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The Klipsch Stadium Before the Stadium

The Klipsch STADIUM is ready to fire up the Colts.

The Klipsch STADIUM is ready to fire up the Colts.

The sounds of a football stadium are unmistakable on gamedays. The booming PA, the barking vendors, the crunching tackles and cheers and groans from the thousands of spectators.

Take a step back and you realize that playing professional football is just as mental as it is physical. The endless strings of coaches on the sideline aren’t there as models for their fancy logo’d windbreakers.

The scheming, diagnosing and planning involved in each game is a monumental team effort that goes into effect as soon as the previous game of the effort.

When the Indianapolis Colts are on the road, the team has one final preparatory session the night before they take the field. Fifty-three players ranging from 190 to 350 pounds and their coaches gather in one of the hotel’s oversized meeting rooms

It’s there where the Colts video crew plays a montage motivational highlights for the team. The goal is to fire them up and lock them in to the task ahead of them.

To sufficiently fire up over 50 grown men in an extremely large room, the Colts needed a speaker that they can rock the house AND be portable enough to bring on the road.

The Colts first tried out the Klipsch KMC 3 portable speaker, but the team wanted something even louder. Just like what they expect out of the players on the field, they wanted the best. They needed the Klipsch STADIUM.

With over 400 watts of peak system power and state-of-the-art Tractrix® Horns, the Klipsch STADIUM delivers the power, detail and emotion the team needs.

“These speakers sounded amazing especially in the large meeting rooms at the hotel. The sound was rich, full and the bass pounded even in the back of the room. The players commented that the sound was AWESOME,” said Colts video director Erik Kunttu.

This final film session with the team is highly secretive. In fact, it is so secretive that photos are not allowed.

All of this preparation culminates on Sundays, where Klipsch brand ambassador Andrew Luck (and next season, Robert Mathis) put all their knowledge to the test.

Klipsch takes great pride in providing sound solutions for our hometown Indianapolis Colts.

Klipsch Holiday Gift Guide

Maybe it’s just the little kid in all of us, but this time of year can really be quite magical. Despite the dipping temperatures, almost everyone seems to walk around with a big ol’ grin on their face despite the cheesy holiday music.

We are on a mission to make sure your supreme gift-giving deems you your parents’ favorite child or your buddy’s favorite friend…Or, you could just get one of these things for yourself. We won’t tell.

So, before you overdose on eggnog and gingerbread cookies be sure to read through our list of oh-so-irresistible ideas in our Holiday Gift Guide.

Bullshit Button Lapel


Klipsch “Bullshit” Button with Collector’s Card

This isn’t some modern, edgy marketing attempt aimed at millennials. “No Bullshit” is a phrase passed down from the fiery and eccentric Paul W. Klipsch. PWK was so upset with the lies Klipsch competitors would throw out there that he took to sporting a bright yellow “Bullshit” button underneath his jacket lapel. Whenever someone dropped in a dubious claim he would reverse the lapel and point to the button.

The “Bullshit” Button comes free with any purchase from the Klipsch Gear Store now through December 31, 2014.

Learn more about the history of the phrase and button.

Woodchuck USA Case


Woodchuck USA Phone Case

Can we be honest for a second? Pretty much all phones look alike – a black slab with an imposing screen. Kinda boring, right?

Enter Woodchuck USA. The fellas from Minneapolis have been making a variety of wood products including phone cases for all of the most popular models (Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC ONE). They also have pretty much every type of wood available – walnut, mahogany, birch, cedar, etc.

We’ve been using the cases ourselves for the past few months and can confirm they are both great looking and durable. Even better news is that these cases are made in the Gopher State, making this a great surprise for your friend or loved one.

Read our interview with Woodchuck USA CEO & Founder Ben VandenWymelenberg.

bleedingkeys CD


Hero Jr. & Bleeding Keys

What better way to let your friends and loved ones enjoy their brand new Klipsch products than by giving them the gift of music? During the holiday season take advantage of those year-end “best” lists and pick up a few extra copies of your favorites!

Check out the Solo Crazy EP from Indianapolis based folk/alternative rock band Bleeding Keys who say it best in their song Slick Black Cadillac “…we’re gonna make the city shake ‘til the ground gives way.” (P.S. the song was inspired by Klipsch!)

Looking for music on a budget? Take note of artists like the Indianapolis based four-piece rock band Hero Jr. who are currently letting fans “name their price” on their new album Mixed Race Indiana Marriage. 

Klipsch R6 Headphones and Tanner Goods Sketch Book


Klipsch Reference In-Ear Headphones

To throw a cliché out there, great things come in small packages. The new Klipsch Reference in-ear headphones are the perfect present for anyone that travels a lot, works out or just needs peace and quiet.

For under $100, we’re willing to stack these headphones up against any of our competitors’ products. Oh and we make the R6i that has an iPhone-compatible remote/mic and the R6m that works well with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Your family or friends will thank us later.

Go “Beyond the Specs” with Andrew Doerr who designed the acoustics for these headphones.

U-Turn Audio Turntable


U-Turn Audio Orbit Basic Turntable

If you have been reading the Klipsch Joint, you know we are big fans of U-Turn Audio’s Orbit Basic turntable. At $179 dollars, there really isn’t a better offering out there and it’s a great gift idea for someone looking to get back into their vinyl or someone simply looking to give this once-forgotten medium this holiday season.

Assembled just outside of Boston, it boasts a high quality build that is complimented by a warm and inviting sound that pairs perfectly with a pair of Klipsch speakers. For $299, you can get the upgraded Orbit Plus turntable, which has an acrylic platter and Grado phono cartridge.

Read our review of the U-Turn Audio Orbit Basic turntable.

Imogene + Willie


Imogene + Willie Jeans

Pretty much everyone owns a pair of blue jeans, which are practically essential to anyone’s wardrobe. That being said, there are better options out there than the ones sported by Brett Favre in that backyard-football commercial.

We visited the Imogene + Willie factory and storefront in Nashville back in September and immediately fell in love with their brand and staff. Like us, they love music and their Supper + Song sessions are becoming a cult hit in the Music City.

Featuring both classic and slim cuts, Imogene + Willie denim is adorned without any cheesy design flourishes and features a flattering silhouette whatever your body type may be. These just might be the pants you never want to take off. We haven’t…OK, maybe when we’ve showered.

Klipsch Reference R-20B Soundbar


Klipsch Reference Soundbars

Yes, we would love everyone in Klipsch Nation to be rocking a full blown 5.1 surround sound system. BUT we understand that sometimes space, wiring and price are prohibitive costs of entry. That being said, you shouldn’t let your family or friends use those built-in TV speakers!

The Klipsch Reference R-10B and R-20B Soundbars are fantastic solutions that are easy to setup and even easier to enjoy. Klipsch soundbars don’t stray far from the brand’s heritage with 90° x 90° Tractrix® horns delivering crisp highs. For those worried about bass, both models come with a wireless subwoofer that will let you feel all of the low notes.

Here are four things you need to know before buying a soundbar.

Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack


Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack

Full disclosure: our friends at Tanner Goods sent us this backpack to use in photo shoots. Bad news for them is that we aren’t going to give it back without a fight!

The Wilderness Rucksack is one of those items that makes you go “Wow.” Between the durable canvas, rich leather straps, felt-lined laptop pocket, brass buckles and superior craftsmanship, you instantaneously feel and understand its quality. Side note: the leather smelled so good that we had half-a-mind to leave the bag around the office. This bag is truly perfect for the person who wants to get out and go on some adventures.

Available in four different colors, whomever you give this bag to would be very, very happy. Tanner Goods also makes a variety of other leather items in Portland including more bags, belts, wallets and more.

Reference II Speakers


Klipsch Reference Home Theater System

Did you really think we weren’t going to suggest a 5.1 surround sound speaker system? Yes, it’s a big-time purchase and doesn’t exactly fit under the tree, but it would legitimately be one of the best gifts you have ever gotten or received.

Since 1999, the Reference Series is recognized across the industry for being the benchmark of quality and the embodiment of the legendary Klipsch sound. Both the Reference and Reference II speakers will provide one with unsurpassed power, detail and emotion. For the bargain hunters out there, the Reference II speakers are now 20% off at

Red and green are standard Christmas colors, but we don’t think you would mind if they changed to black and copper.

U-Turn Audio Orbit Basic Turntable Review

Fun fact: 2014 is the first year since 1996 that over a million vinyl albums were sold.

We aren’t going to argue the merits for vinyl over digital or vice-versa (future blog post, perhaps), but we know a lot of people who purchase Klipsch speakers have a great affinity for listening to music “the old way.”

