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The Best Klipsch Black Friday Deals of 2015

By the time you read this, we are pretty positive that you don’t want to here about Black Friday anymore. That being said, we are pretty sure Klipsch customers never tire of saving money.

So, despite the Black Friday overload, we’re going to plow on forward and try to help make your Black Friday shopping decisions a little easier. This is perhaps the best crop of sales we have ever had on Klipsch for the All-American shopping holiday, so we’re confident you’ll find something or perhaps something for a lucky friend or family member. Everyone could use a Klipsch audio upgrade, after all.

Deals will go live right at midnight as the Eastern Time zones hits Friday, November 27. You may see some of the deals pop up earlier.

RF-7II $1,600.00 $1,279.00 $321.00 20
RC-64II $1,399.00 $1,099.00 $300.00 21
Reference On-Ear $199.00 $149.00 $50.00 25
RP-280F $599.00 $419.00 $180.00 30
RP-260F $499.00 $349.00 $150.00 30
Quintet 5 $549.00 $274.00 $275.00 50
ProMedia 2.1 $149.00 $109.00 $40.00 27
R-115SW $549.00 $439.00 $110.00 20
R-112SW $649.00 $519.00 $130.00 20
R-110SW $899.00 $719.00 $180.00 20
RP-280FA $1,199.00 $959.00 $240.00 20
RP-450CA $849.00 $679.00 $170.00 20
X11i $349.00 $199.00 $150.00 43
KG-200 $129.00 $44.00 $85.00 66

That’s a whole lot of awesome to choose from. Below are a few of our subject “top picks”. Remember, your own unique living space and lifestyle should play a major role in your personal buying decision.

20% OFF Klipsch Reference RF-7 II and RC-64 II Speakers

The Klipsch Reference RF-7 II floorstanding speaker and RC-64 II center channel speaker are two of the best speakers the company has ever made. No Bullshit. Handcrafted in Hope, Arkansas, these speakers represent the very best of “Made in USA” values.

We very rarely offer discounts on these speakers, so this Black Friday is your best chance to get 20% off these heirloom-quality speakers. You music and movies will never sound the same.

$50 OFF Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphones

We know that this time of you, many of you are shuttling across the world whether it be on buses, airplanes or really long car rides. With $50 off the Klipsch Reference On-Ear headphones, you can absolutely bring legendary Klipch sound wherever you may go.

This is the first time we’ve offered a significant sale price; so take advantage while it lasts! We believe they deliver best-in-class sound and comfort…and the reviewers agree.

50% OFF Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System

A Klipsch home theater system for under $275. Seriously.

Every piece of the Quintet system comes housed in our AcoustiComp® cabinets, which are the same materials that Klipsch Professional speakers use. The Quintet also utilizes Linear Travel Suspension tweeters to ensure clean sound at high frequencies while new long-throw woofers ensure larger-than-expected bass output. There’s a reason the Quintet has been one of our best-selling speakers for years on end.

$40 OFF Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speakers

All these speakers do are win awards year after year. We firmly believe that the ProMedia 2.1 speakers are the best computer speakers that money can buy. Now, you can get the pound-for-pound champions for $40 off while supplies last.

$150 OFF the Klipsch X11i Headphones

We recently launched the new X Series that boast a bevy of improvements; however, the Klipsch X11i is still one of the finest headphones on the market. It is incredibly small and light while packing audiophile-grade sound. If you find yourself on-the-go a lot, this is a great option.

Oh and it’s $150 OFF. That is not a typo. We only have a few left, so pick one up for yourself or a friend while you can.



Did you find a special deal on Klipsch speakers at a retailer? Post it in the comments below!


Press Record: Interview with Marvin King of MightyKillers

At a basic level, is a website that sells hats, shirts sweaters and other apparel. Yet, it is so much more than that to founder and creative director Marvin King.

An avid photographer, King has infused unique visual statements into his clothing line. So much so that MIGHTYKILLERS has seen rapid growth in its third year of existence, becoming a fixture in the international photography community.

