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Klipsch Install Stories: Toronto Raptors BioSteel Centre Practice Facility

The Toronto Raptors compete with an end goal of winning the NBA championship, so it makes sense that they need the very best facility to help them accomplish their dream.

Toronto Raptors Basketball Club President and General Manager Masai Ujiir said, “We wanted the BioSteel Centre to feel like home for the team and music is a very important part of creating that atmosphere. We also wanted this new facility to be world-class in every way as we work to bring a winner to Toronto for our city and our fans. Klipsch was a natural partner for us to deliver exceptional sound at the BioSteel Centre.”

The brand new BioSteel Centre is a two-story, 68,000 square foot facility that serves as the Raptors official practice facility in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. It features two full size basketball courts; state-of-the-art locker rooms with individual TV monitors above each locker; a large fitness, weight room and training area; an extensive medical and rehabilitation area, including cold and hot tubs and an underwater treadmill; and a player lounge with a full service kitchen and dining room.

In other words, it’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

Klipsch Biosteel Centre Toronto Raptors Practice Courts

Each practice court at the BioSteel Centre is equipped with a pair of Klipsch KI-396 commercial speakers complemented by a THX-certified Klipsch KPT-684 high output subwoofer. Just like the Colts in Indianapolis, we imagine the Raptors have no problem cranking the volume on their Klipsch speakers to simulate a hostile away-court environment.

Practice is just part of the equation for a team looking to win a championship. Endless film study is also a requirement to be the best. Thankfully, Canada’s favorite basketball team has a 24-seat theater room, with a 105-inch flat screen, bordered by two Klipsch KL-6504 THX in wall speakers. It’s so awesome and would be a shame if the theater is only for studying game film. (That being said, we bet there are a few non-basketball movies viewed here on occasion.)

Before the players can even view the game film, coaches and staff members break down the footage on their own. A three-person team analyzes and prepares it using workstations powered by Klipsch Reference R-10B soundbars.

Whether for rehabbing or simply training, the pool is a great place to get a great workout that’s easy on the joints, even if you’re not Michael Phelps. Klipsch AW-800 all-weather speakers make it easy on the ears as well.

“After the retrofit of the Air Canada Centre in 2014 with over 1,000 Klipsch speakers, they were our top choice for the new BioSteel Centre,” said Bob Hunter, Chief Project Development Officer for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. “Our goal with this new training centre was to deliver one of the top facilities of its kind in sports for the team and the technical abilities offered by Klipsch to push out a clean sound with low distortion over a large area made them a natural fit.”

OK, so maybe having a killer sound system throughout their practice facility isn’t going to guarantee a NBA Championship for the Toronto Raptors, but we’re proud to help support our friends from the north in their quest for greatness.

What do you think of the Toronto Raptors new practice facility and its audio setup? Let us know in the comments!

Klipsch-BioSteelCentre-1-KL6504THX social

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Klipsch-BioSteelCentre-3-KL6504THX social

Klipsch-BioSteelCentre-5-KI396-KI684 social

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2016 #MarchLoudness Sales

It’s March and for a lot of Americans that means it’s time to start focusing on college basketball. After all, you don’t want to be the person to come last in your office’s tournament bracket again, do you?

From soundbars to speakers to subwoofers, the best sports bar is the one inside your house if you have Klipsch sound.

Oh, and we won’t judge you if you crank the volume up to let your neighbors know just how much better your alma matter is than theirs.

Here are our picks to turn the madness into #MarchLoudness. Scroll to the bottom if you want to see the details of the promotions we are running during March.

R-4B Lifestyle - 2 social

Reference R-4B Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer

With so much basketball on TV, you may not have the time to fiddle around with a full-blown surround sound system. But you could certainly plop a soundbar in front of your TV and plug a couple cables in, right?