With this mini-revolution in sales, companies across the world have been quick to pedal products to support this revitalized medium. Of course, that means a lot of these products (we won’t name names) are not quite up to snuff and we wouldn’t recommend them with our speakers.

Peter Maltzan, Bob Hertig and Ben Carter founded U-Turn Audio as a Kickstarter project in 2014 “to make great vinyl listening simple and more affordable.”

Starting with a modest goal of $60,000, the three “vinyl lovers” saw a remarkable demand, almost quadrupling their target by finishing their Kickstarter with $233,940.

So, does U-Turn Audio live up to its mission AND deliver on quality? Read on…

U-Turn Orbit White Turntable


U-Turn has two options in its turntable lineup. At $179, there is the Orbit Basic and for $299, there is the Orbit Plus.

Both turntables are belt-driven and employ moving magnet (MM) cartridges with the Orbit Plus utilizing a higher-end cartridge from Grado Labs. More expensive turntables may use moving coil cartridges and may require a more expensive phono pre-amp, but MM cartridges are standard for recreational use.

One of the other key differences between the two models is that the Orbit Plus has an acrylic platter while the Orbit Basic uses a MDF one. The former will have better speed consistency and tighter bass according to U-Turn.

There are a couple features missing that you may find in more expensive turntables such as automation and programming but the company isn’t pretending to take on that market quite yet.

For the rest of this review we will be focusing on the Orbit Basic model, as it is the one we have put through the paces at Klipsch HQ.

Full lists of specifications and features for both versions are below.

Orbit Basic

Features Specs In the box
Unipivot tonearm Dimensions: 5 x 17 x 13″ Orbit turntable
MM cartridge (Audio-Technica CN5625AL) Weight: 11 lbs Dust cover
Fully manual belt-drive W&F: 0.175% (WTD) Drive belt
Two speed pulley (33/45) S/N ratio:  -79 dBA Felt mat
24V Synchronous motor Rumble: -63 dBA AC adapter
Machined MDF plinth Power supply 115V/60Hz Shielded RCA cables
Vibration damping feet 24V synchronous motor Setup guide

Orbit Plus

Features Specs In the box
Unipivot tonearm Dimensions: 5 x 17 x 13″ Orbit turntable
MM cartridge (Grado Black1) Weight: 12.5 lbs Dust cover
Fully manual belt-drive W&F: 0.125% (WTD) Drive belt
Two speed pulley (33/45) S/N ratio:  -79 dBA Felt mat
Machined MDF plinth Rumble: -63 dBA AC adapter
Precision acrylic platter Power supply 115V/60Hz Shielded RCA cables
Vibration damping feet 24V synchronous motor Setup guide


Setting up a turntable (like speakers) can sometimes feel daunting but U-Turn Audio has really made it a cinch with the Orbit Basic.
Place the platter over the spindle, plug in the power cord, slide the plastic shield on, and then attach the belt by wrapping it around the pulley and then the platter. After that, plug the included cable into your receiver or phono pre-amp (which we attached to our Klipsch Reference II Bookshelf Speakers – currently on sale) and you’re good to go!

Simple enough, right? This is about as easy as it comes.

The tracking force does not need to be calibrated as the Orbit Basic (and the Orbit Plus) comes optimized for its included cartridge. You do have the option to upgrade your cartridge

If this sound confusing to you, U-Turn includes helpful instructions with videos on its website.

U-Turn Orbit Basic Turntable Black


The Orbit Basic is quite beautiful in a minimalistic sense. There are no unnecessary materials or “gee whiz” design flourishes that detract from its design. It really is something we would place anywhere in the home or office and it wouldn’t look out of place. Perhaps the greatest compliment we can give it is that it looks way more expensive than it really is.

Both the Orbit Basic and Orbit Plus come in black, white, green or blue. We went with the black version because we are Klipsch after all. (How cool would it be to have a black and copper version?!)

One of our favorite parts of U-Turn’s offerings is that the speakers are assembled by hand in the United States, much like our own Heritage Speakers. Assembly occurs in their Woburn, Massachusetts workshop, just a few miles away from Boston. The majority of parts also come from within the country as the acrylic platters are turned in Ohio and plinths find their way from Minnesota.

Combined with U-Turn’s one year warranty, we really feel like these turntables are something you will use (and love) for quite some time.


So far, we’ve concluded that the Orbit Basic is affordable, easy to setup and boasts a quality build, but how does it sound?

Pretty darn good.