MIGHTYKILLERS hosts Instagram “meet ups” in the Bay area as well as across the world including India, Japan, China and Hong Kong, drawing in hundreds of people. King and his team focus on inspiring fellow creatives to explore the world and create passionately.

We caught up with the 27-year-old to talk about his latest travels, inspirations, photography, music and, of course, his choice in audio equipment.


MIGHTYKILLERS is a creative brand focusing on empowering the community through our products and visuals.

How did it all get started?

All throughout middle school and high school, and then into college, I delved delved into the idea of starting my own clothing line. I was big into fashion, streetwear and culture growing up. And I’ve always been a huge hobbyist of photography so everything just kind of came together naturally for me. The brand really focuses on apparel and photography, each of them go hand in hand. Last year, we hit the ground running with the brand. Got really involved with our community. Today, we are recognized as a creative brand in the photo community and have been able to take our craft and travel the world, and share with the world.

What have been the biggest challenges?

Coming up with a team of creative individuals who share the same passion was tough. When I realized there was only so much that I could do with this brand on my own, I decided to reach out and conduct a team, but that was challenging. Finding creatives who are on the same page as me wasn’t easy. I’ve learned that when you decide to work with others, everyone needs to have the same drive to execute with your best potential. If one doesn’t have that drive, it really throws off the entire team; I can’t have that.

What are the inspirations for the site/store?

The world around us. As cliche and plain as that sounds, it’s what really drives the brand. Traveling the world is something I really enjoy doing, and when you have the opportunities to go from corner to corner of the world, you learn so much from each destination. I do my best in blending my love for good minimalistic design and moody photos to create a solid foundation of what represents me. The team I have working with me now all compliment my work, as my work does theirs. It’s awesome.

What’s your next adventure?

I recently just got back from a tour around the southern corners of Utah, passing through Arizona. It was awesome seeing so many canyons and arches formed by years and years of Mother Nature’s work. My next visit is definitely opposite of all this, chasing snow at Glacier National Park in Montana. Planning to spend a week out in the cold.

Why do you enjoy most about your photography?

The fact that I am freezing moments in time as it happens in my life time. I love being able to look back at all these photos and reliving the moments. Think about how many memories we simply forget because we don’t have a photo to bring that memory out? It’s sad… People say they like to live in the moment rather than taking photos but for me, I like to live in the moment and capture it so that I can live in it forever.

What equipment do you use for photography?

Sony A7II mounted with a Voigtlander 21mm f/1.8 and a Canon 85mm f/1.2L

What is in your bag when you travel?

Camera equipment, candy, external batteries and of course, my Klipsch R6i headphones.

Why did you buy the Klipsch R6i in-ear headphones?

I wanted a good set of in-ear headphones that I can pack and travel with. It’s tough finding the perfect set of headphones because each earpiece fits differently depending on the person. The R6i earbuds and my ears were a match made in heaven. Not to mention, the remote + mic is always handy.

How would you describe their sound?

The best. I love a ton of bass, so it amazes me how much you packed into these small buds.

What does quality sound mean to you?

It’s everything. Music is such a big part of my life so it goes without saying that if I cannot listen to music as the artist intended then I don’t want to hear it. It’s like listening to someones music for the first time on shitty speakers or headphones… Your first impression of their music is obviously not going to be a good one because of the sound quality… So good sound quality is a must.

What was the first album you bought with your own money?

Man, I have no shame in saying that it was Backstreet Boys first album in ‘96. I remember getting my very own Sony walkman CD player and that was one of the first CD’s that I ever purchased. I believe I was around 7 or 8 years old at that time.

What are your musical tastes and who inspired them?

I have a super diverse music library. I listen to just about anything and everything. It all depends on my mood and what I am doing. However, for as long as I can remember, Jun Seba, aka Nujabes has been one of the most influential artists for me. He passed away in 2010 and it is definitely sad thinking that I will never hear a new Nujabes song again.

What song are you playing on repeat right now?

That’s tough question…Lately, I’ve had DJ Okawari and Taku playing all day long.

So, what does the future hold for MIGHTYKILLERS?

What doesn’t it hold? In the times ahead of us, the possibilities are endless.

Press Record” is an on-going interview series with interesting people across the globe that just happen to use and love Klipsch speakers and headphones.


Five Cool Things About the Klipsch Groove Portable Speaker

It’s no secret that most portable Bluetooth speakers these days are pretty “meh.” They sound terrible, feel terrible and usually have some unnecessary gimmick.

We’re here to change that with the new Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker. It is truly a “No Bullshit” portable speaker.

Here are five cool things about the new Klipsch Groove portable speaker that make it no ordinary, run-of-the-mill Bluetooth speaker.

Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Like every Klipsch speaker that has come before it, we have prioritized acoustics. With an insanely powerful 3” full range high excursion driver complemented by two side-firing passive bass radiators and advanced DSP equalization, the Klipsch Groove speaker provides lifelike, dynamic sound at any volume level.

Of course, you probably already knew that the Klipsch Groove would rock despite its diminutive size. You may expect less from the competition, but this is Klipsch. We give a crap about how our speakers sound.

Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Without question, the first thing you will realize when unpacking the Klipsch Groove from its packaging is that this is a substantial speaker. It isn’t toy like many competitors’ offerings that would be better off being sold next to an Etch-A-Sketch.

The Klipsch Groove is built to handle the rigors of the road whether you’re a rock star or simply someone who can’t live without top-shelf audio wherever you go.

Klipsch Groove Splash Proof


We have taken real-world use cases into account when engineering the Klipsch Groove speaker. It boasts a splash-resistant IPX4 rating means that you can bring it to the pool or lake without worrying that a little splash is going to short-circuit it.

Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker


We have all had to play the “find an outlet” game with our various electronics at one point or another. It almost becomes a habit when you walk into a room – “Where’s the outlet?!?!”

With an 8-hour rechargeable lithium battery, the Klipsch Groove allows you to keep the party going all night long without feeling nervous about finding the nearest outlet. Sweet serenity.

Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker Designed in Indianapolis


The Klipsch Groove speaker is the not the typical off-the-shelf portable speaker that you find in this product class. It has been tirelessly designed and engineered by the Klipsch team in Indianapolis, IN. We wanted the best acoustics, so we did it ourselves because, really, who else could do it?

Have questions about the Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker? Post it in the comments below!

What’s New With The Klipsch Reference X Series Headphones

The new Klipsch Reference X Series headphones are here! Not to toot our own horn, but they’re awesome. Really, really awesome.

Yes, we’re definitely going to be touting our own horn a bunch in this blog post, but trust us, the new X Series headphones are a leap forward. No bullshit.

The previous X Series, which consisted of the X4i, X7i and X11i, was no slouch either. These award-winning headphones earned high marks across the board from reviewers for both their design and sound quality.

It was certainly a tall task for Klipsch engineers and designers to outdo themselves, but as they always seem to do, they succeeded. This new X Series is much more of a family of products, offering clear differentiation between the price points. We have also listened to YOU, making logical improvements that will surely bring a smile to your face.

So, what’s new with the new Klipsch Reference X Series headphones? Buckle up…

Klipsch X Series Headphones Comparison


We are very proud to introduce the X6i, XR8i, X12i and X20i in-ear headphones. Each headphone represents what we believe to be best-in-class design and acoustics. See the chart above for a technical comparison between the models.

Klipsch Reference X Series Packaging


We listened to your feedback. Many of you complained that the previous generation of X Series headphones was difficult to open. We altered and improved the packaging to be practically museum-grade. The X20i even comes in a wood case. (More on this later in the blog.)


If you think that all headphone cables are created equal, you would be wrong.

The brand new Klipsch Reference cable shows exposed copper through a smoked jacket. Its heavy gauge wire is not only more reliable but also more efficient. Before you ask, yes, the cables for all the new X Series headphones are tangle-resistant.

We also took the time to create an even smaller, better performing microphone. Conversations will be clearer. No more holding the microphone right up to your lips. This is a truly hands-free microphone.


When the legendary Klipsch Reference Series of speakers launched, it was the first speaker to have our trademark copper cones. They are different. They are bold. They are awesome. Copper is our color.