The Klipsch Reference R-4B Soundbar delivers all the details you could ever want, from the coach squawking at his players during a timeout, to the “beer man” checking a student’s ID in the tenth row. With the included wireless subwoofer, you’ll feel it when a player hits the floor or the crowd rises to their feet. This is courtside sound.

$50 OFF | 3/1 – 3/31 | Klipsch.com and Select Retailers

Klipsch Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speaker

Reference Premiere RP-150M and RP-160M Bookshelf Speakers

There are a lot of wimpy bookshelf speakers out there. The Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-150M and RP-160M aren’t those kinds of speakers. These are the kind of bookshelf speakers that stare you down after they dunk on you.

With stunning 6.5” copper Cerametallic woofers, these speakers make their presence felt both visually and acoustically. Steve Guttenberg and Ty Pendlebury of CNET said “The Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers and subwoofer deliver maximum home theater dynamics and power with ease, and sound great with music, too.”

These bracket-busting speakers stand out from its competitors.

20% OFF | 3/1 – 3/31 | Klipsch.com and Select Retailers

Reference Subwoofer John Varvatos

Reference R-110SW, R-112SW and R-115SW Subwoofers

If you’re anything like us, you aren’t just going to choose the high seeds to go all the way in your bracket. We like lower seeds…and lower frequency.

The Reference R-110SW, R-112SW and R-115SW Subwoofers are easily the best subwoofers to ever come out of Klipsch engineering, featuring spun copper, front-firing Cerametallic™ woofers. Close your eyes because with Reference Subwoofers, win or lose, you’ll feel it.

Klipsch.com and Select Retailers

#MarchLoudness Sales

Check out the full promotion of #MarchLoudness sales and promotions below. Deals are available at Klipsch.com for select products as well as participating dealers.

Model Finish Units MSRP Sale Price Discount Discount


RP-280F Cherry Each $599.00 $479.00 $120.00 20 1/18 3/31
RP-260F Cherry Each $499.00 $399.00 $100.00 20 1/18 2/29
RP-250F Cherry Each $374.00 $299.00 $75.00 20 1/18 2/29
RP-160M Ebony Pair $549.00 $439.00 $110.00 20 3/1 3/31
RP-160M Cherry Pair $549.00 $379.00 $170.00 31 3/1 3/31
RP-150M Ebony Pair $419.00 $335.00 $84.00 20 3/1 3/31
RP-150M Cherry Pair $419.00 $299.00 $120.00 29 3/1 3/31
R-4B Black Each $399.00 $349.00 $50.00 13 3/1 3/31
R6 Black Each $79.00 $59.00 $20.00 25 3/6 3/12
R6 White Each $79.00 $59.00 $20.00 25 3/6 3/12
R6i Black Each $99.00 $79.00 $20.00 20 3/6 3/12
R6i White Each $99.00 $79.00 $20.00 20 3/6 3/12
R6 Black Each $79.00 $59.00 $20.00 25 3/20 3/26
R6 White Each $79.00 $59.00 $20.00 25 3/20 3/26
R6i Black Each $99.00 $79.00 $20.00 20 3/20 3/26
R6i White Each $99.00 $79.00 $20.00 20 3/20 3/26
RP-450C Cherry Each $649.00 $519.00 $130.00 20 3/1 3/31
RP-440C Cherry Each $549.00 $439.00 $110.00 20 3/1 3/31
RP-250C Cherry Each $369.00 $299.00 $70.00 19 3/1 3/31
RP-280FA Walnut Each $1,200.00 $799.00 $401.00 33 3/1 3/31
RP-450CA Walnut Each $849.00 $799.00 $50.00 6 3/1 3/31
R-10B Black Each $599.00 $499.00 $100.00 17 3/20 3/31
R6 On-Ear Black Each $79.00 $59.00 $20.00 25 3/6 3/12
R6 On-Ear Black Each $79.00 $59.00 $20.00 25 3/20 3/26
R6i On-Ear Black Each $99.00 $79.00 $20.00 20 3/6 3/12
R6i On-Ear Black Each $99.00 $79.00 $20.00 20 3/20 3/26

What is your home audio setup for the climax of college basketball season? Post in the comments below.


