KPT 535 Angled

Embracing the concept of a three-way direct radiated bass system in a behind-the-screen application the KPT-535-B utilizes the KPT-904/940-LF double 15-inch low frequency system for clean, powerful output in a system that is still only 24 inches in depth.

The KPT-402 mid-bass Tractrix® Horn coupled to the Klipsch K-1133 two-inch-exit titanium compression driver precisely reproduces even the softest dialogue with perfect clarity. The high frequencies are easily handled by the Grand-HF-T Tractrix Horn.

The KPT-535-B is the bi-amp version of this three-way system, reducing amplifier numbers and wire runs, while the KPT-535-T is the fully tri-ampable system.

  • Dual 15-inch woofer low frequency system
  • Two-inch-exit titanium compression driver
  • Grand-HF-T Tractrix Horn
  • Bi-amp configuration
KPT 535 Front
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