Since these new X Series share the same sonic signature, we gave these headphones a few tasteful copper accents.


You may have seen black ear tips on a few of our models in the past, but we’ve primarily stuck with the clear look for our patented oval ear tips. Black ear tips are back in a big way. There’s no acoustical difference with the color change, but they look even more bad-ass this way.

Klipsch Reference X-6i Lifestyle 2


The goal of the X6i headphone was to make something that sounded almost as good as the award-winning X11i headphone but at half the price. We shot for the stars.

The X6i uses the KG-723 full range balanced armature driver which favorite of the headphone engineering team, thanks to its vocal clarity and high frequency response. We actually flipped the orientation of this driver 45 degrees from previous models, so that the X6i headphones can have a super slim design, fitting perfectly in almost ear shapes.

Entry level. Schmentry level.

XR-8i Lifestyle 1 social


The XR8i hybrid headphone is a big ol’ boy. There is no hiding that. It’s added fat is there for good reason, though.

We have added a true downward-firing subwoofer to extend authentic bass into the single-digit frequencies. You are going to notice a dramatic difference in performance, particularly when watching movies and listening to electronic music.

Of course, we didn’t sacrifice fit. Between the oval shape of the front housing, the offset nozzle and the tapered bottom portion of the headphone, the XR-8i looks big, but fits small.

Klipsch Reference X-12i Lifestyle


Remember when we said that we listen to you? Once again, we took customer feedback regarding the X10i/X11i. The X12i is still ultra light, still made from aluminum, but the addition of new Reference cable and microphone creates a design that makes it far harder to damage your audio investment.

Klipsch Reference X-20i In-Ear Headphones Lifestyle 2


The addition of a “Super Tweeter” to the X12i’s already excellent driver allowed us to focus on content below 7 kHz, where it sounds best, while also doing it with even less distortion. Simply put, the highs are going to be better than anything you’ve heard before

Klipsch Reference X-20i Connector


The X20i boasts SSMCX connectors, which give one the ability to change cables or have the product more easily, serviced by simply unscrewing the cables. Again, this is something customers requested and we have responded.


Exclusive to the X-20i, we have created the most comfortable ear-tips ever. They’re even more oval than our normal patented oval ear tips, allowing you to listen for hours on end without discomfort. Don’t be afraid of in-ear headphones. They’re your friends.

Klipsch Reference X20i Case 1


The X20i comes with a genuine leather wallet that houses both the headphones and your cards, cash, etc. Handy, right? The X20i also comes in a wooden case because as you have already read (hopefully), this is a headphone worth putting up on a pedestal.


Have any questions about the new Klipsch Reference X Series in-ear headphones? Post them in the comments below!

No Bullshit: Green Day’s Mike Dirnt

Klipsch was honored to be part of the festivities when Green Day was inducted into the Rock and Hall of Fame in 2015.

In between rehearsals before the induction ceremony, Green Day’s legendary bass player Mike Dirnt visited the Klipsch green room backstage and heaped praise upon us, saying he has always loved our speakers and headphones. It was flattering, to say the least.

In 1986, Dirnt formed the band alongside Billie Joe Armstrong that would end up being one of the true icons of the punk rock era. Green Day still sells out shows across the world with fans flocking to see Dirnt, Armstrong and Tre Cool, the green-haired (at the time) drummer who joined the band in 1990.

The California native fell in love with the Reference Premiere RP-160M speakers we had on display backstage and has since outfitted his entire home theater room with Klipsch speakers. (Stay tuned for more on that install.)

Meanwhile, we have caught up with the freshly minted Rock Hall inductee to ask him five questions. Short and sweet. No bullshit. Just the way Dirnt and Klipsch like it.

What was the first album you bought with your own money?

The first album I bought with my own money was the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey. I purchased it when I was five years old at Goodwill for 25 cents. Funny thing…in 2011, it was our stage walk-on music for the 21st Century Breakdown tour.

What is the one album or artist you can’t live without on the road?

David Bowie.