Klipsch Install Stories: Air Canada Centre

Stadiums are constantly struggling to deliver a first-rate fan experience. For Air Canada Centre, it’s a different story.

Opening its doors to fans in 1999, Air Canada Centre is the home of the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Rock and serves as one of the top ten venues in the world. Every year, millions of patrons attend adrenaline-pumping events that are unmatched by many in professional sports and entertainment– an accolade that could not have been achieved without the help of Klipsch.

Klipsch Install - Air Canada Centre

Klipsch professional CA series speakers throughout Air Canada concourse, restaurants and arena.


In 2012, it was decided Air Canada Centre could provide a better audio experience for its customers. That’s when a handful of audio experts from Gentec International, the Klipsch distributor and leading audio provider in Canada, were summoned to tackle this assignment.

The 20-day installation project retrofitted the entire Air Canada Centre, excluding only the stadium’s bowl. From its concourses to platinum suites, Klipsch’s professional speakers, soundbars and subwoofers decorated what seemed to be every inch of the facility. Prior to tipoff of the 2013-2014 Toronto Raptors season, the final speaker was installed – and the result was memorable.

Klipsch Install - Air Canada Centre - The Klipsch Joint

Grabbing a drink before the game or at halftime doesn’t mean Raptors and Maple Leafs fans lose quality sound in the Air Canada Centre.


“The improvement in fidelity and coverage was immediate” said Courtney Ross, senior audio engineer and supervisor of venue technology operators at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Ltd.

The installation included:

  • Over 1,000 Klipsch speakers total
  • 28 Klipsch soundbars in platinum suites
  • Klipsch CA-800-T speakers throughout the concourse and arena exterior
  • Klipsch CA-525T speakers throughout the concourse, concourse bars, arena exterior and training facility
  • Klipsch IC-650-T speakers installed in locker rooms, premium suites and restaurants
  • A Klipsch KI-115 subwoofer prominently displayed in the venue’s Crown Corner

“Because of the Klipsch team’s support and exceptional speakers, Air Canada Centre has never sounded better,” said Jeff Deline, vice president of global partnerships at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Ltd.

Toronto has proven to be a meaningful location for Klipsch. Shortly after the Air Canada Centre installation, Klipsch was named the official headphone and commercial speaker sponsor of the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs and Live Nation Canada. With additional projects in the works, it is clear Toronto has welcomed Klipsch into their city with open arms.

DeMar DeRozan Answers Fans’ Questions Through Klipsch

Klipsch brand ambassador and Toronto Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan has fought through some injuries during the 2014-2015 season and looks primed to make a major difference in the playoffs for Canada’s only NBA team.

The Compton-native took some time out to take over the @KlipschAudioCan Twitter account and answer fans’ questions…84 of them by the end of it! DeRozan is one of the “good guys” who genuinely does care about his fans and even us, his partners.

He tackled a variety of subjects including whether he would enter the music industry, the snow in Toronto, Gone Girl and much more.

For DeRozan’s entire conversation with Klipsch and Raptors fans, read below:

DeMar DeRozan Takes Over Klipsch Canada Twitter Account

Klipsch brand ambassador and Toronto Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan took a breather from the beginning of the NBA season to answer questions from fans via the Klipsch Canada Twitter account (@KlipschAudioCAN). The NBA All-Star and Team USA member talks about the first time he dunked, what’s on his playlist, the league’s biggest trash talker, and a smattering of other topics.

DeRozan’s Raptors are off to a scintillating start this season, inspired by a raucous home crowd that seems like it won’t let the team lose. If you happen to attend a Raptors or Maple Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre, be sure to check out the Klipsch speakers installed in the arena’s suites and concourse areas.

For DeRozan’s entire conversation with Klipsch and Raptors fans, read below: