FAQ: KG-200 Gaming Headphones

How much noise can the KG-200 microphone handle?

The microphone has been built to endure frequent use, and will handle the typical increases in volume that can occur during intense gaming sessions. We recommend keeping the microphone a couple inches away from your mouth and refrain from screaming directly into it. This will help the unit last longer, and your teammates will appreciate it as well.

I’m having trouble with my KG-200. How do I obtain warranty service?

You can contact our headphone support team by emailing them at promedia@klipsch.com. Please be sure to have your proof of purchase on hand for any warranty help.

Do you have out of warranty repair options for your headphones?

Due to the size and nature of our headphones, we unfortunately do not have a non-warranty repair option.

Can I use the KG-200 as a headset for smartphones?

Yes, you need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable (not provided) attached from the earcup to the phone. all volume from your phone will come through the chat channel allowing you to control the incoming call with the chat volume button.

My controls don’t seem to be working correctly when using the KG-200 with my PC. Is there a setting I need to change?

Make sure you have included the PC adapter between the USB plug and your USB port. This will ensure proper communication between the headset and your computer. However, due to the variances you will find from PC to PC, the KG-200 may function differently with your system than with others. You may need to adjust outgoing and inbound voice volume settings within the program you are using as well as your operating system settings.

I have noticed some background noise when using the KG-200. Can I fix this?

Due to the variances between PCs, some users may notice more background noise than others when using a powered headset. If changing the settings alone does not help, you may also try plugging the USB connection into a different source (such as a USB wall charger for a mobile phone). When doing this, first remove the PC adapter from the cable.

How do I connect the KG-200 to an Xbox 360?

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How do I connect the KG-200 to an Xbox 360e?

How do I connect the KG-200 to a PS4?

How do I connect the KG-200 to a PS3?

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Can I use the KG-200 with an Xbox One?

Using the Xbox One stereo headset adapter will allow you to use the KG-200 with your system. Simply plug the USB connection into your console, and connect the headset to the adapter using the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.

How do I connect the KG-200 to an Xbox One?

My controls don’t seem to be working correctly with XBox One. Is there something I should change?

All voice related controls are managed through the stereo headset adapter. SVM toggle and mic mute will still function on the headset.