What is the best live concert you have ever experienced? 

The Rolling Stones at a small club, the Echoplex in Los Angeles.

Speakers or headphones?

On the go, definitely headphones, so I can be in my own world. At my home or in a hotel, speakers always!

How would you define quality sound?

In my opinion, quality sound is the truest representation of the original recording! I like to hear music the way the artist intended for it to he heard, not overly enhanced.

We have dubbed this question and answer series “No Bullshit” in honor of Paul W. Klipsch who famously wore a yellow “Bullshit” pin underneath his lapel, flashing it to anyone who was full of it. It is an expression of the Klipsch commitment to deliver world-class speakers and headphones that are high on quality and short on fluff. In this series, we will cut through the nonsense with legendary musicians. To learn more about the origins of the Klipsch “No Bullshit” slogan, click here.

Four Reasons Why the Reference R-4B Soundbar Rocks

We are proud to introduce the Klipsch Reference R-4B soundbar and wireless subwoofer into the Klipsch family of soundbars. The newest member is also the most affordable, ensuring that more people won’t be stuck using their TV’s built-in speakers.

Seriously, please don’t use your TV’s crappy built-in speakers. There are dozens of reasons why the Reference R-4B soundbar and wireless subwoofer is amazing; however, we have narrowed it down to four that we believe are most compelling.

Klipsch Reference R-4B Design


One of the most annoying things about many soundbars is that when you place them in front of the television on the same surface that they block a portion of the bottom part of the screen. They may even block the TV’s infrared sensor, meaning that using your remote becomes difficult if not impossible.

The Reference R-4B soundbar stands at a mere 3.5” in height, allowing you to place it directly in front of the television without fear of it blocking the screen or the infrared sensor. If you watch a lot of Sportscenter, you’ll thank us because you won’t be missing the ticker anymore.

Klipsch Reference R-4B remote


The Reference R-4B has a couple of audio settings that are useful additions to one’s listening experience.

Voice Enhance Mode increases the dialogue’s volume, enhancing vocal clarity without boosting the ambient sounds. Never again will you have to say “What did he say?”

Night Mode adjusts dynamic range for quieter listening environments. Here at Klipsch, we are infamous for liking it loud (just ask anyone who attended the Consumer Electronics Show), but there are times when it is simply more comfortable to have a more subdued listening experience.

Klipsch Reference R-4B Wireless Subwoofer


Affordable soundbars often suffer from weak performance, particularly in regards to bass response. Thanks to a 6.5” down-firing wireless subwoofer, the Klipsch Reference R-4B is certainly an exception. Its wooden cabinet boasts a slot-ported design, allowing for deep, powerful bass.

Klipsch Reference R-4B Sound Quality


At the time of this blog post, the Reference R-4B soundbar is the most affordable entry in the Klipsch roster of soundbars. You probably think that we cut a bunch of corners and put out a soundbar that just isn’t up to our usual lofty standards. Wrong.

We say it time and time again, but it’s certainly worth repeating. Whenever we make a product, we aim to deliver best-in-class acoustics. We have done so again. This isn’t “just a soundbar.”


Have questions about the Klipsch Reference R-4B soundbar and wireless subwoofer? Post them in the comments below!

Happy Halloween with the Klipsch KMC 1

Carving pumpkins is so overrated.

Former Klipsch customer service representative Andrew Davis decided to dress up his orange Klipsch Music Center KMC 1 portable Bluetooth speaker for Halloween by spray-painting multiple spooky decals. Andrew actually left the company just a couple days ago; however, he was still kind enough to share his special creation with us.

Andrew’s KMC 1 actually came with a prototype orange grille unlike the consumer-version, which comes with a black grille. This made it that that much easier to simply spray paint the designs rather than also having to spray paint the grille.  (See below for more photos.)

We’re sure that Andrew will have lots of fun frightening his neighbors with the big sound from this little speaker.

“Pissing off the neighbors?” More like “scaring the neighbors.”

Yup, that’s a horrible Halloween pun. In all seriousness, we hope everyone has fun this weekend. Rock on!

