: Day 1

Here. We. Go.

Day one of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is always a whirlwind with no one knowing quite knowing what to expect besides bright lights, loud music and thousands of people.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you have to come to expect and demand great sound of Klipsch. We are delivering that once again in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, we are showing off a whole-heck-of-a-lot of new products that deliver improved audio experiences while maintain that same legendary Klipsch Sound.

In this day one recap, we don’t want to show all of our cards just yet to those who are not in Vegas for the show. Honestly, you probably wouldn’t want to read this blog because it would be WAY too long. Practically, the whole Klipsch booth is dedicated to brand spankin’ new products which each equally deserving of attention.

For this entry, we’ll focus on the stuff that is coming out very soon.

RP HD Wireless CES 1 Social

Reference Premiere HD Wireless Speakers

Introduced at last year’s CES, these speakers will be landing at your local Magnolia Home Theater/Best Buy in February 2016. HD wireless sound is finally here. Seriously.

With the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system, you don’t need an AVR (finally!) and it’s easy to grow the system over time. You can start with a 2.0 system whether it’s a air of the RP-440WF floorstanding or RP-140M bookshelf speakers plus the HD Control Center and then move your way up to a full 7.2 system whenever you’re ready.

Once you register your Reference Premiere HD Wireless system, we’ll send you FREE firmware upgrades. Everyone loves to future-proof, right?


R-15PM CES 1 social

Reference R-15PM Powered Monitors

Seemingly forever, people have been begging us to do powered monitors. Well, here you go, friends!

Whether you’re connecting to a turntable, television, computer or cell phone, the R-15PM Powered Monitors are ready to deliver room-filling sound. With an integrated phono pre-amp, Bluetooth® wireless technology, digital optical, analog RCA and USB inputs, your R-15PM is your new best friend.

These speakers will be available in the next month. Stay tuned to Klipsch.com!


Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth Speaker Wall

Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We hope you have already heard about the Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker, but, if you haven’t, you really ought to learn more this powerful little fella. It offers all the sound without the fluff.

It’s time to hit the road with real audio. The Groove is available now from Klipsch.com (US only) and select retailers across the world.

Outdoor Speakers CES 1 social

New Outdoor Speakers

Another big request from consumers (and dealers) is for Klipsch to get more involved in outdoor audio. After all, we can’t live our entire lives in our respective home theater rooms.

The new landscape speakers from Klipsch are the ultimate in low-distortion, high-efficiency landscape system on the market today. We will gladly stack these speakers up against one else’s offerings.

LS-5T Landscape Satellite

LS-6T Landscape Satellite

LS-10SW Half Burial Subwoofer

LS-12SW Direct Burial Subwoofer

Each of these products will be available in May of 2016, just in time for the spring and summer seasons.

New Klipsch Amplifiers CES


More awesome additions to the Klipsch lineup at CES 2016 are the KDA-500 and KDA-1000 amplifiers. These amps offer premium amplification for all Klipsch custom install, outdoor, and box product with easy set-up, flexible DSP and presets to optimize all existing and future Klipsch passive speakers.

Look for these to land in May of 2016.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap where we will tell you about all of the new Heritage-inspired speakers that are going to make your mouth water.

What are you thoughts thus far from Klipsch at CES 2016? Post them in the comments below!

Klipsch at CES 2016: Preview

The Consumer Electronics Show is upon us once again! North America’s biggest trade show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 6-9, 2016. Klipsch will be demonstrating all sorts of amazing audio solutions from the Convention Center’s Central Hall in booth #10428.

We aren’t going to ruin any of the surprises quite yet, but below a list of things that you should expect to see from us at CES 2016. (Sorry, it’s just too much fun, teasing you!)

Klipschorn limited edition preview 1 social

70th Anniversary Celebration

Klipsch is celebrating its 70th Annivesary at CES 2016 with a bunch of amazing historical artifacts that we have collected through Paul W. Klipsch and Jim Hunter as well as our partners, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

But that’s not all! We will also be introducing a pair of limited edition finishes that pay tribute to the amazing standards Paul W. Klipsch set for us. What products do you think this is for? We look forward to reading your guesses!

RP HD Wireless CES 1 Social

Powered Speakers

You’ve asked for it. We’ve delivered. We will be showing off a host of powered solutions that are both flexible and room-rattling. Trust us, these aren’t dinky little speakers.

You may already have heard, but we are set to release the Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers and R-15PM monitors in the coming weeks. CES 2016 attendees are the first people to get to listen to the finalized versions.

You can ask any Klipsch employees who heard the demo at HQ recently…these are breathtaking. You’ll be looking for hidden speakers in the walls because you won’t believe what they can do.

Heresy Bluetooth CES Preview 1 social

We’re Not Done With Bluetooth Speakers

The Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker was just the beginning. We’re revealing TEN new speakers that have both modern and retro designs as a homage to our rich history and 70th anniversary.

Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth Preview 1 social

We’re Not Done With Bluetooth Headphones Either!

Since we launched the R6 In-Ear Bluetooth headphones, we have been bombarded with requests for an on/over-ear Bluetooth headphones option. Far be it for us to disappoint you…

Outdoor Speakers CES Preview 1 social

New Outdoor Speakers

We’re serious about outdoor speakers. VERY serious. The new landscape systems and digital amplifiers that we’ll introduce at CES 2016 will showcase our acoustic superiority and ease of installation. You’ll be pissing off the neighbors AND the gophers.

Heritage Play-Fi preview social

Multi-Room Audio

A multi-room system shouldn’t have to sound like crap. We’re here to change that.

We can’t say anything more right now, but there will be multiple solutions coming…

CES Soundbars 1 social

Soundbars, Soundbars, Soundbars

The soundbar space is flooded with options that simply don’t sound good enough to be paired with your expensive television. We’re ready to prove that you’ve been missing out with several new options that add features that you’ve been looking for.

Car Audio

Juuuuuuust kidding!

We will be revealing all of the details on www.KlipschGroupShows.com and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Better yet, we hope to see you at booth #10428 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center!

What are you most looking forward to from Klipsch at CES 2016? Post in the comments below.

WPWK Podcast – Episode 4: Bob Heil, Part 2

Legendary inventor Bob Heil recounts meeting Paul W. Klipsch for the first time and the audio journey it led him to after in part two of this series. Hosted by Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy of Classic Album Sundays

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About the Klipsch WPWK Podcast

Klipsch Audio is now on the air from WPWK studios to give you in-depth conversations about music, audio technology, speaker industry trends and (of course) Klipsch product details. So tune in and turn up the volume.