We tested out the turntable with a variety of albums from Johnny Cash’s The Man Comes Around to a more recent album like Sam Smith’s You’re Not the Only One.

The Orbit Basic really helped deliver a sound experience that we enjoyed and complimented our entire product range. It boasts a beautiful, warm analog sound with crisp highs and good definition.

We played the albums through a variety of speakers including the Klipsch Reference R-15M bookshelf speakers, Reference RB-61 II bookshelf speakers, Reference RF-7 II floorstanding speakers as well as the Klipsch La Scala II speakers from the Heritage Series.

Now, we hear a lot of people asking, “Which one of your speakers is best for vinyl playback?” There really is no right answer. All of our speakers are going to sound great through the Orbit Basic turntable. Klipsch Heritage speakers are a classic pairing with a vinyl setup as they were designed for the format. That being said, you will still get quite a lot of joy with the R-15M speakers, which we used, at the Music City Food + Wine Festival in Nashville.

U-Turn Orbit Basic with Klipsch Speakers


We won’t mince words here – U-Turn Audio definitely has our recommendation. In fact, we like them so much that we’re bringing a bunch of their turntables to Las Vegas to use in our booth at CES 2015.

Between its design, made in America roots and extraordinary value, the U-Turn turntable is definitely a great pick up for someone looking to get back into their vinyl collection or someone just testing the water with this once-forgotten medium.

The “old way” never sounded so good…especially for $179.

Craiglist Encounter: Klipsch Heresy Speakers

Klipsch Heresy speakers inside Steve Bales' home.

Klipsch Heresy speakers inside Steve Bales’ home.

From tickets to couches to TVs to…err…“encounters”, you never know what you’re going to get with Craigslist.

Rewind about two and a half years ago when Steve Bales purchased his first set of Klipsch speakers – a pair of Reference RF-62 II floorstanding speakers.

“I was impressed by the detail and lifelike sound in our high-ceiling living room,” Bales said.

Bales was so impressed that he joined the Klipsch Forums, engaging with a bustling online community of Klipsch devotees.

“I learned about the different capabilities of each line and Heritage intrigued me. At a time when many consumer goods are manufactured overseas, they continue to be manufactured Hope, Arkansas. That was appealing. The quality construction, efficiency and musicality of the Klipsch Heritage Series were even more attractive.”

Thus, a quest to find a pair of vintage Klipsch speakers was born.

With no audio shop stocking the Heritage Series near his home in Peachtree Corners, Georgia (north side of Atlanta), Bales inevitably found himself scanning Craigslist where he could easily scour the surrounding areas and find the object of his new-found affection.

“I thought I could sample what the Heritage Series had to offer by purchasing on the used market to see what all the fuss was about.”

Bales found a listing in the little town of Ball Ground for a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers that were made in 1980. This was a very meaningful year to Bales, as he received his graduate degree, began his career and married his beloved.

Of course, Bales auditioned the speakers first to make sure they were in working condition. After all, no one wants to get burned after driving an hour and back.

They sounded amazing which didn’t surprise Bales, but what did surprise him is their astounding pedigree.

Robert Moulson performing in Of Mice and Men

Robert Moulson performing in Of Mice and Men

Turns out, the speakers had belonged to the owner’s father-in-law, Robert Moulson. Moulson was an American classical tenor who performed in operas and concerts in the United Sates and Europe from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Bales also learned that Moulson performed a great deal in Germany and is perhaps most famous for his role of Lenny Small in Carlisle Floyd’s Of Mice and Men.

“I can imagine Mr. Moulson enjoying all genres of music on these Klipsch speakers, but particularly opera and the show tunes he loved to sing.”

The trip to Ball Ground was entirely worth it for the speakers and ended up meaning much more.

“I loved meeting Mr. Moulson’s daughter and son-in-law and learning about him. I might even develop an interest in opera!  I would have bought the speakers anyway, but the story added a dimension I was not expecting.”

Two years after his trip to Ball Ground, the Heresy speakers remain in Bales’ home office paired to a vintage Sansui receiver (also from 1980). He still owns the newer Reference speakers as well, but the Heresy speakers claim a special place in Bales’ heart.

“Klipsch has re-kindled my enjoyment of music all over again.”

Not bad for a Craiglist encounter.

Do you have an interesting story on how you acquired your Klipsch speakers? Post it in the comments below or email

WARNING: Purchases of used or new Klipsch speakers or headphones at garage sales, Craigslist, eBay or any other unauthorized dealers void the warranty of the product. Warranties are non-transferrable. To learn more, go to 

Beyond the Specs: Reference Headphones

Beyond the Specs: Reference Headphones


When we say Klipsch is all about live music, we mean it.