Have you ever dressed up your Klipsch speakers for Halloween? Post in the comments below!

Klipsch KMC 1 Halloween

Klipsch KMC 1 Halloween 3

Klipsch KMC 1 Halloween 4

Klipsch KMC 1 Halloween 5

Klipsch KMC 1 Halloween 6

Klipsch KMC 1 Halloween 7

Klipsch KMC 1 Halloween 8

Klipsch KMC 1 Halloween 9

Klipsch Install Stories: Invoke Yoga

If you’re the typical Klipsch fan, we know you like to play your music loud and proud. Today, we’re bringing you an install story that is less about “pissing off the neighbors” and more about the role audio plays in creating a peaceful environment.

Invoke Yoga holds more than 100 yoga, Pilates, and Bar Effect classes a week at two Indianapolis studios. When choosing speakers, owner Amy Peddycord knew she had to find a product that would withstand the elements that non-yogis might not consider when outfitting her business with audio. Both studios offer multiple hot yoga classes where the room is heated to 95 degrees with 40% humidity.

Peddycord sought out the help of an audiophile friend who recommended Klipsch speakers for both studios and suggested Ovation Audio Video, a local Indianapolis electronics store and installer. The downtown Invoke location features a pair of RB-61 speakers in both the main studio and hot yoga room. Invoke Wellness Center, the second studio location, pumps their audio through 2 R-2650-CSM II and 4 R-1800-C in-ceiling speakers.

Outside of providing quality sound, Peddycord and her instructors know the importance of creating quality playlists, full of sounds and songs that help students find their flow. “Quality speakers can really effect a class,” Peddycord told us, “It’s one of those things a client shouldn’t notice, so they’re allowed to get into the zone of the class rather than noticing what’s wrong in the room.”

So how does a yoga instructor create her playlist? It’s much more than mellow, calming sounds. While some classes feature a soft, relaxing playlist, others focus on an upbeat tempo to increase the speed of students flow.

Peddycord said students have completely different experiences based on the musical taste of the instructor. Personally she’s inspired by Alabama Shakes, Courtney Barnett, Lucinda Williams, and often listens to Mornings Become Eclectic from KCRW in LA. All instructors create their own playlists. Some changing them every few months while music lovers may come in every lesson with a new focus.

Although yoga may not be for you, your own private listening session can have many of the same benefits of yoga. The experience can make you happier, help you focus, give you a piece of mind, and most importantly give you time to relax.

So go on, take a moment every now and then to stop and turn off the outside world. Pick your favorite album, whether it’s slow and simple or aggressive and loud. Then, just sit and listen.

Do you have questions or comments about this Klipsch install? Post in the comments section below.

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 2

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 3

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 4

Klipsch Install Invoke Yoga 1

How To Clean Klipsch Speakers

Klipsch speakers are the pride of the living room, the boss of the basement and often the most prized possession in one’s house. They are a true investment in quality audio.

To keep that investment in pristine condition, you ought to give them a cleaning every once in a while. After all, sometimes it is nice to be seen AND heard.


  • Damp Microfiber Cloth
  • Dry Microfiber Cloth
  • Lint Roller
  • Canned Air (See Below)


  • Use a microfiber cloth. A regular rag is coarse and may harm your speakers’ finish.
  • Dampen the cloth but do not overdo it. If it is dripping, it is too wet.
  • Move the damp cloth in circular motions in order to prevent streaking.
  • When cleaning the horn of a Reference Premiere speaker, use a DRY microfiber cloth.
  • To clean the grilles, simply use a lint roller and move it up and down.
  • Do NOT use chemicals on your Klipsch speakers.


Canned air is a great way to remove dust from a Klipsch speaker. That being said, canned air is created through chemicals. If used improperly, it can damage the finish of your speaker. Please use with extreme caution!

When spraying the canned air, keep the bottle level. If the bottle is upside down or at an angle, it will shoot chemicals directly onto the speaker. That is not a good thing. If it does happen, spray it again – keep it level this time – and wipe with a slightly damp rag to remove any residue.

Do you have your owns tips? Post them in the comments below!