Team Klipsch

We know what it takes to be the best.

And so do they.

Andrew Luck - Quarterback, Indianapolis

"Long May You Rock."

We're very excited to welcome quarterback Andrew Luck to #TeamKlipsch. His favorite Klipsch product?

"The X10 – Having traveled a bit this off season, that's been the most comfortable headphone that I've ever had traveling. Going through the airports, sleeping on planes, it doesn't fall out. I really like those."

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Roy Hibbert - Indiana Pacers

“I am very excited to be joining the Klipsch team. I have enjoyed using Klipsch products and feel very natural promoting the quality design and innovation that Klipsch has represented for more than a half century.”

Following his college career as an All-American from Georgetown University, Hibbert joined the Indiana Pacers in 2008.

He discovered Klipsch when driving past the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana. After searching the name, he bought the Mode M40 noise-canceling headphones.

Then he called us.

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Robert Mathis - Outside Linebacker, Indianapolis

“To me, Klipsch is more ‘quality over quantity,’ and that’s what I love most about them.”

Drafted in the fifth round of the 2003 NFL Draft, Robert Mathis is a Pro Bowl outside linebacker for Indianapolis.

The only thing Robert loves as much as his Klipsch Mode M40 Headphones and KMC 3 is sacking the quarterback. 

Keeper of the Gridiron, Keepers of the Sound.

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DeMar DeRozan - Toronto Raptors

Starting guard DeMar DeRozan uses his Klipsch Mode M40 for extensive traveling and to focus before games. Check out what he's listening to:

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