Andrew Doerr, a Klipsch development engineer in acoustics, grew up playing piano, which created the foundation for his near-obsession with sound design.

After 17 years of piano lessons and numerous recitals, plays, etc., Doerr was ready to turn his love for music into a profession and furthered his education at Purdue University where he was heavily involved in sound design and engineering for the university’s theater productions.

Since coming to Klipsch, Doerr’s passion for both the piano and great sound hasn’t wavered. In fact, Doerr himself crafted the music for the embedded video.

Without further adieu, let’s go “Beyond the Specs” with Andrew.

Q: What do you do in layman’s terms for Klipsch?

Andrew Doerr: The best way I can describe it is that I take the product concept from the development team and make it sound good.

Q: How did you end up working in sound engineering?

AD: My interest in acoustics stemmed from my love for music when I was growing up. I was big into piano. I liked playing around and took a lot of piano lessons when I was a kid. From those experiences, I developed a love for music and sound. After my experiences in college, I found my way to Klipsch.

Q: When and why did you decide to work at Klipsch?

AD: I started working at Klipsch two years ago soon after college. I went to school at Purdue University, which is only around 50 miles north of Klipsch HQ. I had always been interested in working at Klipsch, maybe because of the speakers my dad had or just knowing a couple people that worked here. Klipsch just had a strong reputation.

Q: How does your piano playing aid you in designing headphone acoustics?

AD: Headphone acoustics are somewhat different from loudspeakers because, if done correctly, it sounds like the music is in your head. When you are sitting at a piano and get lost in the music, it feels kind of like the music is directly in your head. Combined with the art of composing music, the whole thing is really a neat experience. Taking that experience from playing the piano on stage and being a part of that music has helped me dial in a very specific Klipsch sound for headphones.

Q: What makes a Klipsch product sound like a Klipsch product?

AD: Klipsch’s core principles of acoustics are posted all over the office. They are flat frequency response, controlled directivity, low distortion and high efficiency. These four principles apply to headphones as well as loudspeakers. Our headphones may not be exactly flat because they are tuned exactly for your ear, and they are going to sound very natural.

As for controlled directivity…well, you place them right in your ears! We only use the best drivers and balanced armatures, which have very low distortion. Our headphones are highly efficient as they run off your phone. They also offer a great seal and therefore are very loud and effective at shutting out the outside world.

Q: What does “Reference” mean to you?

AD: Reference is one of those iconic words that a company has that signifies a threshold of quality or premiere products. Reference at Klipsch has always been a tier that represents the gold standard of sound. That carries over into headphones. If you really want to move into a better sound – a sound that is more natural and fulfilling – you need to move into Reference.

Q: Whom did you design the acoustics of the Reference headphones for?

AD: I wanted to design the Reference R6 in-ear headphones for anyone at any age to enjoy. It became evident that I achieved this when I was home for the holidays and tested them with my 19-year-old sister, who was dying for a new pair of headphones, and my grandma, who is over the age of 80 and also wanted a new pair of headphones. Both found the R6 to be exactly what they wanted and said the headphones sounded fantastic.

Q: What makes Klipsch Reference headphones special?

AD: I think Reference headphones have a unique dynamic because we can honestly say that they are the best in the category. That includes the R6 headphones. At $80, I honestly dare you to find a better in-ear headphone. We feel that we easily stack up at any price point against our competitors.

Q: Why do Klipsch oval ear tips make a difference?

AD: When we started developing headphones (before I was here), we did some research with our friends at Indiana University. Through that research, we discovered ear canals are oval, not round, as you may be led to believe. So that is how we designed these ear tips – they’re oval. The oval shape allows you to get a great seal. When you get a better seal, you get better bass and it isolates the outside noise better, which makes it a more efficient product. The oval ear tips, along with the oval housing of the R6 is what allows these headphones to deliver an outstanding fit and acoustic performance.

Q: How do the Reference R6 headphones improve upon the ultra successful S4 series?

AD: The R6 is a neat design because we wanted to make the refresh of the S4 smaller, sound better and fit better. We achieved all three of those things. We managed to find a smaller driver and, through several patent pending acoustic designs, we created a headphone, which honestly has more bass and sounds better than the S4. The fit was something we worked on tirelessly. The earphone itself is an oval, so it fits better. The oval housing allows for a better seal. This combined with our oval ear tips make the R6 one of the best fitting earphones you’ll ever have for 80 bucks.

