Sonically superior. Unparalleled comfort.


Our in-ear headphones’ patented oval ear tips naturally fit the shape of Klipsch Best Headphonesyour ear canals, delivering the ultimate in comfort while offering superior noise isolation and sound quality.

Klipsch provides the best headphones for your listening pleasure. They fit best, they feel best, and only Klipsch has them.

If it's control you want, whether you use an Android™, iPhone®, Blackberry® or Windows® smartphone, we have something for you in our selection of headsets.

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On-Ear & Over-Ear

Bring the concert to your ears with our on-ear & over-ear headphones. These headphones provide the ideal blend of sound quality, comfort, and portability.

Free yourself from background noise and listen to your music the way it was meant to be with the Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphones - the most comfortable, best sounding headphones every.

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iPod®/iPhone Headsets®

Each of these headsets feature a 3-button mic and remote system giving you full music and/or voice control on compatible Apple products while delivering award-winning sound performance.

In addition to the award winning S4i, we offer rugged headphones with moisture-resistant remotes that provide noise isolation and comfortable fit without sacrificing audio quality.

Our on-ear headphones provide high-performance Klipsch sound with adjustable leather headbands and foam ear cups providing a custom, comfortable fit.

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Headsets For Other Mobile Devices

Specifically engineered for mobile devices, the Klipsch S3m headphones give you a front stage pass to your music collection whether you are an Apple®, Android™, Windows® or BlackBerry® user.

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With the S4A, you'll sacrifice nothing by merging the functionality of your Android device with the sonic fidelity of Klipsch.

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Why Klipsch Headphones Rule

Our ear canals are oval shaped, not round. Yet other in-ear headphones and "ear buds" have oddly remained round. Klipsch patented the exclusive oval ear tip for the absolute best in style, sound, comfort and fit. Ever.