KG-200 Pro Audio Wired Gaming Headset

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As makers of legendary headphones and the world’s best home and pro cinema speakers, our acoustic geniuses have created the Klipsch KG-200, the most powerful, ultra-comfortable and acoustically detailed gaming headset your ears have ever worn.

Dominate your play with a true audio advantage that immerses you completely and shifts the game in your favor. The Klipsch KG-200 headset has been custom voiced with four gaming EQs so you hear every crucial sound with critical detail.

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DESIGN: Over-Ear Gaming Headset
Frequency Response: 16Hz – 23kHz
DRIVE COMPONENTS: 40mm custom-tuned drivers
FEATURES: Wide field stereo imaging, digital amplifier, athletic mesh ear pads, four selectable EQ presets, independent game and chat volume, precision-flex boom mic, ear cup-mounted controls
ACCESSORIES: Microphone, Xbox Talkback Cable, PS4 Chat Cable, USB PC Adapter, RCA to 3.5mm Splitter Cable
T3 (04/10/2014)

"Designed for everything from next-gen gaming on the PS4, to previous gen and onto PCs, the sleek KG-200s feature wide stereo imaging, a digital amplifier and separate volumes for both gaming and chat. 40mm drivers produce the noise; while mesh covered ear pads do their best to keep you ears comfy and fresh. Placed upon the pads are a bevy of controls, letting you tinker with volume and even the EQ."

One of the T3's "Best Gaming Headsets"

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Play3r (03/05/2014)

" Klipsch have hit it out of the park somewhat with the KG-200 when it comes to gaming headsets."

"The audio quality over USB was certainly supreme, and i’d argue without specific sound preferences, as good as the Grado SR80i I use normally."

Player3r Five Star Design Award

4.7 out of 5

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Crowded Brain (02/17/2014)

"If I was in the position to buy a headset would the Klipsch KG-200 deliver and more importantly would I want to part with my hard earned cash for one? (Considering these will retail for £119.99). If I was brutally honest they are expensive, but considering it is a multi-format headset (including the PS4) this does negate the cost slightly and for me the Klipsch KG-200’s warrant serious consideration as the aforementioned comfort factor was top draw and the voice quality was superb! So because of the latter the answer to my question would be yes, I would buy them for the voice and comfort factor alone!"

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