Q: What does it feel like knowing that you might have some patents credited to your name?

AD: I wondered as a kid what it would be like to design something or get a patent. I always thought it would be cool to invent something. Honestly, I never thought that would actually happen. It is an incredible feeling to know that I have contributed to the headphone acoustic space and possibly have a couple patents. The pending patents themselves are on the R6 headphones. They are associated with two of the most important parts, which are the acoustic driver solution as well as the fit.

Q: What’s it like walking into a store and seeing a product you designed on the shelves?

AD: It’s something else to walk into a big box store and see your products on the shelf. It feels similar to the experiences I had in high school where I was alone on stage playing music I wrote in front of a thousand people In that way, the experiences really are quite similar. The R6i is my design and it sounds incredible, but it’s also selling well and scoring great reviews.


DeMar DeRozan Takes Over Klipsch Canada Twitter Account

Klipsch brand ambassador and Toronto Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan took a breather from the beginning of the NBA season to answer questions from fans via the Klipsch Canada Twitter account (@KlipschAudioCAN). The NBA All-Star and Team USA member talks about the first time he dunked, what’s on his playlist, the league’s biggest trash talker, and a smattering of other topics.

DeRozan’s Raptors are off to a scintillating start this season, inspired by a raucous home crowd that seems like it won’t let the team lose. If you happen to attend a Raptors or Maple Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre, be sure to check out the Klipsch speakers installed in the arena’s suites and concourse areas.

For DeRozan’s entire conversation with Klipsch and Raptors fans, read below:

Q&A with Legendary Producer Eddie Kramer

Eddie Kramer is a rock n’ roll legend.

No, you haven’t seen him perform in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans or seen his name on the top of the charts, but there are few people as important to the genre as the ultimate “man behind the glass.”

Kramer produced records for the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and the Beatles among many others. That’s basically a “who’s who” of iconic rockers.

On Friday, October 17, Kramer teamed up with Klipsch and John Varvatos for a very special edition of Classic Album Sundays which is founded by Colleen Murphy, a famous international DJ.

Alongside Murphy, Kramer presented the acclaimed Led Zeppelin album “Led Zeppelin II” explaining the nuances behind the tracks and revealing the band’s personalities. He played the album through Klipsch La Scala speakers which rocked the house.

Both Kramer and Murphy are long time Klipsch fans who are currently (or have been) Klipschorn owners. The latter DJ’d for years with Klipschorns and has partnered with Klipsch to do Classic Album Sundays listening sessions with Heritage Series products across the world.

Classic Album Sundays listening sessions are open to the public in both New York City and London. For more information, visit

Prior to this past weekend’s special edition of Classic Album Sundays in Toronto, Kramer took over the Klipsch Twitter page and did a live Q&A for Klipsch Nation.

Check out his answers below!

Good Poop: What is it?

The title of our blog series speaks to me on several levels.

A Google search (be very careful there…) suggests the word “poop” is optionally defined as:

Noun, slang
relevant information, especially a candid or pertinent factual report; low-down:
“Send a reporter to get the real poop on that accident.”
1945-50, Americanism; apparently extracted from poop sheet;

And for poop sheet:

noun, Slang
a circular, list of instructions, press release, etc., providing information about a particular subject.

1. This is a “vintage” phrase. The timing of its origin appears to match that of Klipsch & Associates.
2. I have heard Paul W. Klipsch use the term.
3. It was actually used as a headline in a 1982 Klipsch Pro bulletin. (Read)
4. And finally, it is not politically correct!

Welcome aboard! Hopefully “Good Poop” will keep you amused, and you will keep me honest.

– Jim Hunter

RECAP: Andrew Luck Takes Over Klipsch Twitter Account

Klipsch brand ambassador and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck took a little time off from training camp to answer questions from fans via the Klipsch Twitter account (@KlipschAudio). He gave insight into how the team is looking, his favorite concert, why his headphones don’t fall out and, of course, the infamous neckbeard.

Oh and the photo above? It’s from the photo shoot for the new tier of Klipsch Reference speakers. The shoot also included fellow brand ambassadors Josef Newgarden (left) and Robert Mathis (right) as well as Roy Hibbert (not pictured).

Check out a full recap of the “Twitter Takeover”: