KPT 535-4 Angled

The KPT-535/4-M is perfect for larger venues with limited behind the screen space. An enhanced version of the KPT-535-T with a KPT-415-LF quad 15-inch direct-radiating bass unit, it produces higher output in large auditoriums while still retaining a shallow 24-inch depth. Its three-way design with its mono-amp configuration using a passive crossover system minimizes amplifier numbers while significantly reducing wire runs and labor time.

Dialogue is flawlessly reproduced with a KPT-402-MF Tractrix® Horn fronting a K-1133 two-inch exit titanium compression driver. And a KPT-Grand-HF-T Tractrix® Horn ensures smooth effortless treble reproduction.

The KPT-535/4-M is also available in a bi-amp configuration (KPT-535/4-B), and without a passive crossover to operate with full tri-amplification (KPT-535/4-T).

  • Two-inch exit titanium compression driver Tractrix® Horn
  • Quad 15-inch direct-radiating bass unit in a 24-inch depth
  • Mono-amp configuration
KPT 535-4 Front
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