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Full frequency rear corner surround speaker

This new Monopoint surround speaker was designed to be placed in the rear corners of a large auditorium to produce full frequency surround channel information with or without a conventional surround array. The cabinet is reinforced to be hung or wall mounted.

Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz ± 3dB -10db @ 32Hz
POWER HANDLING: 400 watts/58V
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 Ohms, minimum 3.58 Ohms at 100Hz
RECOMMENDED AMP POWER: 800 watts continuous
COMPONENTS: K-45-EP 15" woofers on LF
K-69-A Compression driver on a K-510 horn on MF
K-70-G Compression driver on a K-703 horn on HF
CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 680Hz 18db/Octave on LF
4kHz 24db/Octave on MF
24db/Octave on HF
ENCLOSURE TYPE: 3/4" hardwood plywood
INPUTS: Two point barrier strip
DISPERSION ANGLE: Horizontal 90 +/-20, 250Hz-16kHz
Vertical 60 +/-20, 2kHz-19kHz
HEIGHT: 27.25" (69.92 cm)
WIDTH: 42.25" (107.32 cm)
DEPTH: 17.75" (45.09 cm)
WEIGHT: 145 lbs (65.9 kg) / 158 lbs (71.66 kg)
FINISH: Black and white
Built From: 2011
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